Friday, 20 October 2017

'Thala' Deepavali 2017 - Aalaporan 'Thalapathy'

Meyatha Maan - Since we have already booked to go Mersal the next day to Deepavali. I haven't booked any movie to watch on Deepavali. But, my Deepavali would be incomplete without a movie, so booked this a few hours before the show-time. But, thank god it wasn't a disappointing at all. Actually, it turned out to be a best decision on my 'Thala' Deepavali
The movie was totally fresh and entertaining. It has one-side love, friendship and also sister sentiment. The movie is all about the four characters, our hero 'Idayam' Murali, his best friend Vinoth, his one side lover Madhu and his sister Sudar.
I loved most of the dialogues. I burst out laughing for most of it. And, Vaibhav's Chennai slang also helps. He really fits 'Idayam' Murali perfectly, who owns a local orchestra and the lead singer in it. But, the show stealer for me is Vivek Prasanna, who has done Vinoth's role. He was last seen in Vikram Vedha as Ravi.
Between the two ladies Indhuja, who's Vaibhav's sister was terrific than the heroine Priya. Priya doesn't have much scenes or I don't remember seeing her much in the first half.
The most important department in a rom-com is music, so that you don't feel bored. Here, SaNa and Pradeep are in terrific form. I felt the second half was little dragging and reminded me of SMS movie. Also, couldn't find out how exactly Madhu falls for Murali.
Overall a fantastic debut for Ratna Kumar. Solid writing, brilliant characters and witty dialogues make this a wonderful watch. I don't know how wise to release it with Mersal. I hope people don't miss this as well.
Mersal - Once again Vijay is back with Atlee after their blockbuster Theri. And, once again I've no idea why this movie is titled 'Mersal' just like 'Theri'. First thing first, after the atrocious look in Bairavaa, Vijay looks terrific in this movie. He seems to be getting younger, ya I know this sounds cliched. But, after Theri once again he's making me to look myself and feel bad about my fitness.
My fav shot from this song.
For the third time Atlee has remade a classic. After Mouna Ragam, Satriyan this time he decides to go with Apoorva Sagotharargal (but it reminds many other movies as well). And, he has done his work very well to fit an ordinary revenge drama with some social message and it worked really well.
The main positive factor is Vijay, no atrocious hairdo, no irritating voice modulation. And, ya he speaks too many punch dialogues directed at the audience, which works well in this setup rather than Puli kind of film. His dance movements were terrific after some time. And, he smokes on screen after quite some time I guess. If you are wondering why this is to differentiate between the two look alike Vijay. One who smokes is Vetri, the magician and who doesn't is Maran, the doctor.
Other than Vijay only Nitya Menon gets some role and shares a good chemistry with Vijay in the 80s flashback portion. Next comes S J Surya, the villain, who was good in few scenes. The other two heroines character comes for maximum 10 mins with a song each. And, Satyaraj to listen to the flashbacks. Vadivelu is back, again still expecting a proper comeback for him, this movie doesn't have enough screen time for him.
Atlee always does well in presentation. Each and every frame was glossy and the cameraman Vishnu has hit a century on debut. Also, the screenplay was engaging enough which made me sit through almost 3 hours without any complaint. Vijayendra Prasad's touch was visible especially in the flashback portion.
And, ya this movie did remind me of many of many other hit Tamil movies. Sivaji, Ramana, Kaththi, etc., to name a few. Also, a lot of questions comes to mind. How Kovai Sarala met Maran? Vadivel met Maran? Why Vetri didn't meet his brother all these years? Why Dr Arjun didn't recognize Maran? Why wait so long for taking revenge? Has Vetri killed any other doctors before? And, that mandatory "aal-marattam" scene in the second half with the look alikes. Maran isn't a Jeevanantham, who can't fight, so that was not needed I guess.
But, the thing is none of this came to mind while watching. And, that's the success of a mass movie. Overall Mersal was a satisfying festival movie for me. It would be great if Ajith and Vijay does movies like Managaram, Vikram Vedha, but still Vijay's next step is clear (political) we can only get these and as far as Ajith's concern looks like his next is also going to be with Siva, so we better don't discuss it.
Meyatha Maan - 3.5/5.0.
Mersal - 3.5/5.0.
So, we are quite satisfied with both our outings in our 'Thala' Deepavali.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Happy Birthday to me - Thanks to my அவள்

It's been a while since I blogged, it's not like nothing interesting have happened or I didn't watch any movie since my last blog. A lot of things have happened, got married and it's more than a month now, getting married itself was interesting, but pretty time-consuming. So, didn't get time to blog. Here we go, my first blog post after my wedding. Obviously, this post is one and only because of my அவள்.

My first birthday after my wedding was a perfect birthday I've ever had. Until now I haven't planned anything for my birthday, but this time my அவள் has planned something and executed perfectly. It was a memorable 'Thala' birthday for me.

If you ask how would I spent a holiday. I would say will watch movies on my laptop. And, if you ask me whether I will not go out at all. I would say sure I'll go out in the evening and that would be to watch a movie in a theatre. So basically it would be just movies. Since my birthday is a holiday usually, I would usually do the same.

I always wondered before wedding what would happen if 'she' is not interested in watching movies or not interested in going to theaters. How would you even find this in a matrimony profile? But, thank god, she is equally interested in watching movies, till she met me she didn't have a good company to go to cinemas. And, since my engagement, I made sure we watched one or two movies per week. And, sometimes we went to Satyam just to have that popcorn.

So, her plan was to go to the theatre, so she has booked tickets without my knowledge. But, it is not for one or even two, she planned for three movies back to back. I am sure she would have never seen three movies within a month before meeting me.

The first movie was 'American Made', I know she's coming for that movie just for me and had no idea about the movie since she asked me 'Who?', When I exclaimed "Oh! We are starting with a 'Tom Cruise' movie. So, she slept off midway. The next was a Telugu movie, Mahanubhavudu, again she would have never imagined watching Telugu movies and all in big screens or anywhere for that matter before our engagement. So, once again it's for me, but we kinda enjoyed this movie since it wasn't a usual Telugu masala. The final one was 'Magalir Mattum', looked like we didn't have many options to end our marathon. So, this one is for her since I am a "theevira" Simran fan once upon a time and hated "overacting" Jo, still it was tolerable. 

Even though I spoiled the surprise for me by getting to know the plan about a movie marathon. But, that doesn't stop this from being an awesome day. Still, I got a surprise cake cutting at my home previous day itself before we started to Chennai and also a wish from her at midnight in the middle of our travel to Chennai in the train, again unexpected.
This is not the first time I've seen three movies continuously in a day, but I've seen only on my laptop in my room. This is the first time in big screens, juggling between the screens in a multiplex. And, I've seen only two movies back to back in big screen before. So, this is the first and most unforgettable experience.

We know we've spent too much time in a mall when we handed over our parking ticket that guy at the counter couldn't stop smiling looking at the hours we spent there. Though I planned a surprise for her birthday, the day was as usual as any weekend. She planned enough surprises and also perfect plan for throughout the day and made my birthday an unforgettable memory.

You have got an understanding wife when she knows what you would like and she plans that for your birthday. I look forward to more and more surprises and special days going forward and I am sure there are more in store.

கன்னம் சுருங்கிட நீயும், 
மீசை நரைத்திட நானும், 
வாழ்வின் கரைகளைக் காணும் 
காலம் அருகினில் தானோ?

அவளும் நானும்

Yes, finally there's an "அவள்" in my life now. After searching all over the world, in the matrimony app, found her near my home.

In one of my old post about "Peelamedu and Myself - Still a better love story than Twilight", I finished it saying " Peelamedu has given me a lot of memories, who knows I may even get back to Peelamedu again :)"  I didn't go back to Peelamedu, but another connection with Peelamedu now. My "அவள்" has studied in the same college, same department and the same course, in Peelamedu. 

First Meeting : April 1st widely known as April Fools' day, but I will be remembering it differently from this year. That's the day I met my "அவள்". It's isn't any love-at-first-sight kinda filmy meeting. It's a traditional pre-planned matchmaking process, "ponnu paaka ponen", PelliChoopulu. We didn't do much of a talking at her home. After having the usual coffee and sweets, went to a temple then to a CCD, where a lot can happen over a coffee. After a lot of visits, this is the first time something happened there. Talked with my "அவள்" for sometime and decided she will be my "அவள்" when I came out. I felt the feelings was mutual.

First Month : Everything changed from that day one onwards. Before, if the battery percentage is 20 it's good to go till the end of the day. Now, if it's 70%, I am looking for my charger already. Before, we usually take a long route to reach our building lift after coffee breaks within our IT park. Now, shortest route was more than enough, no longer I need to "sight" anyone, sorry girls :D. My gallery was full of actress images, now it's full of selfies I receive. I never miss a match in IPL, yeah I still follow it, now I hardly watch it between the phone calls. And, finally I won't be watching movies with guys alone anymore. But, I don't even regret any of these changes.

First Movie : Kaatru Veliyidai, a Mani Ratnam romance, we thought there won't be any better movie for this special occasion. We were totally wrong, though we know it after the day it is released. But, we still went ahead to watch that. The movie was so boring. My first time with a girl, not a good experience at all. Had a good expectation, but the movie was a disaster, just like RCB in this year's IPL.

Looking forward to a lot more first and repeats in the coming days, months and years to come.

It was like a magic everything happening so fast and I am already engaged for one month now. Apart from all the reasons I've mentioned here in my post Get Married..!!, the one and only valid reason to get married is, "If you find a right girl, get married". I found my அவள், so I am getting married :)

Monday, 17 July 2017

Vagamon - WoW! What a Beauty!!

My first trip with Visteon guys, mostly my last trip as a bachelor, was to Vagamon in God's own country. We were planning to go on a trip right from my last stint, two years ago, it didn't materialize at all. And, even this time we were just planning to go to Pondy, with a lot of changes in the dates we finally fixed Vagamon. I have never heard about it and I was initially reluctant to travel 12 hours in train followed by 3 hours bus journey and all, but oh boy, it was worth it. And, finally an actual enjoyable "camp-fire" happened.

On top of the world, touching the clouds..
The first day was mostly spent travelling and getting to our Himaharsham home-stay in Vagamon. Chennai to Kottayam in Train, and with our limited Malayalam language we tried to catch the bus to Vagamon, but we missed it. Then, we have to catch two busses to reach our Vagamon, but that's not it. We have a booked home-stay so far away from the town, so we needed another ride in a Jeep to reach there. We were already travelling off-road to reach there. Once we were there, it was as if we were all alone in a mountain with rooms build just for us. It was so far away we couldn't even hear any sounds other than birds and insects chirping. It was so far away that our first day's activity was to go and have a tea. We had to walk nearly 2 kms to see some people and stores. When we had tea and came back, it was already dinnertime. The weather was very interesting as well, it rains heavily for a minute and stop for 10 minutes. It was nice catching up with it.

The second day was just great. Our first stop was at a sightseeing spot named "Palozhugum Parai", where the waterfalls looked like milk flowing, most of the waterfalls looks like that though. It was just for viewing, then the next stop was Meadows, it was wonderful. Lush green mountains after mountains where we can just climb and enjoy the greenery.  And, we located another mountain far away covered with clouds, and we decided to go there. And, on the way we stopped at Pine forests, but we have seen enough in other trips so we left that place early.

The next stop Thangalpara, where we actually climbed the mountains. Most of the time we always wondered, what will be like to go to the top of the mountain? Here, we actually did that and that spot is "Thangalpara", my favourite spot among those we have visited so far that day. We were at the top of the world, with clouds passing through us. We decided to stay a little longer cause you never know whether we will get another chance like this. But, it started raining heavily, drenching every one of us and making the return even more adventurous. It was little risky walking down the slippery mountain, but it was a lifetime experience. After getting drenched, it was freezing outside so we came back to room.

And, then it happened, "campfire", even though rain threatened to end it every now and then, we finally had a blast there. With songs and dance, oh boy it was fantastic campfire, the one I always wanted in my every trip to a hill station. Followed by playing cards, while teaching "Ass Game" to few people, all went to sleep which was one of the best days of my life.

Happy Birthday Aadhi.. just posing, we didn't hit him :D

The final day, we had time to visit only two places, once again rain threatened to cut short that as well. But, it stopped in time for us to enjoy a bath in a river inside the forest. That was another isolated location where we enjoyed much for a long time where the water was flowing in a full force with a little waterfalls. Then, went on to our next location inside the forest, a sightseeing spot, where we had to climb a small mountain again. Oh boy that was the best spot of this trip. Once we were at the top, it was green 360 degrees, you can just sit there all alone and get lost in nature. That was a fantastic last stop in Vagamon.

Saved the best spot for the last..
Since we luckily got a straight bus Kottayam we were about to reach a lot early early for our train at 10 pm, so we decided to visit a temple on the way, where we had no clue about the procedures followed. And, just when we thought everything was looking good, a small twist happened. We all thought our return train was at 10 pm, but it was actually at 8:20 pm. We accidentally saw it right in time and we were able to make it and catch the train and thankfully it was delayed as well. It was little thrilling for a while though, but all is well that's end well.

This is a trip which kept getting better and better, where each and every location was a treat and most importantly unlike any other hill stations, we were able to enjoy it in peace without any disturbances. We got enough time all alone in each spots even on weekends. And, we were able to travel only in Jeep to any spot and most of the time we were travelling off-road and some roads were scary as well.

And, that's how we were :)
We may have missed a few spots, but this was by far the most satisfying trip I've ever had. We all went in without much expectation and Vagamon, The Scotland of Asia, satisfied us and surprised us. So Vagamon becomes my favourite hill-station. Thanks for choosing this place and thank you guys for all the wonderful memories and especially that "camp-fire".

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Movies 2017 - Best and Worst so far

Half-yearly report of 2017, so far have seen more than 50 films in big screen this year, not sure how the second half will go though.

Leaving the biggest movie of this year Baahubali 2 aside, Maangaram, is the best movie of this year so far for me. Nothing so far in Telugu, Angamaly Diaries in Malayalam, Trapped in Hindi and Get Out in English.

          Baahubali 2
  1. Maanagaram
  2. Power Paandi
  3. Oru Kidayin Karunai Manu
  4. Kuttram 23
  5. Ghazi

Not Bad

  1. Rangoon
  2. Lens
  3. Maragatha Nanayam
  4. Adhe Kangal
  5. 8 Thottakal
  6. Enakku Vaitha Adimaigal
  7. Bogan
  8. Yeidhavan
  9. Kadugu
  10. Kavan
  11. S3
  12. Bairvaa
  13. Yaman
  14. Dora
  15. Peechangai
  16. Engitta Modhathe
  17. Katappava Kanom
  18. SBKT
  19. Shivalinga 
  20. Sathriyan


  1. AAA
  2. Muthu Ramalingam
  3. Koditta Idangalai Nirappuga
  4. Bruce Lee
  5. Kaatru Veliyidai
  6. Saravanan Irukka Bayamaen
  7. Thondan


  1. Get Out
  2. Logan
  3. Split
  4. GoG2
  5. Wonder Woman
  6. Beauty and the Beast
  7. Berlin Syndrome
  8. KONG Skull Island
  9. xXx
  10. Pirates of the Caribbean 5
  11. Fast & Furious 8
  12. Trasnformers


  1. Passengers
  2. Resident Evil 6
  3. The Mummy


  1. Angamaly Diaries
  2. Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum
  3. Take Off
  4. Godha
  5. Ezra
  6. C/O Saira Bhanu
  7. The Great Father
  8. Munthirivallikal Thalirkumbol
  9. Jomonte Suvisheshangal
  10. Shakavu
  11. Oru Mexican Apartha
  12. CIA
  13. Aby
  14. Alamara
  15. Georgettan's Pooram


  1. Trapped
  2. Naam Shabana
  3. Hindi Medium
  4. Jolly LLB 2
  5. Anaarkali of Aarah
  6. Haraamkhor
  7. Badrinath ki Dulhania
  8. Raees
  9. Kaabil
  10. Half girlfriend


So far I have seen only five Telugu movies and all the five were strictly average, yet to see a Kshanam or Pelli Choopulu.
  • Nenu Local
  • Khaidi No 150
  • Katamarayudu
  • Ra randoi Vedukka chuddam
  • DJ

Friday, 30 June 2017

Songs 2017 - My favorites so far

My favourite song of this year so far is "Vaanam" from Power Paandi. Excellently sang by Ananthu and meaningful lyrics by Selvaraghavan.

Every music directors had a few releases so far, so nobody is missing in action this year.

Impressive album is Power Paandi, Sean Roaldan's collaboration with Dhanush for his debut directorial venture was an excellent start to a new combo in town.

Top Albums

  • Power Paandi - Sean Roldan
  • Bogan - Imman
  • Katru Veliyidai - A. R. Rahman

Top 10 Songs

  1. Vaanam - Power Paandi 
  2. Nee Uravaga - Paambu Sattai
  3. Kadavule Vidai - Rum
  4. Senthoora - Bogan
  5. Vaan - Kaatru Veliyidai
  6. Oxygen - Kavan
  7. Naan Ini Katril - Yaakai
  8. Kannadi Poovukku - Enakku Vaaitha Adimaigal
  9. Varlaam Varlaam Vaa - Bairavaa
  10. Nee Kavithaigala - Maragatha Nanayam

Other Favorites

  • Azhagiye, Nallai Allai - Kaatru Veliyidai
  • Senthooran, Koodu Vittu, Vaarai - Bogan
  • Nillayo - Bairavaa
  • Theeratha Vilayattu Pillai - Kavan
  • Mannenna Vepenna - Enakku Vaaitha Adimaigal
  • Neee - Yaakai
  • Enga Pora Dora - Dora
  • Alladhe Siragiye - Rum
  • Hey Penne - Kattapava Kanom
  • All Songs - Power Paandi
  • Neeyum Naanum - Paambu Sattai
  • Pachai Uduthiya - Vanamagan
  • Ponapokkil, Thandira - Adhey Kangal
  • 3 Themes - AAA
  • Embuttu Irukuthu Aasai, Marhaba Aavona - Saravanan Irukka Bayamen
  • Kottai Aanda - Maragatha Nanayam


Top Albums

  • Anagamaly Diaries - Prashant Pillai
  • Godha - Shaan Rahman
  • Jomente Suvisheshangal - Vidyasagar

Top 10 Songs

  1. Ayalathe - Anagamaly Diaries
  2. Wow Song - Godha
  3. Nokki Nokki - Jomonte Suviseshangal
  4. Njaanum Neeyum - Theeram
  5. Madhumathiye - Sakhavu
  6. Ivalaro - Oru Mexican Apartha
  7. Lailakame - Ezra
  8. Ozhukiyozhiki - Oru Cinemakaaran
  9. Vaanam Thilathilakkanu - CIA
  10. Akale oru Kadinte - Ramande Edanthottam

Other Favorites

  • Oru Puzhayarikil, Athimara Kombile - Munthirivallikal Thalirkkumbol
  • Thambiran - Ezra
  • Poonkattey, Neelakasham - Jomente Suvisheshangal
  • Kalippu Katta Kalippu - Oru Mexican Apartha
  • Paariparakkum Kili, Onnurangi - Aby
  • Angamaly, Do Naina, Theeyame, La Vettam - Angamaly Diaries
  • Variminnal, Ilamai,  - Adventures of Omanakuttan
  • Chinthicho Nee - Sathya
  • Oduvile Yathrik, Kabadi Kabadi - Georgeettan's Pooram
  • Udhichuyarne, Theyyam Thindakka - Sakhavu
  • Vaanam Thilathilakkanu, Kannil Kannil - CIA
  • Aaro Nenjil, O Rabba, Innalekalil, Kannetha Dooratholam - Godha
  • Minnaminungu, Njan Varumee Paadhayil - Theeram


Best Albums

  • Meri Pyaari Bindu - Sachin-Jigar
  • Rangoon - Vishal Bhradwaj
  • Half Girlfriend - Mithoon, Tanishk Bagchi, Rishi Rich, Farhan Saeed, Ami Mishra, Rahul Mishra

Favorites : Most Favorite : Thodi Der (Half Girlfriend)

  • Enna Sona - Ok Jaanu
  • Laila Main Laila, Zalima, Enu Naam Che Raees - Raees
  • Kaabil Hoon - Kaabil
  • Tap Tap, Bloody Hell, Yeh Isqh Hai, Mere Miyan Gaye England, Julia - Rangoon
  • Tamma Tamma Again, Aasiq Surrender Hua, Roke Na Ruke - Badrinath Ki Dulhania
  • Rozana - Naam Shabana
  • Baarish, Tu Hi Hai, Thodi Der, Stay A Little longer - Half Girlfriend
  • Maana Ke, Haareya, Afeemi, Iss Tarah - Meri Pyaari Bindu 
  • Hind Mere Jind, Sachin Sachin -  Sachin
  • Ik Vaari Aa, Raabda, Main Tera Boyfriend - Raabta
  • Radio, Tinka Tinka - Tubelight 


Favorites: Best Song - Arere Yekkada- Nenu Local (DSP)

  • Ekimeeda - Gautamiputra Satakarni
  • Mellaga Tellarindoi, Shatamanam Bhavati, Naalo Nenu - Shatamanam Bhavati 
  • You & Me - Khaidi No 150
  • Arere Yekkada, Disturb Chestha Ninnu, Champesaave Ninnu - Nenu Local
  • Sitara - Winner
  • Saahore Baahubali, Kanna Nidurinchara, Dandaalayyaa - Baahubali 2
  • Mira Mira Meesam, Laage Laage, Emo Emo - Katamarayudu
  • Kakki Chokka - Radha
  • Raarandoi Veduka, Neevente Nenunte, Bhramaramba, Thakita Thakajham - Raarandoi Veduka Choodham
  • Kaala Bhairava Ashtakam, Telusa Neeku Bahusa, Yedisthte - Keshava
  • DJ Saranam, Gudilo Badilo Madilo, Seeti Maar - DJ

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Chennai to Sivakasi via Kodaikanal

This wasn't my last trip with KONE guys as I feared. We have completed another successful trip courtesy Muthukumar's wedding this time. I have got something to write in my blog and I am writing this especially for few people to know what did they miss by skipping this trip :D

Happy Married Life Muthu
In the past two trips we selected a hill station to visit, which is a three or four hours from the actual wedding location and that too with our own hired vehicle. Since I was not in the planning committee this time I didn't know the details and my geographical skills were poor as well, I thought we have done the same this time and selected Kodaikanal, oh boy I was very wrong.

This time we started with nine people, as usual there were cancellations and last minute additions. In both of my previous trips we attended the wedding first, then went on to carry our trip on our selected hill station. This time we went straight to our selected location Kodaikanal via train till Kodai road and thank god the train reached two hours late so we reached there by 5o clock instead of midnight three, and got into a mini bus which was going to the hilltop with Raja songs for company.

There was a power cut after reaching the hotel, so we had to take the ice bucket challenge since no hot water, ooh it was freezingly good. The first day we hired a Tavera, thanks to some last minute cancellations a Tavera was enough, and started to explore Kodaikanal. We had a guide within our group, Naga, who seems to have visited Kodai every weekend and as per his experience we decided to go Mannavanur. It was a beautiful location with a small lake. And, we had a little fight with the people working there. We found one unattended mobile and we told the people we will handover at the front desk instead to them and the funny thing is, these guys were complaining to a police officer as if we said something wrong. Anyway, we handed over the phone and that police insisted us to take some photos for proof. We are expecting some medals from our president soon.

The next stop was a "Temple", yes you read that right, first time with guys in a hill station. And, that's the place where the movie Seevalaperi Pandi movie was shot, our driver kept repeating it. Then, followed by a meals at a costly restaurant. All other spots were either closed or filled with just mist and reached room by early, but it was "colourful" nevertheless so we stopped everywhere. After reaching our room, we decided to go out for a tea, that was the longest walk I ever took for a tea we went around the whole Kodaikanal lake, which was more than five kms, but the weather and the tea we had later was worth the walk.

Temple 2 Mohan refusing to take down that jacket even at that scorching heat.

The next day we walked again to visit another "Temple", yes two in two, by walk again. This was a difficult walk because of the weather and And, that's the only place we visited that day.  We expected rain in Kodai, but we escaped and it was raining only when after we boarded the bus. We started our marathon bus journey from Kodai @ two pm to Madurai to Sivakasi to Alangulam around 11 pm. There were some fights in our bus from Kodai to Madurai as well, but we weren't involved. The weather was completely opposite in Alangulam and the India vs Pakistan match wasn't interesting either.

The wedding was at a temple, so we went to a "Temple" again for third straight day with a bunch of guys. It is definitely a new record. After attending the main event the next day, just when we thought our trip is over, we planned to go to Courtralam to fulfil the birthday boy Ajesh's wish. There was enough water, but a lot of people. We have to squeeze ourselves, but enjoyed there totally once we were in the water. It was totally refreshing after a lot of travelling and a hot day. That really made our trip great followed by the lunch/dinner at the "International Famous" Border Parotta Shop. We changed our plan to get back to Rajapalayam and boarded the train at Senkottai itself. It was one of the beautiful railway station I've ever been and weather was too good with a slight drizzle.

Scenic Station @ Senkottai

We travelled in unreserved compartment till our actual boarding station, it was unforgettable. If you are already in the train you cannot miss the train :) I can't even imagine how people travel their whole journey like that. And, it was already hot in the train reminding us the weather in Chennai. Another long journey started and reached Chennai on time though. And, the only trip where we took very less photos I guess. Also, we missed both of our group's 'selfie sticks' (Ram & Bharath) in this trip.

If you are already in the train you cannot miss the train :)
Anyway, it was an excellent trip with a lot of new places and new experiences. First-time we spent most of the time travelling in public transport in a trip, first-time visiting temples in hill stations, first-time in Sivakasi, Border Parotta. Overall an excellent trip and wishing Muthu a very happy life ahead and it's a pity that few people missed it.

Chennai to Kodai Road to Kodaikanal to Madurai to Sivakasi to Alangulam to Rajapalayam to Kuttralam to Senkottai to Chennai nearly 1500 kms.

So this could be my last long weekend trip as a bachelor? I hope I am proven wrong once again.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

IPL 10 - Bye Bye RPS & GL

IPL is 10 years old already and it makes me feel old as well. MI won the title after being on the top of the table and they have won it thrice now. So CSK already have a task in their hand when they come in next year after the ban.

Most impressed young players of the season are Rishab Pant, Tripathi, Washington Sundar, Rashid Khan, Krunal Pandya,

Following are some of the highlights in this IPL:

Yuvi show in the first match of the IPL, it's always good to see him bat when he's in form. 63 from just 27 balls and that was his only best innings this year so far. Hope he does well in the upcoming champions trophy.

Smith and Rahane again after the test series, but this time they played together and had a good partnership to win their first game against MI, where Smith finished the game with Dhoni at the other end.

This year KKR experimented with their opening combinations a lot, Lynn opened with Ghambir and they chased 184 within 15 overs without losing a wicket. It was as they say Lynnsane.

Rishab Pant after his father's death played brilliantly against RCB and almost won it for DD.  And, his other innings if 97 to win a game against GL. Samson and Pant chased down 209 with 2.3 overs to spare. He's a future to watch out for.

Samson hits the first century of this season against RPS, but it was Morris at the end of the innings who stole the show with 38 runs from just 9 balls, it was insane.

IPL and hat-tricks are always amazing, we don't see hat-trick often in cricket, but we see it more often in IPl. And, in fact there were two hat-tricks in a same day, first by Badree, still RCB lost. Then, from Tye and GL won their first match of the season against RPS. And, the third hat-trick by Unadkat against SRH in the last over to win it for RPS.

Vohra's 95 single-handedly took KXI to victory against SRH, but Bhuvi took his wicket and a 5 for to won that game. And, for SRH two Afgan players, Rashid and Nabi appeared for the first time in IPL history.

Dhoni, after a lot of criticism played a blinder against SRH to win the game, 64 from 31. And, finished the game with a boundary of the last ball, I just wished he faced the last over in the finals as well. And, he took 18 runs of Bhuvi's over, who haven't conceded more than 10 in the death overs before that match.

DD's batting was inconsistent throughout the season. One day they were chasing 200, other day allout for less than 100. Against MI, they lost 6-24 chasing 143, before Rabada and Morris pulled of something special and took the team near the end line before Bumrah ruined it. That was a great partnership.

RCB had a terrible season, every year it happens to one team. They bowled out for a lowest total 49 on the same day where the made history for highest total a few years before. Also, they made another 98 while chasing. It's hard to believe Kohli, ABD, Gayle, Watson all failed together.

As usual we had another super over in IPL this time between MI and Gl. Where Bumrah bowled probably the best over of the season against the two power hitters Finch and McCullum to defend 11 runs even after conceding a no-ball and wide. Bumrah's been the best this year for MI more than Malinga.

Stokes, the most expensive player played like one this year. He scored a century after coming in at 10/3 and won the game for RPS. And, good contribution in most of the other games and won the MVP of this year.

Another revelation this year is RPS's Tripathi, who batted brilliantly after opening the innings. He took the team to victory with his 93 in another insane match where RPS won it in the last over after being in a position of needing just 27 from 44 balls.

After Lynn injured, Narine started opening with Gambhir and he was dealing with only boundaries. When Lynn was fit he joined Narine and in a match against RCB they scored most runs in the powerplay, beating CSK's previous best. And, Narine scored fastest 50 in IPL.

The Finals was absolute thriller, after playing poorly MI almost pulled of a miracle to win the game.

Anyway change of fortunes for RPS and GL, GL ended up in RPS's place this year and RPS almost won the IPL where they just avoided the last place previous year. Anyway bye bye RPS and GL, look forward to seeing Dhoni and Raina together in yellow jerseys next year. Waiting for CSK.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Baahubali 2 - An Epic Conclusion as well

I haven't blogged for a while, so I thought I couldn't have better thing than writing about Baahubali - The Conclusion, even though it's a bit late. Here's what I wrote about Baahubali - The Beginning.

I was never excited about a film in recent times after Kabali. I was so looking forward to this and was extremely happy when I reached my seat minuted before the start of the movie. The Baahubali part one was not complete since it ended in a cliffhanger after that epic battle which raised the expectations for this movie even higher.

Coming to the second part, it starts straight from the flashback portions. Now, all waiting for Baahubali to be crowned. And, we get a few comic moments between Prabhas and Kattappa while he romances the astounding beauty Anushka. And, we have a battle sequence as well with Oxen running with flames in their horns and Prabhas shooting three arrows at once and as well as teaching Anushka the same. And, a similar interval block where Rana once again feels small even after becoming the King of Mahismati. I was already got more than what I expected just from the first half itself. It had a lot of whistle worthy sequences. One of my favourite parts is when Baahubali's identity was revealed to Devasena and her people.

In the second half we see the fight between two powerful ladies Sivagami and Devasena. And, it was disappointing that the most powerful lady Sivagami was easily deceived and manipulated by Rana and Nasser. Which eventually let us know the reason behind WKKB. But, the flashback was the best it almost runs whole movie. Thankfully there isn't any interruption. The present part we know what was about to happen and it just did. It looked a bit rushed on a movie which was already running for three hours time.

Prabhas completely owns the show here, especially as Amrendra Baahubali, the father. Just like Mahismati the movie belongs to him as well. And, Rana scores well in the flashback portions. Devasena looks perfect as a princess, she looked just amazing. We didn't have much of new characters in this part. Except for Devasena's relative guy. And, yeah totally forgot that Tamannah was even present, I think she had about maximum 10 seconds screen time. And, found Kattappa's current age, its nearly 85. He doesn't look bad for a guy at the age of 85.

I liked the theme music used in the first part than the one used here. But, overall a satisfying BGM once again from MaragathaMani. Also, they have avoided unwanted song placements here, no kuthu song out of nowhere like the part 1. And, the art department got bigger and better. And, kudos to Karky for all the dialogues in Tamil. And, even the VFX looked better than the part one when we compare to that fight in snow filled mountain in part one.

Baahubali is the peak of mass masala movie in an epic setting, peak of glorifying heroes, peak of visual effects, peak of SSR's imagination. And, surprisingly a sequel I liked better than the first part, it looked like SSR deserved the best for the last. Yes, once again the stunts were unbelievable, but who cares, I liked the way it was executed.

Now, where will SSR go from here, he had scaled the Himalayas, it will be very difficult to better this, but I am sure he will. Thank you SSR and team for making this mammoth project, I am completely mesmerised by SSR's world. I am looking forward to more from this world.

Baahubali - The Conclusion - 5.0/5.0. If you are a movie lover, its a crime if you miss this.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Kaatru Veliyidai - Celebrating 25 Years of ARR + Mani Ratnam + Vairamuthu

It's been a while since I blogged, so here comes a reason to scribble something. An ARR album and that too a Mani Ratnam film. I should write something even if it isn't relevant ;)

First, I hate when they release the songs as singles. It's okay if there was one single, but releasing each and every song as single was not acceptable, especially if it's ARR. I hate this teasing and you start liking these singles more than the other songs in the albums.

Azhagiye: That was so simple and yet pleasant with Haricharan's fantastic vocals. Instantly lovable with some nice lines from Karky. And, the highlight of this song are those "na na nah"s of Jonita Gandhi. Already heard numerous times by now.

Vaan: Killer track of this album. Drop-dead gorgeous. Mani Ratnam + ARR + Vairamuthu produces yet another knockout song which was fantastically backed by Shasha's vocals. Shasha as expected becomes ARR's regular has given another hit following her Nane Varugiren for this team. "Ennodu irundhal evalo ninaivan, avalodu irundhal enaye ninaivan", Vairamuthu always reserves his best for this team. Even the glimpse and one minute video was blissful to watch. Waiting to enjoy this in big screen.

Saarattu Vandiyila: Controversial song in this album which sounds exactly like a Malayalam song. But, it was instantly catchy and I am very happy to see Tippu, one of my favorite singers, after some time. And, the visuals too looks like a Mani Ratnam celebration with so much colors and rain.

Tango Kelaayo: ARR special in this album opposite to the simple Vaan with a grand orchestration. Haricharan gets a second song and does his job neatly. But, not an instant addiction should give it a few more tries before I decide to keep it in my playlist.

Jugni: A Hindi song in the album which we heard first in the trailer. ARR doesn't sing more here except few Jugnis. A Theera Ula kind of a song and sounds really interesting.

Nallai Allai: Vairamuthu special where the music takes backstage and lyrics are given much importance with a simple guitar. Chinmayi with just her humming and Satya Prakash's involved singing makes this a beautiful melody, second best to Vaan. "Naan unnai thedum velaiyile nee Megam soodi odivittaai", nice.

As of now my favorites in this order Vaan > Azhagiye > Jugni > Nallai Allai > Saarattu Vandiyila > Tango Kelaayo. Who knows after few hearing it may reverse, you can never fix your favorite in an ARR album.

ARR + Mani Ratnam + Vairamuthu, a combo that never disappoints, but nevertheless they didn't break any new grounds here, kept everything simple.

Kaatru Veliyidai - 3.5/5.0.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Si3 - Singam's Swachh Bharat Mission

Our Tamil cinema's most successful franchise returns with its third installment in the series Si3. S2 wasn't as good as S1, since its S2 Hari had two heroines, two comedians, two or more villains, etc., but the movie wasn't as good as S1. S3 was better than S2, but still S1 is the best in this series.

The plot is Surya is now deputed to AP, to solve the murder of a Police commissioner. And, how this mystery turns into a big "Swachh Bharat Mission" is the plot.

Surya once again gave a ferocious performance. He keeps shouting and fighting and transforms into a "Lion" whenever he jumps in a fight scene. I hope his eyes don't pop out during S4 or S5. All others are either boring or not relevant at all. Even, the villain, who has one of the most ridiculous intro scene, spends 80% of his screen time talking over phone. And, his father, played by Suman spends almost 99% of his screen presence talking over phone.

S3 follows S1 formula, so the movie wasn't boring. But, the problem is, we get to know the bad guy before Surya so when he actually finds out, there isn't much surprise twist or a big revelation in the first half. The second half deals with Surya getting the Villain down which is once again as fast and as loud as the first half.

Anushka, finally gets married to Surya and has a pathetic role in this movie, she is present just because she acted in S1. Shruthi and Soori were the most boring combo and they bore you even when they come alone. And, the characters keep mouthing rhyming words in the name of comedy. Their characters were totally not needed and could have chopped off those scenes.

What happened to Harris, the songs were too bad and the BGM weren't impressive. Hari could have done it by himself. The Samy chemistry was definitely missing. I think DSP could have done better.

The editing was usual Hari style trying to fit everything within seconds, hats off to the editor. In one scene the villain literally spits on the camera, but they didn't even bother to re-shoot that. And, the sound mixing were too loud, whenever there was a pause you get your breath back.

And, director Hari have reached an extreme level in "fast-screenplay". Like most advanced stage in a game where everything happens too fast. I couldn't even keep up with the movie and didn't even get what was happening in the few scenes. Everything happens within seconds and he doesn't believe in the slo-mo for mass scenes. And, I guess he doesn't direct those duets where things happen little slow.

Barry Allen, you could be the fastest man alive in the DC universe, but we have Hari who's "THE FASTEST MAN ALIVE" in our Tamil Cinema. And, I bet Hari's favorite superhero is "The Flash".

S1 > S3 > S2.

My Rating - 2.5/5.0.

Monday, 16 January 2017

Bairavaa - Mudiala

First of all the wig, I could have seen him going bald rather than him sporting this atrociously bad wig. How the hell the whole team approved this? I can't take my mind of it and in each and every scene it keeps reminding me and I'm already hating the movie. None of the dresses suits this atrocious hairdo. Sorry Barathan and co you lost me right there.

Next, the opening song, this is the essence of every commercial movie which sets the tone of the whole movie which should make you dive right into the festival mood. SaNa has delivered an uninspiring tune with some lyrics relating to demonetization. Sorry, SaNa this isn't your forte after Kodi this was another missed opportunity. And, Anandhu's voice doesn't suit at all.

And, the first half goes on and on with an XXL sized flashback surprisingly which doesn't involve Vijay and another surprise it involves the heroine unlike any other mass hero commercial movie. And, the interval was the high point in an otherwise boring movie. And, SaNa and Arunraja rocks with the varlam varlam va theme, couldn't imagine this film without it.

After setting up the first half somewhat like Kaththi, Barathan executes the second half in very old style like how Perarasu would have done. IT raid, still we are using this, come on. This is why ARM is one of the best commercial movie directors we have today, who mixes the commercial elements with the social message well.

Vijay's dialogue modulation was irritating again, wonder why nobody asks him to change it, but hey they didn't even bother about the wig. And, Daniel Balaji was good, but wasted here who was not even needed, when the villain is gonna kill him easily why bother having a separate track for him. And, what was Thambi Ramaiah doing there who doesn't even have more than two or three dialogues. Same goes to Harish Uthaman, Mala akka, etc.

Overall, this wasn't a surprise going by the FL, teaser and trailers. For Barathan as a director, I feel ATM was better than this. When you can do movies like Thuppakki, Kaththi why bother doing Jilla and Bairavaa? And, please never ever come in this hairdo any other film again.

Rating - 1.5/5.0.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

My Awards - 2016

Based on the movies I have seen last year: 2016.

Best Film Tamil - Aandavan Kattalai

Best Film Hindi - Dangal

Best Film Malayalam - Kammattipadam

Best Film Telugu - Pelli Choopulu

Best Director -  Manikandan (Aandavan Kattalai),
                          VettriMaran (Visaranai)

Best Actor Male - S. J. Suryah (Iraivi)
                              Guru Somasundaram (Joker)

Best Actor Female - Ritika Singh (Irudhu Suttru, Aandavan Kattalai)
Best Comedians -  Yogi Babu (Aandavan Kattalai)
                               Robo Shankar (Velainu Vanthutta Vellaikaran)

Best Villain - Vela Ramamoorthy (Sethupathi)
                       Surya (24)

Best Supporting Actor Male - Parthipan (Maaveeran Kittu)
Best Supporting Actor Female -  Dhansika (Kabali)
                                                      Riythvika (Oru Naal Koothu)

Best Albums -    ARRahman's Achcham Yenbathu Madamaiyada
                        SaNa's Kabali

Best BGM -  Santhosh Narayanan (Kabali / IrudhuSuttru)
                      Ilaiyaraja (Kuttrame Thandanai / Tharai Thappatai)

Best Music Director - Santhosh Narayanan - (Kabali, Irudhi Suttru)

Best Dialogues -  Samuthirakani (Appa)

Best Male Playback Singer -  Arunraja Kamaraj (Neruppu Da, Kabali)
Best Female Playback Singer - Nandini Srikar (Kannamma, Rekka)

Best Lyricist - Thamarai (Rasali, AYM)

Best Screenplay - Vikram Kumar (24)

Best Adapted Screenplay - Vetrimaran (Visaranai)

Best Cinematographer - Tirru, Kiran Deohans (24)
                                         Sujith Sarang (Dhuruvangal 16)

Best Editor -  Prawin Pudi (24)
                       Sreejith Sarang (Dhuruvangal 16)

Best Stunt Director -  Uriyadi (Raw and real during that interval block)

Best Art Direction - 24

Best Choreography -  Daavuya (Remo)

Song of the Year :  Kannamma (Rekka

Best Song on Screen -  Hey Mama (Sethupathi) Never expected that song for the Villain.

Best Debut Actor Male - None

Best Debut Actor Female -  Nivetha Pethuraj (Oru Naal Koothu)

Best Debut Directors - Vijay Kumar - Uriyadi
                                      Nelson Venkatesan Oru Naal Koothu
                                      Karthick Naren - Dhuruvangal 16
                                      Prasath Murugesan Kidari

Best Debut Composer - Dharbuka Siva (Kidari)

Underrated Movie of the Year - Kidari, 24

Worst Movie of the Year - Thodari

Disappointed Movie of the Year - Kabali

Disappointed Music Album of the Year - Kashmora

Overrated Movies of the Year - Miruthan, Remo

Do Check My Awards 201520142013

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Top Movies - 2016 ( Tamil / English / Hindi / Malayalam / Telugu )

This year less than 100 films in big screen, 98, but made it up by watching many in laptop. Totally 262 films nearly 22 days of last year spent watching movies. I am not sure whether I am proud of this.

My favorite movie in Tamil is Aandavan Kattalai. And, in Telugu it's Pelli Choopulu, a fantastic feel good movie. And, obviously Dangal in Hindi, whatte terrific performances from everyone and also an engaging script. And, Kammattipadam in Malayalam, this slow and terrific movie starring Dulquer.

A lot movies involving kids Guppy, Ann Maria Kalippulannu, KPAC, School Bus in Malayalam this year and in Tamil I have seen only one, Appa.

And, a special mention to the one and only Marathi film I have ever seen, Sairat, brilliant music and realistic actors with an emotionally shocking climax. And, U-Turn in Kannada, well made thriller from the director after Lucia. The other critically acclaimed Thithi didn't impress me much.

And, also don't miss this sci-fi, time travel, suspense thriller short-film in YouTube, Known Number. :) :) :) :)

Best Movies: I liked the most

  1. Aandavan Kattalai : Once again Manikandan proves he's an excellent filmaker with this terrific movie which really says a good message in a funny way and without being preachy. Yogi Babu was terrific.
  2. Visaranai: This brutal movie based on a true story was a spine chilling experience. Dinesh literally gave his blood and sweat, Vetri's brilliantly adapted a novel which seamlessly transforms into a thriller in the second half. 
  3. Irudhi Suttru: A fantastic debut for Ritika and an excellent comeback for Madhavan in this sports drama which follows the familiar formula of underdog rising big like any other sports drama, but with a fantastic screenplay.
  4. 24: So happy to see a big star like Surya to try something new apart from his Hari films. A fantastic time travel thriller with an excellent screenplay.
  5. Joker: Rajumurugan's second movie where he doesn't hold back and questions everyone in the society including us, which also has a nice love story.
  6. Oru Naal Koothu: A small film which worked big time, all the characters were easily relatable and with some excellent music as well. 'Kozhamba intha pakkam thallunga
  7. Dhuruvangal 16: What an excellent debut from Karthick Naren in this gripping investigative thriller which maintains the suspense till the end and would have liked to watch this without an interval. And, technically brilliant too.
  8. Sethupathi: A terrific "mass" entertainer which is just another cop story, but with a different treatment. An excellent villain helped the movie big time.
  9. Thozha: So much fun right from the start till the end, which makes you look life positively. A movie without too much melodrama.
  10. Iraivi: Another excellent movie from Karthik Subburaj, some woMEN's story, so basically it's how each man affect the woman is the story which had some excellent performances from S. J. Surya and Vijay Sethupathi as usual.
  11. Kuttrame Thandanai: Manikandan's second film in the list. Vidharth was excellent as a guy with a tunnel vision, which was brilliantly used which ends with a good twist.
  12. Kodi: After a forgettable Thodari, Dhanush bounces back with this political thriller which has  a strong female antagonist, which was rare in Tamil cinema, but sadly we don't have much options to play the role.

Not Bad:

  1. Uriyadi
  2. Kidari
  3. Kabali 
  4. Maaveeran Kittu
  5. Chennai 28 II
  6. Rajini Murugan
  7. Kadhalum Kadanthu Pogum
  8. Metro
  9. Dharmadurai
  10. Pitchaikaran
  11. Manithan
  12. Appa
  13. Theri
  14. Remo
  15. IruMugan
  16. Velainu Vanthutta Vellaikaran
  17. AYM 
  18. Aviyal
  19. Vetrivel
  20. Kavalai Vendam
  21. Saithan
  22. Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam
  23. Miruthan
  24. Kashmora
  25. Rekka
  26. Vil Ambu
  27. Zero
  28. Kanithan
  29. Raja Mandhiri
  30. Devi
  31. Kathakali
  32. Enakku Innoru Per Irukku
  33. Pugazh
  34. Gethu
  35. KO2
  36. Dhillukku Dhuttu 
  37. Tamilselvanum Thaniar Anjalum


  1. Thodari
  2. Pokkiri Raja
  3. Jil Junk Juk
  4. Thaarai Thappatai
  5. Idhu Namma Aalu
  6. Jackson Durai



  1. Doctor Strange
  2. Don't Breathe
  3. Dead Pool
  4. Zootopia
  5. Arrival
  6. Captain America: Civil War
  7. The Jungle Book
  8. La La Land
  9. Nocturnal animals 
  10. Swiss Army Man

Not Bad:

  1. The Nice Guys
  2. Hacksaw Ridge
  3. Captain Fantastic
  4. Hell or high water
  5. Sully
  6. Suicide Squad
  7. Now You See Me 2
  8. The Accountant
  9. Conjuring 2
  10. Snowden
  11. The Shallows
  12. Bad Moms
  13. Jack Reacher
  14. Hail, Caesar 
  15. Kungfu panda3
  16. Angry Birds
  17. XMen Apocalypse
  18. Batman vs Superman : Dawn of Justice
  19. Jason Bourne


  1. Independence Day 2
  2. The Legend of Tarzan



  1. Kammatipaadam
  2. Maheshinte Prathikaram
  3. Jacobinte Swargarajiyam
  4. Oppam
  5. Anuraga Karikkin Vellam
  6. Action Hero Biju
  7. Guppy
  8. Oru Muthasi Gadha
  9. Ann Maria Kalippilannu
  10. Kochavva Paulo Ayyappa Coelho

Not Bad:

  1. Puli Murugan
  2. Kali
  3. Kismath
  4. Pretham
  5. Happy Wedding
  6. Oozham
  7. King Liar
  8. Puthiya Niyamam
  9. Paavada
  10. Thoppil Joppan
  11. School Bus
  12. Darvinte Parinamam 
  13. Leela
  14. Kasaba



  1. Dangal 
  2. AirLift
  3. Udta Punjab
  4. Fan
  5. Neerja
  6. Sultan
  7. Pink
  8. Kapoor and sons
  9. Aligarh
  10. Parched

Not Bad:

  1. Phobia
  2. Raman Raghav 2.0
  3. Dear Zindagi
  4. Rustom
  5. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil
  6. MSD  
  7. Nil Battey Sannata
  8. Waiting
  9. Ki & Ka
  10. Sarabjit
  11. Akira
  12. Happy Bhag Jayegi
  13. Azhar


    1. Mohenjo Daro 



    1. Pelli Choopulu
    2. Kshanam
    3. Nannakku Prematho
    4. Jyo Achutananda
    5. Gentleman

    Not Bad:

    1. Sarrainodu
    2. A Aa
    3. Majnu
    4. Janatha Garage
    5. Krishna Gaddi Veera Prema Katha
    6. Pataas
    7. Nenu Sailaja
    8. Supreme
    9. Premam 


    1. Sardaar Gabbar Singh
    2. Brahmotsavam

    For previous years 2015, 2014, 2013.