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SIVA Trilogy - Amish Tripathi

This post is about a historical, adventurous, fictional book Siva's Triology, which tells you what if Siva was a common man like us before he became a God. This book is written by Amish Tripathi, just like Chetan Bhagat, out of IIM. "The Immortals of Meluha" is the first of trilogy followed by "The Secret of the Nagas" and ends with "The Oath of Vayuputras".

I think "The Immortals of Meluha" is the first English book which I completed reading fast. It was indeed gripping and thrilling. It was impossible to stop yourself before finishing the book, just like a Sujatha's book for me.

The first book tells about a Tibet tribal man, with his people Gunas comes to the land of perfection, Meluha. Meluhans enjoy a drink called Somras, which makes them live long and healthy. On drinking the Somras, Siva's throat turns blue. He is the Neelkanth, for whom the people were waiting for many years. And, everyone thinks if Neelkanth arrived, then the biggest evil has arrived and only he can stop that. The people of this land is called Suryavanshis and they believe the Chandravanshis are the evil. Also, they are threatened by some people called Nagas. In the meantime, Siva falls in  love with the Meluha king's daughter Sati and gets married.

At the end of first book, using Siva's strategy Suryavanshi's army beats Chandravanshis. But, Siva just realize just because they live their own way, different from Suryavanshis, doesn't mean they are bad. This book ends with an assassination of Siva's brother like friend Brahaspati, who is also the chief scientist in preparing Somras. The whole place where the Somras prepared is destroyed. Siva believe it's done by Naga's king.

In the second book the biggest secret about the Nagas are relieved. Who are the Nagas and how are they related to Sati and the place where the Nagas live. The Nagas take Siva to their land and one more biggest secret is relieved at the end, but he was expecting to discover the evil. Also, finds that Meluha is not so perfect. These two books where equally good and gripping.

The final book, "The Oath of Vayuputras" finally arrived after waiting for months. For me the third book was not as good as the other two. It was long and drags a bit. Amish also teaches about the science terms like Nuclear Fiction, Nuclear Fusion, and all.

The biggest evil was finally found. The thing which was good for so long turns into evil. The purpose of the Neelkanth is unveiled. Siva travels to the Vayuputra's land to get their help and fight the evil. There were many interesting twists and adventures. But, I wasn't expecting this climax, I thought Siva, Neelkanth, God, will not do that.

This trilogy may be based on some myth, but I am not aware of it. Anyway, Siva's trilogy was really good fictional book on Siva. Definitely recommend to those who are interested in historical fiction.

Amish tells the following in this trilogy, he tells many things these are the few comes in my mind:
1. If you see something as wrong, it may not be wrong actually. If they do things different from you it doesn't mean wrong.
2. What seems to be good for a long time may turn evil.
3. Everyone is a Mahadev, God of God.

Har Har Mahadev.

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  1. Incidentally this was also the first book that I read after a decade long thinking whether I should add ''Reading'' to my habits or not. Finally, it turned out good. An excellent one.