Monday, 3 August 2015

Puli Audio - Except Yendi Yendi, others Yenda Ipdi

Puli - One of the much awaited movie of this year for various reasons. Director Chimbudevan's music sense is well known and songs were always the weakest link in his movies so far. And, when its announced that DSP will be scoring the music, the expectation for this album has hit a very low to me. But, to my surprise the first teaser of Yendi Yendi was really good, and made us look forward to this album, maybe because Vijay's movies always manages to get good songs irrespective of the Music Directors.

Yendi Yendi - The only song which stands out from this album. Beautifully sung by Vijay, who's getting better in his singing in every movie, and Shrutihasan, who doesn't need any introduction. It's a beautiful melody and the guitar portions really stands out and this really doesn't like a song from DSP.

Yenda Ipdi I wanna ask this question to our Rockstar DSP on hearing other songs. Even though each song has some really good singers like Mano, my favorite Chinmayi, Shankar Mahadevan and Tipu couldn't save any songs. Each and every song sound terribly old and the way the male voice sings in Mannavane really sound horrible to me. Jingiliya, Mannavane, Sottavala sound the same, except for that tribal sound in Jingiliya.

I thought DSP's bad album in Tamil recently was Singham II, this one was much similar to that. I really feel this film must have provided him with ample opportunities to experiment and try out different stuffs, but DSP sticks with his tried and tested boring songs and familiar sounds.

DSP's latest Telugu release, Srimandhudu, is much better than this, atleast it has some three songs I liked (Charuseela, Jatha Kalise, Jago). One of the worst album for a Vijay movie in recent times and as far as Chimbudevan is concerned this is much like his any other movies. Expected a different kind of songs for a movie which claims to be different, DSP and Chimbudevan disappointed big time.

Rating - 1.0/5.0. A boring, outdated album. 

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