Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Nelliyampathy - So near and sooo good.

That was one hell of a looong weekend, a lot of things happened a reunion, a buffet dinner, a stand-up comedy show, a wedding, a betrothal and an awesome trip to end the long weekend. Only thing missed was a movie. So two things were off my bucket list, Alex's standup comedy show, where I bumped into my ex-MD, it was kinda awkward. But, Alex was incredible for two hours with his non-stop comedy, music, mimic, etc. And, the second was a short trip to Nelliyampathy. Been hearing about this place for a long time and finally, we went there and it was sooo good.

Pothundy Dam
The trip was actually a pre-planned, but also an unplanned trip. This trip was planned as a reunion of boys since one of our friend's is back from US after more than three years. After a lot of discussions, we zeroed in on the place to be Nelliyampathy, which was near to Coimbatore yet we haven't visited there. But, as usual, one guy backed out, leaving with just three of us. So we didn't go ahead and book any hotel and almost dropped the plan. Since I couldn't get a return ticket for Sunday night to Chennai and another guy had some work Tuesday, we thought let's go to "some place" on Monday. My first boys only trip after getting married and it turned to be quite good.

At first, we thought we could visit Aanaikatti, another place very near Coimbatore. While we are on the way we even thought about other possibilities like Top Slip or towards Pollachi. But, finally, we thought why not go ahead with our actual destination Nelliyampathy and decide what to do next.

Before entering the hill there was a Pothundy dam, and as usual, it was full of water like any other place in Kerala. It was almost after lunch and looks like it was the usual place for couples to hang out in that hot sun under an umbrella. We didn't want to embarrass them further and we left it and reached the check-post. That's where we came to know that we can't leave the hill in the evening it will be closed after 4 PM. So, we had to stay the night if we decided to enter. We were like why not, let's stay a night here.

We saw a small waterfall on the way up. It was quite a closed place away from the road and after clicking some photos ended up having a bath and it was refreshing. Once, we reached we got a hotel easily, it looked quite new and clean. And, in the night we went on a night safari off-road in a jeep, where we got to see some Samba Deers and Bisons. And, he stopped us on a top of a small hill and the view of the city lights from that top was breathtaking. We were just four members at that top in the dark, expecting some wild animals. It was surreal. Nelliyampathy doesn't even have a wine shop, you have to go down 30 kms if you have to find some. So, we didn't get anything.

"Karady?" Waterfall
The next day morning, we just visited two more places. First one was another falls, I think that place name was Karady. It was quite big than the previous and nobody was there. We were little hesitant whether to get in, but after some time we couldn't resist and it was too good. It looked lovely as well, we went as far as we could and the next place was a hanging bridge. It had a nice view and we took so many photos and some slo-mo videos walking in that bridge. And, the weather was just perfect after a little rain in the early morning. And, returned home by the next afternoon.

It was such a short, but a very fulfilling trip. We went without any plan or expectations, but the places were so good and more importantly without much crowd or I can say anybody else other than us in all the spots. It's a shame that we have never visited this awesome place which was less than a three-hour drive from our hometown, but better late than never. So, not just Ooty, we have another destination now in case we decide to skip town.