Thursday, 12 December 2013

A Wedding in Kerala and A Marathon Travel

Last weekend I have been to Kerala, Calicut for a wedding. I was really excited since its in Kerala. Everyone has the same look when I said this, going to Kerala for a wedding. I think "Tharalama.. Kerala nu terinjuko" song was running in their mind, in my mind as well ;). Traveled all the way from Chennai to Coimbatore and caught the next train to Caliciut and reached there by Saturday morning. Reception in the evening and wedding on  Sunday. Once I reached the hall on Saturday evening I had a Déjà vu. I felt like I have been to that hall before or I had a doubt whether all the wedding halls looks the same in Kerala. But, actually I have been to this same place for a wedding before. It was raining heavily that time and this time the weather was awful, too hot.

I was giving company to the "Mappillai" on the stage the whole evening. Then, in the next morning overslept and missed the Muhurtham, joined him late in the stage. Everyone at the wedding has the same thing to say to me. "Yours will be the next". I have been blushing for the two days.

And the wedding was not as colorful as I expected. I have seen those few girls attended the wedding in the previous wedding also, nothing new. There was a local function in a temple near the wedding hall. It was so good, so many girls were there with a lamp in their hand dressed in traditional Kerala style. "Idharkku thanada aasaipattai Balakura" moment. It was really nice, but couldn't spend more time there.

Then on Sunday evening my plan to return to Chennai was changed and I joined the newly wedded couples and my relatives to travel to their home in Hosur. Everyone convinced me to join them or maybe I got convinced easily once my Mams said just stay we can go to Hosur via Wayanad and Mysore. I thought via Wayanad will be a good travel. And, on Monday morning I started my marathon travelling from Calicut, which ended on Tuesday morning in Chennai. We covered three states, Kerala to Karnataka to Tamil Nadu in a single day.

I was really excited to travel via Wayand. It was a beautiful place once I have visited. It was nice while travelling in a hill and then through a forest road even spotted few deers. Once we reached Wayanad we stopped there for lunch. The weather was hotter than Chennai. "Idharkka aasaipattai Balakura" moment. Once we entered Karnataka, I saw nearly 25 people travel in a share auto. A guy was traveling on the driver's lap, I don't know who was driving that. Then, stopped near Mysore for a tea and started to Hosur. It was nearly 10 once I reached Hosur. I didn't have much time to spend there, but the weather was freakingly cool there.

And then took a bus from Hosur and back to Chennai on Tuesday morning. Even Chennai was cool. My marathon travelling finally comes to an end. It was an unexpected trip, travelled by all mediums starting from train then in a car then finally in a bus. Travelled nearly 1400 km from Chennai to Chennai. I still don't know whether I have enjoyed this trip or why did I agree to join them, but it was a quite an experience.

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