Thursday, 2 July 2015

Some Ridiculous Advertisements

Intha pullaiku ethuku da Fair & Lovely
Nowadays the advertisements for some of the products are really ridiculous. THE-MOST ridiculous ads are mostly for the following things Bikes, Deo, Vests and Fairness cream / Face wash.

Deo ads : In all the Deo ads each and every brand follow same concept. I think same ad agency is doing this for all deo sprays with different actors. Spray this and girls will fall for you. How ridiculous? Why every brand think deo's purpose is only this. Its all started by AXE and every other brands are too lazy to even think of any other concept and simply following the same. Pothum da dei.

Two Wheelers : No one make two wheelers to ride on our roads. They make them to ride in mountains, forests, on Arctic and Antartic regions, etc and not on our roads. Maybe they feel our Indian roads are like those regions. And, there will be a disclaimer on every ad, please don't try this. We are going to ride these bikes only in our roads, so stop advertising your bikes as a BatPod.

Vests : Vests ads are another ridiculous advertisements. Only after wearing this vest our heroes can do so many brave stuffs, he will save a girl, he will sing, etc. This is just an inner wear damn it. Ulla podra baniyanukku edhuku da ivlo vilambaram?

Fairness cream : On top of this list is Fairness cream / Face wash now targeting both Men and Women.

Every fairness cream ads say. If you are fair then,

you will get a good job.
you will get married or even you can avoid getting married and pursue your dreams.
you will perform well in any events.

Yes, they promise you can become fair in four weeks. If this is true we must have more white peoples than USA. Only Photo-shop can transform someone into white in four weeks, I don't think any creams can do.

And, they have successfully projected being black as a some sort of disease or deficiency, you will be worth for nothing and white as beauty.

After targeting girls all these years, now they started targeting the boys as well with one extra word, special-formula for boys.

One latest ridiculous ad for a face wash shows a guy was rejected in an interview because his face is oily. Adapavigala, yen da ipdi?

If they can really prove it why don't they use some real people instead of some models. We all know they are already beautiful.

Fair is not lovely. Fair is not handsome.

Itha vangi pala varushama use panniyum palan illainu terinjum yen use panranga nu teriala. Niruthanum ellathayum niruthanum.

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