Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Exile a memoir - Taslima Nasrin

Exile a memoir by Taslima Nasrin is Taslima's struggle after being exiled from Bangladesh and India. It's written in Bengali and translated into English by . And, thanks to Flipkart Blogger Review program for sending me this.

Taslima Nasrin, I've heard this name a lot of times in TV channels and newspaper for all the controversies. I haven't read any of her works, which got her into trouble, before and this is my first book.

Exile, talks about her life in India after returning from abroad, where she spent most of her life after going away from Bangladesh. Exile is all about her survival even after receiving numerous fatwas and threats and the political games which many played and how everyone used her to gain nothing but votes. It's also shows she's survivor and never let anything change her from the stance she took.

She returns to India and started to live a peaceful life in Kolkata. Slowly she was feeling Kolkata like her second home until one day she went to a book launch event in Hyderabad reluctantly, which changes everything. It was an event to launch her books translated in Telugu. A mob of religious fundamentalists attacked the event when she was speaking. She was scared to death, she thought her life was going to end there. Fortunately, the Police reached there on time to save her.

And, this incident changes everything in her life which was going smoothly in India. She was kept in home arrest in Kolkata. She has to get permission written even to meet someone or to visit any place. And, she was pressurized from top people to move out of Kolkata.

And, then another incident, another protest against her in Kolkata left her with no option but to move away. She was sent to Jaipur, but the government doesn't want her there. Then, she was taken to a safe house in Delhi and kept as a prisoner.

And, the next part of the book consists of excerpts from her diary when she was kept in the safe house in Delhi for more than four months. It talks about he people she met during this time and how everyone suggested her that she should move out of India and the politics surrounding her. She struggled even more here, she was not even allowed to visit a doctor and even the doctors are threatened if they decided to treat her.

Just for speaking or writing what she feels right she faced all the trouble from Islamic groups. His feminist thoughts and also some parts in her biography got her into trouble. And, in India it was all about votes. So, even our secular country couldn't help her because of the vote bank politics.

But, none of these affected her spirits, she didn't change her stance on any of the issues that she spoke or wrote about earlier. She didn't want to give the satisfaction of victory to the people who are against her by leaving India, but her health condition made her do it.

All she wanted was freedom, only she knows how difficult it is. It makes me wonder how lucky I am.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Goodbye KONE - Thank U Guys

So my almost two years journey in KONE finally ended. I must confess I joined here by an accident. I never thought I would be working here till a day before my joining and started working here very reluctantly, but I really enjoyed my stay here.

Thank you guys (PC: Dir Ram)

One thing I really liked about working for KONE is our building, then Indialand Tech Park now One India Bulls. Whenever someone asks where am I working? I usually tell my company's name and area. And, if they don't get it, then I will be like "you have seen the movie Kaththi right and that same glass building".

The initial days were horrible, to get up by 6 am and catch the bus by 7. That was too early from my previous jobs and it was like living an extra half a day daily.

This is a dream company for any software engineer, at least my role, few people were always slogging. Here, I had a lot of time to learn, but being a lazy fellow I didn't do much of learning. I didn't have much work pressure, neither worked in weekends nor stayed late in weekdays. No defects fixing, no calls from manager during holidays, no defects from customer, didn't have to go to customer site to fix something. Never worked on the edge of a deadline. But, later I found out I enjoyed working like that rather than this lethargic job.

Another interesting thing here are the things we do outside work. Started playing cricket, carrom board, volley ball, badminton, etc., after very long time cos of all the tournaments arranged here. Even started playing TT for few days. It was always fun to do something as a team, even though our first cricket tournament went a little bad and the second went worse. But, very happy that I was part of a cricket team after all these years.

I would have never played in a carrom board tournament or participate in a quiz competition or act in a short film (more about this soon). All thanks to KONE, it was not just come-in-open-system-code-code-leave kind of a job. There will be always something going on outside our work. Planning a trip for someone's wedding or deciding the dinner menu for our team outings or organising some lunch or dinner plan or selecting a team for any tournaments, etc.

Team outings were new to me even after working in IT for more than six years, my first team outing was here in KONE where our whole team went to resort and had a gala time. Those were unforgettable experience.

And, I had a huge company for my daily coffee breaks. It was one thing I really look forward daily after reaching office, it will be mostly fun to discuss on various topics, will be missing it.

I came in here reluctantly, but the people here made me feel good to be working here. I really got a lot of friends. This two years and the friends I got here will be part of my life and I am not going to forget soon. Goodbye and thank you guys, will miss all the fun. I am really sure its never gonna be like this again wherever I may work in the future.

I know we will be in touch at least with my coffee gang. We will meet soon for a movie.

And, I am gonna miss my laptop as well ;) Now I need to get a new one to watch the movies in weekends.

Finally, some things never change or too hard to change, like, I came in here single and leaving here single as well ;).