Monday, 5 August 2013

என் இனிய சுஜாதா

என் இனிய சுஜாதா

I think I should have written this as my first post. Once I have started reading books, I was reading historic novels following Udayar, like Ponniyin Selvan, Parthiban Kanavu of Kalki, Yavana Rani, Kadal Pura of Sandilyan. After reading all these, I decided to move on to other author's.

I started with Sujatha's 'En iniya Iyanthira'. After reading the novels, with the plot happening so many years before in the past, this book was so many years ahead in the future. Not just this one, most of his books and his ideas were way ahead in that time.

Sujatha's books or his stories will never have a dull moment. He doesn't fall into any formula. He has his own style of writing which was very new. You cannot imagine where he is going. He always slaps you with a surprise in every novel or story. If you start reading his book, it's very difficult to keep the book down at any point. I'm not simply saying this as a cliche, I have actually read many of his books in single sitting. After started reading his books, every month I get into the bookshop and get a minimum of ten Sujatha books at a time. It was very difficult for me to read other author's books after reading Sujatha's.

I don't think of any topic that Sujatha haven't touched in his writing. His "Science-fiction" stories and novels were so good that you wish they are true. I strongly believe if some life existed outside this world, they might have surely contacted Sujatha :).

Sujatha usually didn't like the movies which are based on his books. He feels that they actually kill the originality of his characters in the movies. Especially he didn't like the movie adaption of his book "Priya", which has Superstar and Sridevi in the lead roles. The Ganesh in the movie Priya was nowhere near Sujatha's Ganesh. But he worked in many successful movie's story and dialogue departments. He worked with Shankar, Manirathnam, Kamal and Rajni. I am sure Shankar and Manirathnam miss him the most in the film industry. In my opinion, Tamil industry didn't use him well. He worked in few films only.

I regret starting to read his books late, I regret for not meeting (or see) him once. I wish I could read all of his books in my lifetime. I think I will be able to do that.

I have read so many (or few) other author's books, but my favorite author will be always 'என் இனிய சுஜாதா'.

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