Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Peelamedu and Myself - Still a better love story than Twilight

Peelamedu is a very special place for me. I have spent half of my life nearly 12 years in this place as a school boy, a college student and a software engineer (What a changeover mama). Life wasn't a circle as VJ said in Thirumalai, it was always straight for me for many years :), Perur to Peelamedu in the bus with route number 2.

As a school kid: It's all started during my 7th standard, when I joined Sarvajana school. I was really afraid to travel so long in bus. Still remember the first day in the bus, I had no idea I will be travelling in the same bus for the next twelve years. 

In the first four years in Peelamedu I know only the bus stand and nothing much. In higher secondary, got to visit at least some bakeries and hotels around, playing cricket in Tech ground. Peelamedu has become a part of me already in this six years.

As a college student: Then, I joined PSG tech, dream college for most people in CBE, so another three years in Peelamedu. In this three years I must have spent a lot of time in and around Peelamedu. Visited all hotels available, bakeries, all other shops. Those where the times when Avinashi road was pleasant with trees in both sides of the road. Our gang used to sit in the two wheelers parked opposite to our college and spend the whole evening under the tress. Now not even a single tree is there, so sad.

As a software engineer: Then, I got placed in TCS. I thought I will be moving out of Peelamedu ending my nine year old relationship with Peelamedu. There comes a twist, due to the recession TCS dint call me. Then, back to Peelamedu again, got a job in a company inside my college itself (Iyyo ithu Varama Sabama). Start of another chapter with Peelamedu. On my first day of my job during lunch, my lead said if you cross the road you can find some hotels, thinking I was new to this place. It made me laugh and thought to say, "Neenga padicha school la naan headmaster boss" :).

The most time spent in Peelamedu are at NMB, which is the landmark of Peelamedu, every student of Sarvajana and PSG Tech knows this store and bakery. I have been regular to this bakery every evening, starting from 12th standard. Then, Boomerang, where we usually spent our free hours during college for a fifteen rupees ice-cream. Also, to watch live cricket on TV. Then, Krishnammal bus stop, one of the most colorful bus stops in the evenings in CBE. And, lot of other places like my college mate's home, a park nearby, a mushroom shop opposite to a ladies hostel, PSG IM stone bench and IM canteens, etc. Also, got my driving license in the Peelamedu RTO, joined MCA in distance education in the Peelamedu study center. Even when I visited a CCD for the first time, it happens to be Peelamedu CCD. Lot of things in my life connected with Peelamedu.

My relationship with Peelamedu came to an end when my company shifted to a new place leaving only few people here in Peelamedu. Still remember that day, this was my status on FB
Its official, moving away from Peelamedu where I spent most of my life nearly 12 years :(.
Moved to that "Thanni illa kaadu" PappamPatti Pirivu, really a very sad moment. When we are working inside PSG, whenever we feel it's tiring or boring, a walk around the PSG campus or the Avinashi road refreshes us, it will be so colorful (If you know what I mean), but in our new place we can see only pigs around (EKSI), I have started missing Peelamedu more and more daily. And, now finally out of CBE itself.

I have started traveling to this place as a school kid in half trouser to a software professional in formals. I must be the one who traveled for many years from Perur to Peelamedu and will remember those days for years to come. Peelamedu has given me a lot of memories, who knows I may even get back to Peelamedu again :).


  1. Your choice of words is simply superb..

  2. Nanba mukiayam Ganapathy mess pathi elutha marunthiteyae

  3. Simply superb words... Timing punches.... Selective lyrics... Awesome nanba