Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Top 10 Best & Worst Movies 2013

My Top 10 Movies 2013
  1. Onaayum Aattukuttiyum
  2. Vishwaroopam
  3. Soodhu Kavvum
  4. Kalyana Samayal Saadham
  5. Moodar Koodam
  6. Ambikapathy
  7. Varuthapadatha Vaalibar Samgam
  8. Theeya Velai Seiyanum Kumaru
  9. Maryan
  10. Vidiyum Munn
Almost in the Top 10
  11. Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaya
  12. Pandia Nadu
  13. 6 Candles
  14. Aadhalal Kadhal Seiveer

Average, Above Average Movies
  1. Ethir Neechal
  2. Neram
  3. Arrambam
  4. Haridas
  5. Endrendrum Punnagai
  6. Biriyani
  7. Itharkuthane Aasaipattai Balakumara
  8. RajaRani
  9. Udhayam NH4
  10. Pizza II - The Villa
  11. Chennail Oru Naal
  12. Vanakkam Chennai
  13. Ivan Vera Mathiri
  14. Irandam Ulagam
  15. Settai
  16. Thalaivaa
  17. ThilluMullu
  18. Aadhibhagavan
  19. NSS
Top 10 Worst Movies
  1. 9thla Guru
  2. Alexpandian
  3. All in All Azaguraja
  4. KuttiPuli
  5. Paradesi
  6. David
  7. Nagaraja Chozan
  8. Pattathu Yaanai
  9. Kadal
  10. Yaruda Mahesh
Movies I missed
  1. Singam2
  2. Thangameenkal
  3. Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga
  4. 555
  5. Desingu Raja
  6. Naiyaandi
  7. Mathayaanai Kootam

Monday, 30 December 2013

Enthaaraa Enthaaraa - 4:41 Minutes of Magic

Enthaaraa Enthaaraa, a song from Thirumanam Ennum Nikkah, composed by M. Ghibran. This song is sung by Shadab Farid and Chinmayi. An addictive song from Chinmayi - Ghibran combo after Sara Sara which won her all the awards for best female singer that year.

I never heard Shadab Farid before, but he is too good in this song. I think he will be regular from now onwards. Then, Chinmayi, who really has a beautiful voice may be next to my favorite Shreya Ghosal in the current singers. She has sung some beautiful songs this year, like Netru Aval Irunthal from Maryan, Titli from Chennai Express. 

The Thirumanam Ennum Nikkah is a beautiful album from Ghibran who's been impressing in every movie. This song Enthaaraa Enthaaraa is my favorite. It was instantly catchy and addictive, which made me hear more than fifty times in just two days. It starts slowly with Shadab singing with high energy and he goes into that Nah nah nah nah humming (This part is my alarm now). After that humming when Chinmayi joins him, the orchestration just picks up and makes you fly. Ghibran's orchestration is really brilliant. I don't know the instruments used except the piano, but it sounds very good. After a long time I hooked to a single song. It was like his Poraney Poraney from Vaagai Sooda Vaa, which has brilliant music and singing as well. The lyrics are also nice, lines like 'தண்ணீரை கூசிகொண்டே மெல்ல செல்லும் பிம்பங்கள் நீயாகிறாய் எதிரே', 'இல்லாத ஊரில் இல்லாத பேரில் நம் காதல் வாழுமே', etc.

Netru Aval Irunthal was my song of the year 2013. It was beautiful song, superb lyrics from Valee sir and brilliant music from Rahman. I remember listening to this in my iPod, full volume, alone in the beach for many days when I was regular to beach once. Now it's been a long time since I visited the nearby beach. I went this week just to hear this song, it was wow. I had the same feeling that Netru Aval Irunthal gave. Thanks to Ghibran, Shadab and Chinmayi. I just can't wait to hear this song in theater or in a home theater at least.

This song is already at the top of my 2014 songs list. If you are yet to hear this song do yourself a favour, hear it right now and thank me later :). To enjoy this song perfectly just go to a beach, have a good earphone, stand in the waves, start hearing this song in full volume. You can see the waves dancing for this song and you will be in the air for 4:41 minutes.

Here's the YouTube link.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Biriyani - A Venkat Prabhu Template, with different content

Biriyani, VenkatPrabhu's latest movie after his blockbuster Mankatha, U1's 100th movie, an important movie for Karthi after a series of flop. As usual there was enough buzz around the movie just because of Venkat Prabhu more than the hero Karthi. What did he have in his latest diet, Biriyani, did he satisfy everyone with his treat?
Karthi wants to have biriyani every time after drinking. They get the Biriyani, but it also lands them into trouble. They are trapped as a kidnappers of Nasser who is actually dead. What happens next, how did they get away is Biriyani.

VP follows his template in this movie as well and fills it up with a different content. Get Premji on board, have an item song, cameos from Chennai28 team and his cameraman, a twist at the interval then a twist in the end, hit songs from U1, booze and figures, wondering whether VP also appeared on screen as usual, Biriyani also has all these, but the genre and story is different from his previous movies.

The first half was slow and didn't invoke as much laughter as VP's previous movies. Not sure whether Karthi's not good enough for a comic role. Premji was as usual like his previous VP's movies. Not a big role for Hansika. Mandy Takhar looks really hot. Good comeback for Ramki. Nasser as usual at his best. He proved once again that he can do any role by even "acting" like Premji (EKSI!). Sampath and Jayaprakash have done enough. And, Sampath gets good role in VP's movie alone even though this one is not as big as Saroja or Goa.

The movie picks pace from the interval. It has enough twists and turns to keep us hooked. Especially the last 30 minutes was good. Just like Mankatha Biriyani too has a good twist. The second half only actually saves the movie. Not much of a logic in the movie. Director could have shown us Karthi having Biriyani whenever he drinks initially. Why Jayaprakash, a police officer is always with Ramki as if their personal bodyguard? But thank god for showing Hansika and Karthi as lovers from the start itself instead of some idiotic scenes and reasons to show how did they fall in love like some other movies. Directors we can accept the hero and heroine as lovers from the first scene itself please don't show us some most stupid reasons to show how heroine falls for the hero unless it's a full on romantic movie.

So VP cooked this Biriyani with his usual ingredients he used in his previous movies. This is VP's style fun enjoyable for VP fans. A better movie for Karthi in recent times, but not a VP's best comparing his previous ones. Still you can taste this once in theatre, initially it may be tasteless fried rice gets spicy later and may get satisfied, but not possible to have another plate.

My rating - 2.5/5.0.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

SRT Moments

Out of the park

I really can't get enough of SRT, in this post I tried to list some of those memorable moments which will remain fresh always. I have so many moments in my mind, which brought so much joy to me. Here are the few.

Each and every match of World Cup 2003 when he was back to open the innings and was in sublime form. Who can forget that Six of Shoaib Akhtar in World Cup 2003, then that pull of Caddick which went outta the park.

Then the century against Aussies in Chennai (after that famous Kolkata test) to win a series against them.

Blasting Warne and co in Sharjah famously knows as Desert Storm, all those sixes and Tony Grieg's commentary is still in my ears.

His final delivery of the day to bowl Moin Khan between his legs, magical delivery.

When Sachin and Sourav torn apart Zimbabwe in Sharjah to chase down a target in no loss.

That innings against Australia during the final test, 241*, that was pure class, he answered every critic with his bat as usual, and in the same series in a match at Adelaide his two wickets of Steve Waugh and Damien Martyn with a similar kind of a leg spin delivery, both of them caught in slips by Dravid.

His most animated celebration after his brilliant catch to dismiss Inzi at the boundary line during the final ODI of our series in Pakistan after a long time.

Those two innings in Australia against Australia in the CB series finals to win the cup. Especially those upper cuts of Johnson's bowling, have seen the highlights of this match million times in Star Cricket for those upper cuts.

When he made 175 against Aussies to almost chase down a huge target that was one hell of an innings. His best ODI innings according to me, next to that desert storm 143.

Then came the first double hundred in ODI, 200* against SA, where cricinfo server crashed because of this man.

Then recently in the last series against Aussies in India, where he started his innings with two boundaries of the first two balls in the first innings and two sixes of the first two balls in the second innings.

Most of all that moment when we won the world cup, which made him cry.  He was very satisfied while holding the worldcup and his dream came true.

Then the final test where he played almost all of his trademark shots in that 74, especially the straight drive to bring up his fifty.

And to top it all that really superb farewell speech. I thought the best of the farewell series was his 74, but as usual he proved me wrong with his farewell speech. And, that moment when he returned to touch the pitch after his lap of honour, he proved he never thinks himself as a GOD.

These are only very few Sachin moments, still a lot of moments are close to my heart.

Thank You Sachin. Missing You.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Best Songs 2013 - Return of Rahman and Rise of Imman

This year marks the return of ARR to Tamil Cinema I should say, with three of his films (including Ambikapathy) and a single from Kochadaiyan released. As usual he delivered wonderful songs. Imman consolidated his position with consistent hit songs in every album. U1, GV and Harris were inconsistent as usual with hits and misses. New MDs like Santhosh Narayanan, Ghibran, Anirudh and also Justin Prabhakaran delivered some good songs.

My Top Albums of 2013
  1. Kadal, Maryan and Raanjhanaa / Ambikapthy - A.R.R
  2. MPMK - U1
  3. Raja Rani - G V
  4. Rummy - Imman
  5. Irandam Ulagam - Harris

My Top 20 Songs
  1. Netru Aval Irunthal - Maryan
  2. Oodha Kalaru - VVS
  3. Onakaga Poranthene - Pannayarum Padminiyum
  4. Adiye - Kadal
  5. Ailasa Ailasa - Vanakkam Chennai 
  6. Angyade - Raja Rani
  7. Mazhai Mazhai - MPMK
  8. Adiye Enna Ragam - Rummy
  9. Katru Veesum - Neram
  10. Unnai Kanadha - Vishwaroopam
  11. Kanimozhiye - Irandam Ulagam
  12. Unna Partha Neram - AAA
  13. Aaha Kadhal - MPMK
  14. Kuru Kuru - Vathikuchi
  15. Unnal Unnal - Ambikapathy
  16. Bhagavan Rap Song- Aadhi Bhagavan
  17. Pakkadha Pakkadha - VVS
  18. Ae le le - Naiyandi
  19. Oh Penne - Vanakkam Chennai
  20. Hey Baby - Raja Rani

Other Songs which I heard the most (a long list)
  • Moongil Thottam, Magudi, Nenjukulle - Kadal
  • Title Song - Vishwaroopam
  • Kanave Kanave, Theerathu Poga Poga - David
  • Raja Raja - Naan Rajavaga Pogiren
  • Mella Sirithal - AKS
  • Kadhal En Kadhal, Padapadakuthu - MPMK
  • Boomi Enna, Ethir Neechal Adi, Un Parvayil, Local Boys - Ethirneechal
  • Naru Naru Narumugaye - Sundattam
  • Sa Ga - Soodhu Kavvum
  • Yaro Ivan, Ora Kannala, Maalai pon Maalai - Udhayam NH4
  • Aanandha Yazhai - Thangameengal
  • Kadhal Ennule, Pistah - Neram
  • Enga Pona Rasa, Nenje Ezhu - Maryan
  • Aruvakkaran - Kutti Puli
  • Kallala Senju, Kaalaiyile Maalai - NilaChoru
  • Ammadi Ammadi, Nilavattam - Desingu Raja
  • Podhum Podhum - Virattu
  • Endrendrum - Endrendrum
  • Yennada - VVS
  • Osaka - Vanakkam Chennai
  • En Kadhal Thee, Mannavane - Irandam Ulagam
  • Biriyani, Nahh na nah - Biriyani
  • Chillena, Imaye - Raja Rani
  • Chellam Konjum, Kalvane - Megha
  • Prayer Song, Birthday Song - iDhaba
  • Boomiyil - Pizza II - The Villa
  • Innika Innika, Munnadi Pora Pulla - Naiyyandi
  • Yaley Yaley, Fy Fy Fy - Pandia Nadu
  • Kathirunthai Anbe, Nenjankuzhi - NSS
  • Ennadi Ennadi Oviyame - Jannal Oram
  • Koodamela, Oru Nodi, Ethukkaga - Rummy
  • Vaan Engum - Endrendrum Punnagai
  • Enakaga Poranthaye -  Pannayarum Padminiyum

Hindi and Malayalam

Even though I don't understand the lyrics, I still hear some Hindi and Malayalam songs.

My Top Albums of 2013 Hindi 
  1. Ranjhanaa - ARR (Hindi) 
  2. Kai Po Che - Amit Trivedi (Hindi) 
  3. YJHD - Pritam (Hindi)
My Top 10 Songs
  1. Raanjhanaa Title Track
  2. Titli - Chennai Express
  3. Nazar Laye - Raanjhanaa
  4. Badtameez - YJHD
  5. Sawaar Loon - Lootera
  6. Manja - Kai Po Che
  7. Main Rang (Duet) - PPNH
  8. SubhanAllah - YJHD
  9. O Rangarez - Bhaag Milkha Bhaag
  10. Gandi Baat - R..Rajkumar

Also I Liked (heard songs from few movies only),
  • Banarasiya, Tum Tak, Ay Sakhi - Raanjhanaa
  • Manmarzian - Lootera
  • Ilahi, Kabira - YJHD
  • All Songs - Kai Po Che
  • Sunn Raha Hai (Shreya's) - Aashiqui2
  • Zinda, Slow Motion Angreza - Bhaag Milkha Bhaag
  • Tere Mere, Gulabi - Shudh Desi Romance
  • Mere Bina Tu (Duet), Janam, Tu Meri Agal - PPNH
  • Saree Ka Fall Sa - R..Rajkumar
  • Nagada Sang Dol - RamLeela

Thursday, 12 December 2013

A Wedding in Kerala and A Marathon Travel

Last weekend I have been to Kerala, Calicut for a wedding. I was really excited since its in Kerala. Everyone has the same look when I said this, going to Kerala for a wedding. I think "Tharalama.. Kerala nu terinjuko" song was running in their mind, in my mind as well ;). Traveled all the way from Chennai to Coimbatore and caught the next train to Caliciut and reached there by Saturday morning. Reception in the evening and wedding on  Sunday. Once I reached the hall on Saturday evening I had a Déjà vu. I felt like I have been to that hall before or I had a doubt whether all the wedding halls looks the same in Kerala. But, actually I have been to this same place for a wedding before. It was raining heavily that time and this time the weather was awful, too hot.

I was giving company to the "Mappillai" on the stage the whole evening. Then, in the next morning overslept and missed the Muhurtham, joined him late in the stage. Everyone at the wedding has the same thing to say to me. "Yours will be the next". I have been blushing for the two days.

And the wedding was not as colorful as I expected. I have seen those few girls attended the wedding in the previous wedding also, nothing new. There was a local function in a temple near the wedding hall. It was so good, so many girls were there with a lamp in their hand dressed in traditional Kerala style. "Idharkku thanada aasaipattai Balakura" moment. It was really nice, but couldn't spend more time there.

Then on Sunday evening my plan to return to Chennai was changed and I joined the newly wedded couples and my relatives to travel to their home in Hosur. Everyone convinced me to join them or maybe I got convinced easily once my Mams said just stay we can go to Hosur via Wayanad and Mysore. I thought via Wayanad will be a good travel. And, on Monday morning I started my marathon travelling from Calicut, which ended on Tuesday morning in Chennai. We covered three states, Kerala to Karnataka to Tamil Nadu in a single day.

I was really excited to travel via Wayand. It was a beautiful place once I have visited. It was nice while travelling in a hill and then through a forest road even spotted few deers. Once we reached Wayanad we stopped there for lunch. The weather was hotter than Chennai. "Idharkka aasaipattai Balakura" moment. Once we entered Karnataka, I saw nearly 25 people travel in a share auto. A guy was traveling on the driver's lap, I don't know who was driving that. Then, stopped near Mysore for a tea and started to Hosur. It was nearly 10 once I reached Hosur. I didn't have much time to spend there, but the weather was freakingly cool there.

And then took a bus from Hosur and back to Chennai on Tuesday morning. Even Chennai was cool. My marathon travelling finally comes to an end. It was an unexpected trip, travelled by all mediums starting from train then in a car then finally in a bus. Travelled nearly 1400 km from Chennai to Chennai. I still don't know whether I have enjoyed this trip or why did I agree to join them, but it was a quite an experience.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Irandam Ulagam - Selva's Mugamoodi

This post also appears here in behindwoods :)

Irandam Ulagam, two different worlds, two different love stories and they meet at some point. Sounds good and exciting, but the film isn't. Selva's dream and ambitious project, which was called Malai Nerathu Mayakkam before with Dhanush and Andrea, starts well with two different stories happening simultaneously in two different worlds. The first half was quite good, even it was lengthy. It has some funny moments in both the worlds. There isn't a concept called love and women are treated as slaves in that world. How they get to know about love is the actual story. Arya from this world teaches what is love to the other world, as if everyone in our world know what is true love and treating women with respect.

At one scene Arya shouts "vedikka parka vantha janagala konjam porumaya irunga" it's like Selva telling this towards the audience.

Anushka was good in both the worlds. She looks lovely, bold and acts well, I won't say it's a great performance. Really looking forward to her Bahubali. On the other side choice of Arya for this role is really bad, I wish Selva could have continued with Dhanush itself. He haven't used all the songs from the album in this movie as well. I was really looking forward to a good visual for some songs like Raakozhi. And, BGM by Anirudh, is not so good. Maybe too early for this kind of movie or he didn't have enough time since he was included in the last minute.

The link between the two worlds is not convincing that particular scene could have been better. I don't know how much of Selva's dreams was converted into screen. Since we have seen Avatar many times, we can't avoid the comparison where we really felt a different world there. It's an other world, so how different it can be. There was a lot of scope in that, sadly Selva didn't explore much in my opinion. And, there also one man who can kill an entire army of people single-handedly.

Selva, IU is really a nice try and a welcome attempt. Just like your Aayirathil Oruvan, which I loved, this too was let down in the second half. It's always good to see a different attempt in Tamil cinema and you are one director who constantly attempts different genres. But an exciting idea alone is not enough, needed a better execution to make a stunning impact in the audience that is where I was disappointed. Expecting a better movie from Selva, after all we know you are capable of giving us a better experience.

Rating 2.5/5.0.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Some Good Movies From God's Own Country

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Thattathin Marayathu (2012) : A love story I loved.

Thattathin Marayathu is a simple, straightforward, neat, romantic, short love story I have seen in a long time. It's that kind of movie where boy meets girl, love at first sight, she tried to woo her, she falls after sometime, then girl's parents oppose, finally they join hands. We have seen this kind of movies many times right, but you will love this one more time.

I saw this movie a week before watching Raanjhanaa. Both the movies start similarly, a small Hindu boy meets a small Muslim girl. This movie's strength is the beautiful songs. It has some eight songs, don't imagine this as any MKT's movie. None of the song is more than four minutes. All melodious and beautiful, even though I didn't get the actual meaning of all the lyrics.

Hero is Nivin, Neram fame and heroine is Isha Talwar, Thillumullu fame. Isha Talwar looks so beautiful behind her Veil, much better performance from her in this movie compared to Thillumullu. No big twists and turns, it's a really feel good romance movie which I liked.

Mumbai Police (2013) :  Absolutely unpredictable thriller.

This movies stars Prithiviraj, Rahman and Jayasurya. It's a two and half hour thriller movie without any song or a heroine. I am sure it's one of the best thriller I have seen in recent times. And, I felt why our Tamil directors not trying something other than comedy. (I saw this movie long before OA release).

It starts with Prithiviraj calling Rahman to tell that he has solved the case he was investigating, but before he could tell the name of the murderer he met with an accident and results in partial memory loss. The case he was investigating is a murder of their friend Jayasurya another police officer. Prithiviraj after his treatment gets back to work and try to solve the case again also trying to find out who he is. The twist at the end of the movie was really good and unexpected.

Prtihiviraj has done a tremendous job. He is police-illa-da-porikki kind of a policemen in that group. Everyone fears and most of his colleagues even hate him because of the way he is. Even though the film is two and half hours it was interesting and never goes away from the plot and the end was unpredictable. A complete contrast to the previous movie and a best movie.

Ustad Hotel (2012) : Visit this hotel once, you won't regret.

Have you heard about Narayanan Krishnan from Madurai. He was awarded CNN-IBN hero of the year 2010. If you are yet to know about him of course you can google, but you can also see this movie. Jayaprakash plays his character. Everyone must know about him.

This movie stars Mamooty's son as hero, Nithya Menon and late Thilagan in pivotal roles. The story revolves around the Thilagan's Ustad Hotel, famous for its Biriyani. Hero was with his father and four sisters in Dubai, his father wants him to help him in his business, he wants to become a cook. After a fight he will come to his grandfather's place and starts helping him in his hotel.

Thilagan, a fantastic actor, I have seen him only in negative characters in Tamil. As Ustad Hotel's owner he was too good. Hero who know how to cook finds the answer of why he should cook after meeting Narayanan Krishnan in Madurai after Thilagan's advice to meet him. After returning, he decides to stay here and continue to make the Ustad Hotel  as one of the famous and profitable Restaturant.

Another different kind of a Malayalam movie. Being a Tamilan it's very sad that none of the directors said anything about Narayanan Krishnan in Tamil movies. This movie has enough humour, a small love story,  a nice script and solid performance.

You can download all these movies from you-know-where and give a try in your free time. Also I heard Annayum Rasoolum is another good Malayalam love story starring Fahad and Andrea. I even started watching it, only after 40 minutes hero starts stalking heroine, they are yet to talk with each other. In first 30 minutes you can see Andrea for two seconds. Every time I start this movie I get a good sleep. I hope I will finish this movie within this year.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Once a Sachinist.. Always a Sachinist..

There are lots and lots of great articles pouring in the internet since Sachin announced his retirement. But, still I cant resist myself from writing something about my hero.

First of all thank you little master to play cricket in my time. I know this day is near, Sachin retiring from cricket, but still it is very hard to believe I will no longer watch him bat live. Cricket will never be the same again. He is playing cricket for 24 years and I am 25 now, I grew up watching Sachin. He is my Hero, Superman, God of cricket. I liked cricket because of Sachin. He gave me so many reasons to smile, so many wonderful moments, so much of happiness. I will no longer feel butterflies in my stomach whenever Sachin is on strike, even while the following the match in Cricinfo.

Some people complain, Sachin plays for records. He doesn't play for records, while playing he makes and breaks some records on it's way. And, one of the stupidest statement to hear about him is, "When Sachin hits a century, India will lose". You can check plenty of statistics, we can see the percentage of winning is always higher than losing. Yeah, he made some centuries and India lost, it's not his mistake. His teammates let him down many times like that Chennai Test against Pakistan or Hyderabad ODI against Aussies. When going gets tough, tough gets going.

And, I like Tendulkar bowling as well. He is the only guy who can bowl everything. Off-Break, Leg-Break, In swinger, Out swinger. He can even defend six runs of the last over and win a cup for his team with his bowling as well. And, who can forget that last ball of the day in Pakistan to bowl Moin Khan between his legs. The most important thing I liked about Sachin is even after 24 years he played with same interest, he gives 100% every time on the field.

I regret not watching him live in ground, playing for India. Damn I missed it. And, I won't get another opportunity now. Only once I saw him on the field during the last  IPL, CSK vs MI at Chepauk. I was very enthusiastic to see the master bat. MI decided to bat first. It was an amazing sight to watch Sachin and Ponting walk together. But in the end it was an anticlimax, Sachin got out on very first ball he faced :(. Disaster for me.

So much of memories, so much of joy, thanks a ton Sachin TONdulkar. I am sure I will watch all those highlights of yours whenever they telecast. Every time I close my eye I can remember those picture perfect Straight Drives. As I read somewhere, it should be renamed as SRT drive. Your SRT drive to bring up the fifty in your 200th test is registered in my mind permanently.

I loved him more than Cricket, more than Team India. You were, you are and you will be the God of cricket forever. Cricket is blessed to have you, Team India is blessed to have you and we all blessed to have you Sachin.

Thank You Sachin.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

An unpleasant trip with a happy ending

You take your uncle's favorite bike, go for a trip against his will, return with a maximum damage to his bike, what do you think he will do?

Apache, which looks similar to the one of Karthick's in VTV ;), is my uncle's bike. Once in a while I used to take it and go to office or movie, but not regularly. One day we have decided to go Valparai with my office mates in bike. And, I asked two of my friends near my home to join me. My uncle was reluctant to let me go, but somehow convinced him and got his bike. We started one evening and reached Valpari by night. The temperature was not so cool. But, it was nice riding in hills at night.

What happened next day is the story, we all started to go to Athirapalli falls that day. It was a long ride and the road was as bad as you get. While somewhere in the middle when I missed the sight of the road for a second, my friend sitting at my back shouted to warn me there is a hole in the road. On hearing him I pressed the brake as hard as I could. Next moment we  crash landed, and my other friend who ran into our bike was flying in the air in slow motion. That sight was still in my mind. We three were hurt a little, but the bike looked terrible. After sometime, we had a good laugh and took some photos there of that remarkable incident ;).

That "Historical Event" took place here:)

That night after long ride we reached home, thankfully no one noticed the bike's miserable condition. Next morning my uncle saw the bike and woke me up. He thought I was severely hurt looking at the bike's condition, but I was okay. He asked me what the hell happened and why the bike looks so terrible? I cooked a story, a snake came in the middle (my friend's idea actually) so I applied the brake and we all fell down. He didn't tell me anything.

I thought that was my last ride in Apache and he will never let me touch his bike again. But, this is what he did, next day morning he gave the key to me and asked me to take the bike to service, then he said, "Pay whatever it takes to get that bike into a good condition and keep it with you itself, I will no longer use that". I was really surprised, I thought I will never ride the bike again, but it was my own now. That mishap wasn't my last ride in Apache. It was just the beginning :). And, it's been nearly three years since the Apache became my own. Thank you Mams.

P.S : Now I ride that "Apache" in Chennai also, even my home is near that "VTV" house, but Jessy is not there.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Hey Ram - Who's a Mahatma?

This post is the result of watching the movie once again on a Saturday night until 3:30 am and this is not a review. Hey Ram, released in 2000 is one of Kamal's THE BEST movie.

When it's released I had no idea what this movie is about and didn't even try to watch it. All I heard was it's not a good movie, too slow, no one can understand, boring, etc. Even during it's telecast on TV when my uncle (Kamal's fanatic) was watching I urged him to change the channel and didn't watch. Finally, I saw only the second half of the movie last year in TV, I know it's too late, but late enough to understand the movie I guess. Only now saw the full movie. Better late than never.

By this time most of us would have seen or heard about the storyline. It has a brilliant cast starting from Kamalhasan, SRK, Atul Kulkarni, Nasrudheen Shah, Rani, Vasundra, Valee, etc. have done a tremendous job. And, there is  Ilayaraja with beautiful songs and an excellent BGM. If "Nee partha" song is not in your playlist then you haven't heard a good song in your life. And, if you haven't seen the movie then you are missing something really big. So please help yourself by watching this classic.
I guess if the movie releases today, with SRK in it, who can handle the publicity, who knows even this film could have crossed 100 crores and Kamal would have made enough money to restart his Marudhanayagam. Who cares if it didn't win the oscars when it was our official entry from India, we know this is really the best movie.

If Anbe Sivam says everyone is a God, this film says everyone is a Mahatma. Gandhiji (in Hey Ram) says, if one is not a Mahatma, one is an animal. 

Kamal is really a Mahatma or God or both in his own way, even an animal sometimes. All he says, right from Devarmagan (maybe even before) is  அன்பே சிவம்.. அன்பே மகாத்மா..

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Deepavali Releases 2013

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Arrambam : 'Thala' kept it simple.

Thala and Vishnu are back with a stylish revenge story. It was a real Thala show. Thala doesn't have a jodi or a duet no punch dialogues also doesn't smoke or drink, but he didn't try to be a very good man. He threatens a man by trying to kill his child, I don't think any other mass heroes will attempt this. Even I didn't hear the word "Thala" in the movie. He looks so good in his Salt and Pepper look in every shot. 

Arya as usual doesn't act at all, he is Robert Pattinson of Kollywood. His reactions are the same for every scene. He provides some funny moments in the film as a hacker. Kishore as an inspector really does his role very well, liked his character after Ajith's and he is not wasted. 

Nayantara looks old, Tapsee in a Lailaesque character was irritating. Rana in a cameo does really well and Ajith dance moves looks funny while dancing with him. Rana looks like a Hulk.

Vishnu takes time to settle and picks pace later. I actually didn't like the first half especially the first one hour with some Arya's flashback and love because of irritating Tapsee. Second half was big, but good enough to hold me in my seat. Vishnu why do you love coolers very much, scene after scene Ajith removes and wears again and again. We have already seen all these in Billa itself and you can try some other ways to show Thala's mass. And, if you have removed some of the slow-motion walks movie could have been even shorter.

The dialogues by SuBa are not so powerful, nothing stays in my mind except one or two. I doubt what they are going to do in Shankar's "I". It will be very hard to fill in Sujatha's shoes.

Overall movie starts slow, picks pace and ends well. Our film makers will have enough scams to make a movie about it and we can see the politicians getting punished only in their movies. If this team is planning to make a sequel they can make 2,3,4, etc., since I don't think India without any scams in many years to come.

Rating : 3/5.

AAA : Thu Thu Thu.. Thu Thu Thu..
What's bad is going to a mokkai movie on a festival like Deepvali and what's worse is, if it tests your patience with three hours running time, AAA does that. Nothing works in this movie, Rajesh had done a better job with Udhayanithi in OKOK than AAA with Karthi. In his other three movies Santa is the Boss not the heroes, that's what made the movie enjoyable. In this Santa calling Karthi as M.D sir and Karthi trying to Boss Santa is not at all good and I felt even Santa was not able to give his 100% which he usually did, even more, in other Rajesh films.

Hat-trick of bad movies from Karthi, Alexpandian, Saguni and this. AAA gives good competition to Alexpandian for the worst movie of the year. Hope his next movie, Biriyani tastes better.

Rating : 0.5/5. For their effort to create 1980s in the flashback sequence, where Santa was the Boss.

Pandianadu : Winner for Vishal.

Definitely an underdog among this year Deepavali releases and it's a winner. Suseendaran once again with a simple revenge story, but with a racy screenplay, makes Pandianadu exciting and completely different from his last film.

It's always good to see Vishal not hitting ten people at once right from the start of the film, riding Activa. He lets his friend (cameo by Vikranth) fight for him at the start. Ultimately he does that in the climax, but it was somehow believable. He doesn't send everyone flying with a single punch which he usually does. The only movie in which he was not irritating after Sandakozhi.

Lakshi Menon has nothing to do and thank god, it is very hard to see her face more than two seconds. I don't know why she is doing so many films. Bharathi Raja as Vishal's father is one of the main character in the film. He was a good choice by the way, who desperately wants to seek revenge by his own means. Even the Villain was a good choice. He was unbelievable in this character who was seen as a good father in Ethir Neechal.

The second half starts slow with emotional sequences and picks pace. And, there comes a speed breaker in the form of a song. Why can't they just get rid of these songs at the crucial period of the film. Only wish it was avoided.

Pandianadu is a good revenge story mixed with emotions, a clear winner from Suseendaran. Once again Susee proves he is a good and dependable director.

Rating : 3.5/5.0.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

தீபாவளி - Let the Celebration Begin..!

Deepavali (I hate calling it Diwali), one of my favorite, exciting, colorful, fun festival. I really enjoy this festival as much as anything. And, the only festival I look forward to every year when I was a kid. This post is on how Deepavali was some years before and how it is now for me.

In school days, we would start preparing for Deepavali even before a month. It was fun, all our discussion will be on crackers alone.We usually start with getting the price list of crackers from all crackers shop and start selecting our crackers. The best part of that list preparation is selecting one "Fancy" item from the cracker's list. We will have no idea of what it does, we will decide by its fancy name like "Missile Launcher". This preparation will go on for weeks and finally our parents will buy us on their own without even looking at our list :(. But we will forget all those lists once we see the crackers, it's the usual story every year.

The one-week before Deepavali will be spent visiting each and every one's house of our friends to look at the crackers they have got. And, our daily hobby is to take a look at those crackers and to decide at what time each and every cracker should be burst. Don't tell me we were polluting, I guess there are so many other ways out there that can be followed in other 364 days of the year, which we are not.

On Deepavali there will be a small competition on who wakes up first and starts bursting. Mostly one of my friends will be the first every year and he will start with "Krishna vedi" (according to him Krishna is the reason behind this festival, so it will be only fair to start with that :)) as a sentiment. I will usually start with "Saravedi", no reason behind it though. The whole day will be spent only in crackers. We will have a specific cracker for every hour.

All these fun was during my school days. It was all over now. In recent years Deepavali is not the same. It is just yet another day where we will wear new dresses and may go for any new release. It has lost it's charm now, as we get old. Nowadays it's mostly spent sitting home and watching those useless Deepavali special programs in TV.

Deepavali should not be like this. Deepavali should be celebrated. With all your family and friends, enjoying crackers, wishing each and every one you see in your street, praising your neighbour's dresses, sharing the sweets prepared, having a nice breakfast and lunch together with family. This is how Deepavali should be and it was before some years, but now, we are too lazy to even celebrate something.

Wish you all a "Happy Deepavali". Let's Celebrate..!!

Friday, 25 October 2013

People in Facebook - Just for Fun

  • Everybody is happy when it rains, going by their statuses. Aana yen da mazhai vantha ellarum oodi poireenga? nanainju enjoy pannungalen da.
  • Everyone is a film critic, nothing wrong in it. Aana ellarum orey padatha pathi vara kanaka pesi kaduppakareenga.
  • There will be always a Like vs Comment fight between any two actors in any of the facebook pages. Dei ithu ellam nattukku romba mukkiama?
  • People now only started realizing their MOM cooks well, I don't know whether they realized it before. Facebook la update pannunga aana athuku munnadi unaga amma kitta neradia sonnenga na innum santhosa paduvanga.
  • They always miss their hometown and it gives them extreme pleasure to get back home. Dei Chennai, Bangalore la irunthittu vettuku porathuku ennamo US la irunthu return aagura mari feel pannatheenga, every week neenga veetuku easy pogalam.
  • Everyone is having a great birthday year after year, even though no one calls or even sends sms these days other than posting on their wall.
  • Even if they are sad they want this world to know this through their statuses. Yen da yen?
  • Even in Facebook we have peoples who think if you don't like or share a God pic then "Saamy will kanna kuthify". Unagala ellam thiruthava mudiatha?
  • And another set of peoples who thinks facebook will donate money for their likes and share, dei SMS kalathula irunthu ippa vara itha ellam nambitta irukeenga? romba peria manasu da ungalukku, neraya pera save panniteenga.
  • Last but not the least, a mokka figure's profile pic will get a minimum 50 likes and 30 comments of "awesome dear". Dei awesome ku artham teriyuma da ungalukku?

and, lots more. Even I have "been there, done that" :).

Friday, 18 October 2013

Girl or Exam?

It was in the year 2011, when I finally joined MCA in distance education. The only thing to do was to attend the final exams. No need to attend any classes or labs. First year exams were scheduled in May. After nearly three years I went to write exams. It was good to be a student again, after all I got one week off from my office.

I went into the exam center some 15 minutes before exam. Looking those people around the exam center, I was really disappointed. I saw only aunties reading hard before the exams :(. It wasn't colorful at all as I expected. When I entered the classroom, was obviously looking for any girls to be present here at least. I saw a girl sitting at the last desk. On checking my seat number, it also comes at the other end of the same desk. I counted again and again to confirm, yes it was. I was feeling little happy to sit in that desk.

Once I got seated, she turned around greeted me with a Hi. She asked whether I am also there for MCA or any other exam, etc., Then the regular question "Padichacha?" and we both answered with regular "No". I think 99 out of 100 students will say "No" if you ask them this question. After wishing "All the best" to each other we started our exams. I finished so early, but she went on and on getting so many additional sheets. I didn't even complete the main sheet. I left the hall early. So my idea of talking to her after the exam and eventually getting her number didn't happen that day, but with still four more exams to go I thought I will talk to her in the coming days.

Same thing happened the next day. I finished so early and dint have the patience to wait until she finishes. On third exam she was at different class (checked seating arrangement, which I usually do every day to know her seat). So didn't even see her. On fourth exam, as usual finishing early I thought to wait for her to complete. While waiting outside stopped another guy going home and started discussing the question paper, managed to make him wait for 20 minutes so that I won't be alone, but she didn't even come. I wondered whether there is another way to go out of that exam center. After waiting for a longtime I left without seeing her.

On fifth day, final exam, I know if I miss today I won't get another opportunity to talk to her at least until next year. Luckily she was at my hall today as well. I have decided to write this exam slowly so that I can leave with her. After finishing a question, I will take a break for 10 minutes. After one hour I saw her getup from her seat, I thought as usual she will be getting additional sheet, but to my surprise she gave the answer sheet and left the hall. WTF. I was about to shout "hey stop, you are not supposed leave early". I thought about leaving after her, but if I leave I am sure I will fail since I have completed only two questions because of my idea to write slow and take a break after each question. Really what happened was an unexpected, I was laughing alone, while writing the remaining questions, thinking about my plan. That was really an anti-climax which I never expected, but it was really funny if I think about it even now :).

Friday, 11 October 2013

I Too Had A Love Story - Ravinder Singh

Finally I Too Had A Love Story, I mean I read that book which I was planning to do from last year, but reluctant to spend money on this book. Ravin says it's his real life story. Ravin's way of writing is so simple, using most common words in English. But he needs to be more mature to become a good author. And, suddenly he uses hindi or punjabi or whatever without any translation which was irritating for me ( cos I can't understand).

In the first chapter I came to know this guy had no idea of becoming an author, as he said he is an author by chance. First chapter was a get-together with his college mates. He kept adding "we are together after long time" for everything they do. Ravin, we are not going to forget this is a get-together.

The way in which he gets to know about his girl, Kushi was really unusual. I mean I haven't heard any love story starting this way. He gets to know her from a matrimonial site. Usually if you get the info about a girl in the site, you talk to their parents, then they discuss marriage and if everything goes well they get married. That's the end of the story, that's what I was thinking  about matrimonial sites. But, his love story starts from here. After reading this, I am thinking about creating a profile in a matrimonial site to get a girlfriend.

They get to know each other. Most of his romance happens over phone since they live in a different places. Soon they found out they are made for each other and their engagement is fixed. This is a veggie love story, unlike Chetan Bhagat's, so nothing happens except a kiss. It was a perfect love story until a truck hits Kushi which was fatal.

And, the story ends even before the last chapter. The last chapter was really boring you know what's going to happen so it was very redundant. Yes it was sad at the end but too much of buildup before the end. He was surrounded by Happy (one of his friends) and Kushi (his girl), but what happens was a tragedy.

It is another love story with a really sad ending. It will be very difficult to come out of it. And, he has really done well to recover and pen down this as a book, should appreciate that. But I don't know how it became a national best seller. I don't think I will recommend this to someone. Even though it is said as his life story most of the time I felt like a cliched story, especially the end.