Friday, 10 February 2017

Si3 - Singam's Swachh Bharat Mission

Our Tamil cinema's most successful franchise returns with its third installment in the series Si3. S2 wasn't as good as S1, since its S2 Hari had two heroines, two comedians, two or more villains, etc., but the movie wasn't as good as S1. S3 was better than S2, but still S1 is the best in this series.

The plot is Surya is now deputed to AP, to solve the murder of a Police commissioner. And, how this mystery turns into a big "Swachh Bharat Mission" is the plot.

Surya once again gave a ferocious performance. He keeps shouting and fighting and transforms into a "Lion" whenever he jumps in a fight scene. I hope his eyes don't pop out during S4 or S5. All others are either boring or not relevant at all. Even, the villain, who has one of the most ridiculous intro scene, spends 80% of his screen time talking over phone. And, his father, played by Suman spends almost 99% of his screen presence talking over phone.

S3 follows S1 formula, so the movie wasn't boring. But, the problem is, we get to know the bad guy before Surya so when he actually finds out, there isn't much surprise twist or a big revelation in the first half. The second half deals with Surya getting the Villain down which is once again as fast and as loud as the first half.

Anushka, finally gets married to Surya and has a pathetic role in this movie, she is present just because she acted in S1. Shruthi and Soori were the most boring combo and they bore you even when they come alone. And, the characters keep mouthing rhyming words in the name of comedy. Their characters were totally not needed and could have chopped off those scenes.

What happened to Harris, the songs were too bad and the BGM weren't impressive. Hari could have done it by himself. The Samy chemistry was definitely missing. I think DSP could have done better.

The editing was usual Hari style trying to fit everything within seconds, hats off to the editor. In one scene the villain literally spits on the camera, but they didn't even bother to re-shoot that. And, the sound mixing were too loud, whenever there was a pause you get your breath back.

And, director Hari have reached an extreme level in "fast-screenplay". Like most advanced stage in a game where everything happens too fast. I couldn't even keep up with the movie and didn't even get what was happening in the few scenes. Everything happens within seconds and he doesn't believe in the slo-mo for mass scenes. And, I guess he doesn't direct those duets where things happen little slow.

Barry Allen, you could be the fastest man alive in the DC universe, but we have Hari who's "THE FASTEST MAN ALIVE" in our Tamil Cinema. And, I bet Hari's favorite superhero is "The Flash".

S1 > S3 > S2.

My Rating - 2.5/5.0.