Tuesday, 6 August 2013

கொலையுதிர் காலம் - சுஜாதா

கொலையுதிர் காலம் - சுஜாதா

My first post on a Sujatha's book, Kolai Uthir Kalam. It's one among his famous Ganesh-Vasanth series. Those who have read Sujatha must be familiar about these two, some may have seen them in DD serials.

I am a very big fan of Ganesh - Vasanth series, I almost liked all of the Ganesh-Vasanth stories. I don't know why I have decided to write about this one. This is one of his best in Ganesh - Vasanth series and an absolute thriller. Actually I started reading this book at night and stopped after few pages in fear :).

I would say, Ganesh - Vasanth series is more Indian version of Sherlock Holmes by Sujatha. Ganesh is a famous lawyer and a very brilliant one too who can easily find a solution to any problem and Vasanth his assistant, is a funny guy and makes us laugh with his playboy behaviour.

Sujatha deals about ghost, spirit, etc, in this Kolai Uthir Kalam in his own style. This novel is about a series of murder and also trying to solve the mystery of whether it's all happening because of a spirit. Sujatha keeps us guessing at the end of every chapter.

Actually this book is more of a debate in existence and non-existence of ghost. Vasanth believes in ghost, he thinks all the events are due to some spirit and Ganesh doesn't believe in it, he tries to find a scientific reason for every unusual things happening. While reading when you start to believe in Vasanth's side, Sujatha also gives scientific explanation for the unusual events through Ganesh.

And at the end Sujatha leaves the question open. He tells you about the unusual ghost activities which cannot be done by a normal human and then he also takes an effort in identifying the near possibility of doing such things using some technologies. So its up-to us to decide whether to believe in the scientific explanations or to believe in ghosts.

Actually I was little disappointed with the end since I expected him to give me an judgement. I think even Sujatha got the similar feedback when this novel released I guess since in his another novel a policeman asks Ganesh, "Antha Kolai Uthir Kalam case eh yen apdi mudichuteenga?", where Ganesh just says, leave that sir.  Anyhow it's still a best thriller and a best among Ganesh-Vasanth series.

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  1. Hi myself Prabhu and I agree kolaiyudhir kalam is on of the best thriller novel by Sujatha which keeps us guessing till the end. Laser and holographic technologies are explained in a very simpler terms during that time in 80's itself which is a way ahead of futuistic thinking. I really miss Sujatha now