Monday, 13 July 2015

Baahubali - An Epic Beginning

Baahubali, one movie I have been waiting for since 2013, yeah I have been following the updates about the movie since its started. Not a sudden fan of this movie. I was happy when they added Satyaraj sir in their cast and also when I came to know Madhan Karky will be penning the dialogues in Tamil. And, with each and every teasers they released (Imagining the world of Baahubali, First look of Prabhas and Anushka on their birthday) curiosity increased. And, the official first look with a child was mind-blowing.

The story was actually same as many epic movies with betrayal and revenge. But, the ending was really good with an unexpected revelation and make us wait eagerly for the next part which was slated to release next year.

Coming to the performances, I haven't seen much of Prabhas movies before so I couldn't connect well with the hero of movie, but he has really done a good work. Should watch his movies more before I watch the second part. But, Rana ( The Hulk ) impressed me a lot and he looks authentic as a warrior and a king. It's Satyaraj and Ramya Krishnan who steal the show totally along with Nasser sir. Except for Tamannah nobody looked artificial and have done their part really well. And, as SSR already said Anushka’s best is gonna come in the second part and she didn't have anything to do much in this.

One good thing about the movie is it didn't give a feel like watching a dubbed movie. It really looked like a proper bilingual. And, the CG works, except for one sequence where Prabhas and Tammanah escaping from a group of enemies in a snow-slide, all other scenes were mostly authentic and looked grand. 

Another important part of this movie is its BGM, the theme was struck in our mind when the trailer was released. Keeravani really elevates the movie with his fantastic BGM and also with some good songs especially, Irul Konda Vaanil and Moochile Theeyumai.

The Best portion of the movie should be the war sequence, the final 30 minutes. SSR brings out his imagination and executes it on screen perfectly. Each and every equipments he uses. Rana’s chariot, Prabhas’s brilliant way of using big stones and cloth from the tents to encounter the army where the whole theatre was awestruck. And, the ending really makes us look forward to the next part. It's the same feeling GoT gives where you have to wait one year for the next season to know what happens next.

Prabhas kept falling from the mountain and yet nothing happens to him, maybe he was really a god-like. The first half could have been shorter and some scenes were too unbelievable, but then we have seen those kinda scenes before and enjoyed as well. And, one item song in the second half which could have been really avoided.

The one thing that was in my mind while watching this movie was who's gonna make Ponniyin Selvan as grand as this in Tamil. I really wish it happens, maybe Shankar or Mani Ratnam or Selvaraghavan or Kamal or even SSR himself, but someone should do it soon. If not Ponniyin Selvan then any one of the Sandilyan's novel like Yavana Rani or KadalPura.

I am going to catch this movie again, maybe in Telugu in a big screen.

Rating - 4.0/5.0. A big thumbs up to VFX, BGM and SSR’s imagination.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Songs 2015 - My favorites so far

My favourite song of this year so far is "Iraniyan Nadagam" from Uttama Villain. Whatte lyrics, and his choice of words and also singing from Kamal sir, goosebumps guaranteed.

A R Rahman returned to from after a hiccup in Lingaa with OK Kanmani. And, it isn't surprising since he joined with Maniratnam and Vairamuthu. We have some more exciting projects from ARR on the way. (24, Gautam-Simbu, Enthrian2?, Mani's next?)

Harris, GVP and Yuvan have given at least one good album so far. (YA, Kaaka Muttai, VRV)

Santhosh Narayanan and Ghibran maintaining their terrific form as usual in this year as well and I am missing Sean Roldan who was among the top composers last year.

Top 3 Albums

Uttama Villain - Ghibran
O Kadhal Kanmani - A R Rahman
Yennai Arindhal - Harris Jayaraj

My Top 10 Favorite Songs
  1. Iraniyan Nadagam - Uttama Villain
  2. Naane Varugiren - O Kadhal Kanmani
  3. Unakenna Venum Sollu - Yennai Arindhal
  4. Ennodu Nee Irunthal - I
  5. Sil Sil - Kaaka Muttai
  6. Poo Avilum - Enakkul Oruvan
  7. Vaaya Veera - Kanchana 2
  8. Dandanakka - Romeo Juliet
  9. Dangamari - Anegan
  10. Isai Veesi - Isai

Other Favorites
  • Lovea Lovea, Sagaavaram - Uttama Villain
  • Kara Aatakara, Aye Sinamika, Theera Ula, Malargal - O Kadhal Kanmani
  • Idhayathil Etho Ondru, Aadharu, Maya Bazzar- Yennai Arindhal
  • Pookale, Ennodu (reprise), Merasalayiten - I
  • Kadhale Kadhale - Indru Netru Naalai
  • Karuppu Karuppu - Kaaka Muttai
  • Naan Aval Illai, Piravi - Masss
  • Prabalamagavey, Yendi Ipdi, Yaar - Enakkul Oruvan
  • Vai Raja Vai, Pachai Vanna - Vai Raja Vai
  • Im so cool, Kadhal Kan Kattuthe - Kakki Sattai
  • Vaadi Rasathi - 36 Vayathinile
  • Thoovanam, Araki - Romeo Juliet
  • Yaar enna sonnalum, Vaa Vaa - Aambala
  • Unnale, Anbe - Darling
  • Nee Sunno - Nannbenda
  • Azhaga Aanazhaga - Inimey Ippadithan
  • Yen Intha - Rajathanthiram
  • Natta Nadu Iravula, Un Kannukullara - Kaaval
  • Karichan Kurivi - Sagaptham

Best Albums:
  1. Premam - Rajesh Murugesan
  2. 100 Days Of Love - Govind Menon
  3. Mili - Gopi Sunder, Shaan Rahman
Top 10 Songs:
  1. Malare - Premam (Most heard, viewed)
  2. Malarvaga Kombathu - Ennum Eppozhum
  3. Arike Pozhiyum - 100 Days Of Love
  4. Enne Thallende - Oru Vadakkan Selfie
  5. Manpatha - Mili
  6. Ummarathe - Ivan Maryadaraman
  7. Manjupeyume - Mili
  8. Ee Kadalinu - Mariyam Mukku
  9. Aluva - Premam
  10. Kaanal Katte - Haram
Other Favorites:
  • Malarvaga Kombathu, Thithimi,- Ennum Eppozhum
  • Kalippu, Kalam Kettu, Red Velvet, Rockkankuthu, Chinna - Premam
  • Hridhayathil Niramai, Ninnekaanan, Manjilkoode - 100 Days of Love
  • Kaikottum, Neelambalin - Oru Vadakkan Selfie
  • Mili Mili - Mili
  • Mekkarayil - Mariam Mukku
  • Ettum Pottum, Sarangiyil - You Too Brutus
  • She is so beautiful - Lavender
  • I Remember You - Nee-Na
  • Nanayumee Mazha, Rathiri Mulla - Lailaa O Lailaa

Favorites: Best Album (or most heard): Shamitabh
  • Sha Sha Mi Mi, Sannata, Pidly, Ishq E Fillum - Shamitabh
  • Move On, Banno, Old School Girl, O Sathi Mere - Tanu Weds Manu Returns
  • Calcutta Kiss - Detective Byomkesh Bhakshi
  • Moh Moh Ke Dhaage, Tu - Dum Laga Ke Haisa
  • Mohabbat Buri Bimari, Dhadaam Dhadaam, Sylvia - Bombay Velvet
  • Main Tujshe Pyaar - Baby
  • Khoney De, Le Chal Mujhe - NH10
  • Jee Karda - Badlapur
  • Journey Song, Piku - Piku
  • Dil Dhadkne Do - Dil Dhadkne Do
  • Fashion Khatam - Dolly Ki Doli

Also, favorites among the few I heard in Telugu:
  • Marhaba, Yenno Yenno, Gathama Gathama - Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju
  • Beautiful Zindagi, Challa Gaali, O Kala - Yevede Subramaniam 
  • Jil Jil Jil, Pori Masala Pori - Jil
  • Anthapuramlo, Punnami Puvvai - Rudramadevi
  • Nuvve Nuvve - Kick2

Thursday, 2 July 2015

IEL - Indian Election League - Let's Play

This summer we have two big events happening in our country. One is the much awaited IPL and the other is something which comes once in every five years promising it will do a lot of change to the nation, IEL, Indian Election League.

The IEL season has already begun. This time Modi's BJP is looking like a strong team. No one thinks Congress going to win this election. But, who knows anything can happen.

I think in the history of India we had an acting PM for so long for ten years. I feel pity on MMS if congress loses this election he will be the first person to be happy I guess. And, I hope he's happy at the end of this election. 

I had a very high hopes on AAP once they won an election in Delhi, but they just lost everyone's confidence after resigning in just 39 days. Why Kejrival why? You can achieve a lot of things being a CM than what you have achieved by resigning. Now you want to be a PM, sorry Kejri I don't think you deserve this. I am angry only because you promised to be different from others and we expected a change from you. We thought we could witness the changes you can do during your ruling period in Delhi. If you could have made a difference I think AAP could have won big everywhere in the next parliamentary elections, now I have no idea where you will end up this time.

In our Tamil Nadu I have no idea what DMK and ADMK going to do if they win many seats. For ADMK our CM's aim is to become next PM which looks little unrealistic, but will be happy if it happens. DMK has only choice of getting back to Congress if they win big, again I don't think it will happen. BJP has a terrible alliance with DMDK, MDMK, PMK among them I respect only Vaiko's MDMK. Now I am reluctant to vote for them because I hate DMDK and PMK. And, no idea how Vaiko, a follower of Periyar is with BJP, but yes "Arasiyilla ithu ellam satharanamappa".

Modi had single-handedly given a huge boost to BJP. There are still debates on whether Gujarat really developed or not, but my only hope is if he becomes the next PM he cannot be as bad as our current PM even if he is bad.

Everyone must go and vote. I have booked my ticket to my native on the same day when the dates are announced. I feel it's the only power we have in our hand that we must use. And, I feel if you don't vote you have no rights to complain about the government. You have only one duty and if you can't do that don't blame the government if they fail in doing their duties. But, I don't see the enthusiasm in many people. They don't even know their candidates in their area. They only know the election's date that too because you get a day off. I hope this changes. Everyone should know about their candidates as much as they know about their favorite teams in the IPL. Everyone must choose a capable candidate rather than voting for their favorite party.

This IEL has already started which promises to be bigger than the IPL. The whole country should play this and there will be a new winner I hope.

Some Ridiculous Advertisements

Intha pullaiku ethuku da Fair & Lovely
Nowadays the advertisements for some of the products are really ridiculous. THE-MOST ridiculous ads are mostly for the following things Bikes, Deo, Vests and Fairness cream / Face wash.

Deo ads : In all the Deo ads each and every brand follow same concept. I think same ad agency is doing this for all deo sprays with different actors. Spray this and girls will fall for you. How ridiculous? Why every brand think deo's purpose is only this. Its all started by AXE and every other brands are too lazy to even think of any other concept and simply following the same. Pothum da dei.

Two Wheelers : No one make two wheelers to ride on our roads. They make them to ride in mountains, forests, on Arctic and Antartic regions, etc and not on our roads. Maybe they feel our Indian roads are like those regions. And, there will be a disclaimer on every ad, please don't try this. We are going to ride these bikes only in our roads, so stop advertising your bikes as a BatPod.

Vests : Vests ads are another ridiculous advertisements. Only after wearing this vest our heroes can do so many brave stuffs, he will save a girl, he will sing, etc. This is just an inner wear damn it. Ulla podra baniyanukku edhuku da ivlo vilambaram?

Fairness cream : On top of this list is Fairness cream / Face wash now targeting both Men and Women.

Every fairness cream ads say. If you are fair then,

you will get a good job.
you will get married or even you can avoid getting married and pursue your dreams.
you will perform well in any events.

Yes, they promise you can become fair in four weeks. If this is true we must have more white peoples than USA. Only Photo-shop can transform someone into white in four weeks, I don't think any creams can do.

And, they have successfully projected being black as a some sort of disease or deficiency, you will be worth for nothing and white as beauty.

After targeting girls all these years, now they started targeting the boys as well with one extra word, special-formula for boys.

One latest ridiculous ad for a face wash shows a guy was rejected in an interview because his face is oily. Adapavigala, yen da ipdi?

If they can really prove it why don't they use some real people instead of some models. We all know they are already beautiful.

Fair is not lovely. Fair is not handsome.

Itha vangi pala varushama use panniyum palan illainu terinjum yen use panranga nu teriala. Niruthanum ellathayum niruthanum.