Monday, 18 August 2014

The Big Test - Big Flop

Ennachu..Cricket vilayandom..First match draw pannom..Second match jaichom..Apram ella catchum vittoma..Cook Bell ellam form ku vanthutangala..Ithu onnum prachana illa da IPL vantha itha ellarum maranthiruvanga..

Once again India turned an out of form team to winning ways. And, all those struggled players to get back in form. Every struggling team and out of form players are always one India series away from getting back to form.

When was the last time we saw India playing a Five match test series? Definitely not one I can remember. This was really Big Test for both Cook and Dhoni. Cook after losing Ashes and series against Srilanka. For Dhoni, India haven't won a single test outside in the past few years.

India's performance in this series 1st test - Good, Second Test - Better, Third Test - Bad, Fourth Test - Worse and in Final Test - Worst. It would have been wonderful if it was another two-test series like the last two against S.A and NZ. We could have won a series against England in England.

After the first test, it looked really good since India crossed 300 twice in a single test which they failed to do even once in their last tour playing four tests. And, the second test was even better they actually won a test in Lord's after 28 years. Just when everyone was wondering is this real Team India? Is that really Ishant? The actual well-known Team India shown up during the fourth.

So the so-called next Dravid, next Sachin, next Laxman failed consistently. Once again all the media already have put enough pressure on them saying Next-Dravid, Next-Sachin, etc. They still need some time to prove themselves and we should let them play freely without this next-xxx pressure I guess. But, not only in batting, we miss them in slips. Too many catches are getting dropped in the slips. So, we need next-Dravid, next-Laxman in slips as well.

The biggest problem for India in overseas is the opening pair. I think we are yet to cross a fifty in the past three to four years. Sehwag-Gambir, Vijay-Dhawan, Vijay-Ghambir all these are failing again and again. And, I don't think we have any better options.

Bhuvi's performance was the only positive in this series, even though he was tired during the last two tests. Not only in bowling he also proved himself in batting. One of the best Indian batsman of this series. And, Ishant's performance in the second innings of Lord's. Also, Dhoni batting was really good who doesn't bother about the techniques and all.

The last time we lost 4-0 and this time its 3-1, so team India improved a little, very little. But, the last two tests were their new low. I am sure they will bounce back during the next Australia tour, that's what we fans were always hoping for since 2011.