Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Chennai Express - Ready, Steady, Poithola

Chennai Express:

Here we go, SRK's new movie Chennai Express, collected 100 crores in opening weekend itself. I have contributed a 120RS in that to get the ticket and got into the train after 20 minutes of its departure. SRK once again in a movie with Tamil connection and yet another time as Rahul

The first half of the movie is fun, ready and steady. The second half was poi thola, the train moved too slow. I thought Sathyaraj going to play a villain like "Dei SRK, en characteraye purinjikka matengara", but he just comes in and says: "Ennama Kannu" for few times and disappears. He is totally wasted in this movie. He never looked comfortable for me.

SRK, not a big fan of him, is okay as Rahul. He made me laugh intentionally and unintentionally many times. He understood that he can never spell "ழ". Deepika, I liked her very much in this movie not for her costumes, but for the funny language she spoke. My friends and I didn't understand what she spoke since we thought she is speaking Hindi. And, those who were sitting at the back row mostly North Indians also dint understand since they thought she is speaking Tamil. But overall her Tamil was so hilarious and she says: "Don't worry dad, I will teach Tamil to him (SRK)", most funniest part of the movie for me.

The director Rohit Shetty, seems to be Jeyam Raja of Bollywood, who does mostly remake movies I guess. We have seen most of the scenes in our Tamil movies itself, like Muthu, Gillli (or Okkadu). I thought only Sallu acts in this kind of movies in Hindi, SRK proved me wrong. This "முறை பையன்" concept is too old that I haven't seen in our Tamil movies for a long time. And, in the climax  SRK becomes a superhero suddenly. This scene is not changed in 100 years of Indian Cinema I guess, SRK getting all the strength in the world to fight everyone when his lover shouts Raaahulll after getting beaten up heavily, முடியல.

And, that "Lungi Dance" at the end was so bad than the second half of the movie itself. Our Super Star deserves more than this.

My rating for the movie 2.0/5.0. One for the enjoyable first half and Deepika's Tamil, which made me laugh so hard. One more since they made me see a Hindi movie in theater without subtitles because of their promotion.

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