Monday, 21 March 2016

Theri - GV scores a 50, but the strike rate is also 50.

The much awaited soundtrack of Theri is out, much awaited because it's GV's 50th film and his second outing with Atlee after their fantastic Raja Rani.

Jithu Jilladi - So GV's much hyped #ulagalocaltharaticket song from the movie sung by "Gaana King" Deva just falls short of the expectation. Nevertheless should be enjoyable in the big screen with VJ's dance moves and his fans going gaga over it. And, the song reminds us of some of the Deva's hit as well. As usual the lyrics of the opening song praising the hero and also talks about cops sacrifice in a colloquial language. Rokesh is becoming a specialist in these kind of lyrics recently. Overall, NOT-BAD.

Chellakutty - A fun, foot tapping, duet song in the lines of Google google and Selfie Pulla. From Thupakki Vijay started singing a song in his every movie and this is that song in this movie with Neeti Mohan. I must say it is the weakest song among the songs he has sung recently, but Neeti Mohan rocks, who's on a roll recently. NOT-IMPRESSED.

Eena Meena Teeka - My favorite song from this album. Uttara Unnikrishnan has sung this beautifully and it sounds really cute. Also, good support from GV. This song sounds really fun and the video must be fun as well which will be a different version of "unakenna venum sollu" which shows the father-daughter bonding. LOVELY.

Thaimai - Such a beautiful melody in Bombay Jayshree's vocal written by PulamaiPithan. Its short and sweet, not often we get to hear this kind of a song in a Vijay's movie. Another favorite from this album, wish it was little longer. BLISS.

En Jeevan - GV's regular melody which can be easily found in his every album sung by Saidhavi. This time he gets Hariharan to sing the male portions instead of him and it turns out pretty well. But, the impressing part of this song is the Sankrit verse in the middle sung by the gifted Vaikom Vijayalakshmi which adds a little extra to otherwise regular GV's melody. GOOD.

Rangu - The inevitable kuthu song in a Vijay film which will come as a speed breaker in the second half of his film mostly. Even this song looks like tailor made for the same sung by TR and Sonu Kakkar and they deliver it energetically, but really felt like an unwanted song for this album, maybe for the movie itself. NOT-IMPRESSED.

Dub Step Theri - This song should serve as a good BGM material, which sounded well in teaser and trailer. NOT-BAD.

I would rate this 3.0/5.0, not so bad for a Vijay film after a disastrous album Puli, but not so good for GV's 50 and his second outing with Atlee. So, a 50 is a 50 nevertheless , but with a strike rate less than 100. Also, a lot of memes in the social network claiming GV copied each and every song from various sources, maybe GV did a Harris this time.

The trailer looks good, hope Atlee have done a neat job. And, really looking forward to see baddie the veteran director Mahendran who was impressive in the trailer.

My picks are Eena Meena Teeka, Thaimai and En Jeevan.