Thursday, 26 December 2013

Biriyani - A Venkat Prabhu Template, with different content

Biriyani, VenkatPrabhu's latest movie after his blockbuster Mankatha, U1's 100th movie, an important movie for Karthi after a series of flop. As usual there was enough buzz around the movie just because of Venkat Prabhu more than the hero Karthi. What did he have in his latest diet, Biriyani, did he satisfy everyone with his treat?
Karthi wants to have biriyani every time after drinking. They get the Biriyani, but it also lands them into trouble. They are trapped as a kidnappers of Nasser who is actually dead. What happens next, how did they get away is Biriyani.

VP follows his template in this movie as well and fills it up with a different content. Get Premji on board, have an item song, cameos from Chennai28 team and his cameraman, a twist at the interval then a twist in the end, hit songs from U1, booze and figures, wondering whether VP also appeared on screen as usual, Biriyani also has all these, but the genre and story is different from his previous movies.

The first half was slow and didn't invoke as much laughter as VP's previous movies. Not sure whether Karthi's not good enough for a comic role. Premji was as usual like his previous VP's movies. Not a big role for Hansika. Mandy Takhar looks really hot. Good comeback for Ramki. Nasser as usual at his best. He proved once again that he can do any role by even "acting" like Premji (EKSI!). Sampath and Jayaprakash have done enough. And, Sampath gets good role in VP's movie alone even though this one is not as big as Saroja or Goa.

The movie picks pace from the interval. It has enough twists and turns to keep us hooked. Especially the last 30 minutes was good. Just like Mankatha Biriyani too has a good twist. The second half only actually saves the movie. Not much of a logic in the movie. Director could have shown us Karthi having Biriyani whenever he drinks initially. Why Jayaprakash, a police officer is always with Ramki as if their personal bodyguard? But thank god for showing Hansika and Karthi as lovers from the start itself instead of some idiotic scenes and reasons to show how did they fall in love like some other movies. Directors we can accept the hero and heroine as lovers from the first scene itself please don't show us some most stupid reasons to show how heroine falls for the hero unless it's a full on romantic movie.

So VP cooked this Biriyani with his usual ingredients he used in his previous movies. This is VP's style fun enjoyable for VP fans. A better movie for Karthi in recent times, but not a VP's best comparing his previous ones. Still you can taste this once in theatre, initially it may be tasteless fried rice gets spicy later and may get satisfied, but not possible to have another plate.

My rating - 2.5/5.0.

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