Monday, 13 July 2015

Baahubali - An Epic Beginning

Baahubali, one movie I have been waiting for since 2013, yeah I have been following the updates about the movie since its started. Not a sudden fan of this movie. I was happy when they added Satyaraj sir in their cast and also when I came to know Madhan Karky will be penning the dialogues in Tamil. And, with each and every teasers they released (Imagining the world of Baahubali, First look of Prabhas and Anushka on their birthday) curiosity increased. And, the official first look with a child was mind-blowing.

The story was actually same as many epic movies with betrayal and revenge. But, the ending was really good with an unexpected revelation and make us wait eagerly for the next part which was slated to release next year.

Coming to the performances, I haven't seen much of Prabhas movies before so I couldn't connect well with the hero of movie, but he has really done a good work. Should watch his movies more before I watch the second part. But, Rana ( The Hulk ) impressed me a lot and he looks authentic as a warrior and a king. It's Satyaraj and Ramya Krishnan who steal the show totally along with Nasser sir. Except for Tamannah nobody looked artificial and have done their part really well. And, as SSR already said Anushka’s best is gonna come in the second part and she didn't have anything to do much in this.

One good thing about the movie is it didn't give a feel like watching a dubbed movie. It really looked like a proper bilingual. And, the CG works, except for one sequence where Prabhas and Tammanah escaping from a group of enemies in a snow-slide, all other scenes were mostly authentic and looked grand. 

Another important part of this movie is its BGM, the theme was struck in our mind when the trailer was released. Keeravani really elevates the movie with his fantastic BGM and also with some good songs especially, Irul Konda Vaanil and Moochile Theeyumai.

The Best portion of the movie should be the war sequence, the final 30 minutes. SSR brings out his imagination and executes it on screen perfectly. Each and every equipments he uses. Rana’s chariot, Prabhas’s brilliant way of using big stones and cloth from the tents to encounter the army where the whole theatre was awestruck. And, the ending really makes us look forward to the next part. It's the same feeling GoT gives where you have to wait one year for the next season to know what happens next.

Prabhas kept falling from the mountain and yet nothing happens to him, maybe he was really a god-like. The first half could have been shorter and some scenes were too unbelievable, but then we have seen those kinda scenes before and enjoyed as well. And, one item song in the second half which could have been really avoided.

The one thing that was in my mind while watching this movie was who's gonna make Ponniyin Selvan as grand as this in Tamil. I really wish it happens, maybe Shankar or Mani Ratnam or Selvaraghavan or Kamal or even SSR himself, but someone should do it soon. If not Ponniyin Selvan then any one of the Sandilyan's novel like Yavana Rani or KadalPura.

I am going to catch this movie again, maybe in Telugu in a big screen.

Rating - 4.0/5.0. A big thumbs up to VFX, BGM and SSR’s imagination.


  1. Good review Karthi.. i got directed here from your fb post on 'the conclusion'
    First time reading your writing��, nice work. I will read the conclusion review after watching the movie.

    1. I am glad you're reading my posts. Don't miss the conclusion.