Thursday, 22 August 2013

Thalaivaa - "TIME TO REVIEW"

"Time to Release" - Finally, after all the wait, Thalaivaa released in TamilNadu. So this may be a late review for the movie. Watched in Dolby Atmos, but couldn't find the reason for the delay in release in Tamilnadu.

"Time to Enjoy" - The first half of the movie was really nice and ends with a good twist. The songs, which was not so good while hearing looked good on screen, thanks to VJ's dance and Nirav's cinematography, one of the biggest plus for the movie. Santhanam, as usual, rocked the first half. Especially making fun of VJ, his famous step, Im waiting dialogue was super fun. And, VJ looked good as a dancer and a lover in the first half, completely enjoyed him. GV's BGM is okay. Sathyaraj, as Anna was really solid and done his character to perfection.

"Time to Change" - I think AL Vijay should leave his crush, if so, on Amala Paul behind and start casting some other actress. The second heroine looked much better than Amala Paul. And, Amala Paul as a cop, sema comedy boss.

"Time for Deja-Vu" - The main problem with Thalaivaa is the weak and lengthy second half, with many Deja-vu moments similar to some old movies, even some VJ movies.  AL Vijay has thanked some of the directors at the beginning itself. well played. The villain character is weak. And, VJ turning into "Thalaivaa" could have had more punch. I think first half alone belongs to director Vijay and second half to actor Vijay.

"Time to Rethink" - VJ was going good with Nanban and Thupakki with everyone loving his performances back-to-back, that's why loved the first half of the movie. Now he is back to his usual style of movies. VJ should rethink his political ambitions after all those things happened for the movie's release and do a lot of movies which makes even neutral audience to like him first, then he may think about his political motives.

"Time to Conclude" - I really enjoyed the first half of the movie and second half was not gripping enough and too long. But, won't say it's a bad like his some of his unbearable movies like Kuruvi, Sura and all. It's definitely watchable. But, தலைவனாகுறது எல்லாம் கஷ்டம் bro.

"Time to Rate" - 2.5/5.0.


  1. 2.5 is too much for this movie

  2. Thats the least he could do, as he is still a die hard vijay fan inside ;-). There is nothing good to say about this movie even when we think hard.

  3. Thalaivaa - Festival of Vijay Fans :-)