Saturday, 27 December 2014

Top Albums and Songs 2014

That time of the year again to post the list of top songs which I liked among the released films. Santhosh Narayanan is rocking, Ghibran is unlucky, Anirudh is continuing his good work (hope he doesn't sing all the songs in his albums in the coming year), Imman has found his formula and struck to it consistently like last year and ARR, except for Lingaa, proves time and time again he is always on top.

 Top Albums - Tamil
  1. Thirumanam Ennum Nikkah - Ghibran
  2. Cuckoo - Sathosh Narayanan
  3. KaaviaThalaivan  - A.R.Rahman
  4. Vellai Illa Pattathari - Anirudh Ravichander
  5. Amara Kaaviyam - Ghibran
  6. Madras - Sathosh Narayanan
  7. Jeeva / Jilla / Yennamo Yedho  - Imman
  8. Jigarthanda - Sathosh Narayanan
  9. Mundasupatti - Sean Roldan
  10. Vaayai Moodi Pesavum - Sean Roldan
(Note : Rummy and Pannayarum Padminiyum were in my last year's list)

Top Songs - Tamil
  1. Enthara Enthara / Kannukkul Pothivaipen  - Thirumanam Ennum Nikkah
  2. Manasula Soorakathey / Aagasatha- Cuckoo
  3. Aye Mr. Minor / Yarumilla- Kaavia Thalaivan
  4. Mona Gasolina - Lingaa
  5. Aathi - Kaththi
  6. Verasa Pogayiley - Jilla
  7. Ovvondrai Thirudugirai - Jeeva
  8. Rasa Magarasa (Duet) - Mundasupatti
  9. Naan Nee / Kakidha Kappal - Madras
  10. Udhungada Sangu / Po Indru - VIP
  11. Darling Dambakku - Maan Karate
  12. Muttalai Muttalai / Pudhiya Ulagai- Yennamo Yedho
  13. Kanamma / Paandi Nattu Kodi- Jigarthanda
  14. Kadhala Kadhala - Sathuranga Vettai
  15. Nandooruthu - Nedunchalai
  16. Padhiye Padhiye (Male) - Aaha Kalyanam
  17. Manappenin Sathyam - Kochadaiiyaan
  18. Vinmeen / Yaar Ezhuthiyadho - Thegidi
  19. Kadhal Kanave - Mundasupatti
  20. Nenjukulle nee - Vadacurry
  21. Saridhana Saridhana / Yedhedho Ennam Vanthu - Amara Kaviyam
  22. Kadhal Ara Onnu / Shutup Vaaya Moodu Pesathe- VMP
  23. Pen Megam Pola - KTVI
  24. Azhagu - Saivam
  25. Pesadhe - Thidudan Police
  26. Nee Vanthu Ponathu - Yaan
  27. Eeramai Eeramai - Un Samayal Arayil
  28. Narayana - Ramanujan
  29. Mazhakatha - OORR
  30. Kadhal Aasai - Anjaan
Top Albums - Hindi

  1. Highway - A. R. Rahman
  2. Hasee Toh Phasee - Vishal - Sekar
  3. Queen - Amit Trivedi
  4. Shaadi Ke Side Effects - Pritam
  5. Lekar Hum Deewana Dil - A. R. Rahman

Top Songs - Hindi

  1. Khalifa - Lekar Hum Deewana Dil
  2. Ishq Bulava - Hasee Toh Phasee
  3. Tu Kuja - Highway
  4. Zehnaseeb - Hasee Toh Phasee
  5. Sooha Saha - Highway
  6. Aao Na - Haider
  7. Raat Bhar - Heropanti
  8. Galliyaan - Ek Villain
  9. Samajhawan - Humpty Sharma ki Dulhania
  10. Ala Hada - Lekar Hum Deewana Dil
  11. Kya Hoga - Dedh Isqiya
  12. Baby Doll - Ragini MMS 2
  13. Harjaiyaan - Queen
  14. London Thumakda - Queen
  15. Yahaan Vahaan - Shaadi Ke Side Effects
  16. Baarish - Yaariyan
  17. Mast Magan - 2 States
  18. Haarys Not a Brahmachaari - Shaadi Ke Side Effects
  19. Sunny Sunny - Yaariyan
  20. Jashn - Bobby Jasoos
  21. Bismil - Haider
  22. Ice Cream - The Xpose
  23. Tu Meri- Bang Bang
  24. Khamma Ghani - Happy Ending
  25. Shake Your Bootiya - Finding Fanny
(Innum Mudiala)

Top Albums - Malayalam & Telugu (Among the few I have listened)
  • Ohm Shanthi Oshana / Ormayundo Ee Mugam - Shaan Rahman (Malayalam)
  • Peruchazhi - Arora (Malayalam)
  • Banglore Days - Gopi Sundar (Malayalam)
  • Maine Pyar Kiya - Pradeep Kumar (Telugu)
  • Race Gurram - Thaman (Telugu)
Top Songs - Malayalam & Telugu (Among the few I have listened, very few in Telugu)
  1. Mounam Chorum Neram - Ohm Shanthi Oshana
  2. Kattu Mooliyo -  Ohm Shanthi Oshana
  3. Po Mone Dinesha - Peruchazhi 
  4. Enthu Cheiyyan - Peruchazhi 
  5. Ee Mizhikalin - Ormayundo Ee Mugam 
  6. Ente Kannil Ninakkai - Banglore Days
  7. Doore Doore (Reprise) - Ormayundo Ee Mugam 
  8. Kannadi Vathil - London Bridge
  9. Maangalyam - Banglore Days
  10. Omana Komala - Oru Indian Prayanakatha
  11. La La Lasa - Salala Mobiles
  12. Eeran Kaatil - Salala Mobiles
  13. Sapthamashree Thaksaraha - Sapthamashree Thaksaraha
  14. Thaane Pookum - Sapthamashree Thaksaraha
  15. Mayamo - Rasam
  16. Aethu Kari Ravilum - Banglore Days
  17. Daffodil Poove - Manglish
  18. Maane - Iyobinte Pusthakam
  19. Ee Mazha Megham - Ohm Shanthi Oshana
  20. Aaro Aaro - Ring Master
  1. Shwaase Nuvve - Maine Pyar Kiya 
  2. Vadhantune Nenu Vadhantune - Run Raja Run
  3. Ningilona - Maine Pyar Kiya 
  4. Adiginde - Maine Pyar Kiya 
  5. Chinni Chinni Aasalu - Manam
  6. Who R U - 1 Nenokkadine
  7. Bhoochadae Bhoochadae - Race Gurram
  8. Sweety - Race Gurram
  9. Aaja Saroja - Aagadu
  10. You're my Love- 1 Nenokkadine

Friday, 26 December 2014

Interstellar - Reasons to Watch this EPIC

Interstellar, the latest movie from the hit machine Christopher Nolan. Here are my reasons why you should watch or re-watch this film, if at all you haven't yet.

1. The Director Himself : First and foremost reason is the director Christopher Nolan himself. He is yet to make a bad film. Trust Nolan and he never fails to impress you, surprise you, delight you, create doubts in your mind and he does that again and again consistently. He does the same with this movie as well.

2. No 3D : You may think why this is a reason to watch, but yes this film is not in 3D is actually a wonderful thing. Over the period of time we had too many movies in 3D format and we always wondered why this film was even in this format? It was actually a headache. Nolan who was never a fan of this nonsense doesn't bother delivering this film in 3D, so we can enjoys this without a headache.

3. Subtitles : Nolan's movies are always hard to understand. When I was nearing my screen I expected people to read some books to prepare themselves for this movie before the bell rang, like we did before entering the exam halls, but they didn't ;). Just to make our life easy we have subtitles in most of the screens daily. We don't have to download the movie with subtitles, we can enjoy this on a big screen itself, which we should.

4. Performances : Matthew McConaughey, academy award winner last year, delivers another brilliant performance and the little girl who played the character Murph as well. They perfectly portrays the bonding between a father-daughter on screen. And, they make you senti on a sci-fi movie, which was usually rare. Also, all those sarcastic dialogues which will make you laugh and you can hear people laughing as loud as they could just to make sure that other people in the crowd also knows that they understood.

5. Science : When was the last time you discussed physics after watching a movie? When was the last time you googled some terms like wormhole, black-hole, etc., after watching a movie? This movie will make you do so. Relive your school / college days by reading some science stuffs and some topics on physics and have endless discussions with your friends and form your own theory before you revisit the film again.

And, plenty more, this is a must watch and you cannot miss this.

Saw the movie already, never mind, revisit the film again. Now, you know what's going to happen it will make you understand the movie even more than you did the first time. And, that's what Nolan actually wants.

Playing It My Way - Well Played, as usual

Saaachinnnn.... Sachin.... Sachin's auto biography Playing it my way is the last book I finished reading. It was wonderful to get soaked in those memories once again.

I was/am/ one of the biggest fan of Sachin, so I was really excited when this book was announced and I pre-ordered it right away. And, flipkart guys were amazing, they delivered it to me the very next day. When I got this book I immediately stopped reading the other book and started right away.

It was a trip down to my own memory lane. You almost remember all those matches which was mentioned in that list. Also, you remember when and where did you see those matches or what were you doing those matches. Also, even Sachin sledges or atleast provokes players like Steve Waugh while they was batting.

I feel he avoided most of the controversies and played it with a straight bat except for that Chappel story. And, he felt really bad after losing when he was the captain. Mostly those matches they should have won easily.

We all know Sachin is very sentimental, but he is more than what we think. He didn't even see the 2011 worldcup winning hit by Dhoni and also made sure Sehwag also doesn't see it. He was praying inside the dressing room along with Sehwag because it worked when India played Australia in quarterfinal so he wanted to do the same during the final as well. In some other tour he visited some restaurant before a game and he played well. So, he continued to visit the same restaurant for next four days, with same friends, sits in the same table and orders the same food.

He is a foodie. He knows where can he get a good food in each and every country he visits especially Indian food. Like Boys Senthil I think he must have maintained a diary with "Information" to help all those new players in every country they visit :).

And, I think he never played any series without battling some injuries. He used to fly to Srilanka in middle of a series to get some medicines from a doctor who promised to save from his pain. Its really amazing that he survived for 25 years with all those injuries. Name some part of his body he will tell the series name in which he had an injury in that part.

To become a Sachin Tendulkar you need to train and work hard like Sachin Tendulkar. Its hard really really hard. Hats off to you Sachin for giving us more joys for over twenty years when you were in pain for most of the time. Every Sachin fan must read this to have a trip down the memory lane. And, will get to know a lot of things about him.

Once again this book just proved me, why you were, you are and you will be the God of cricket forever.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Lingaa - Just for SUPERSTAR

Finally, the real Rajinikanth is back after four years. And, the RRR combo is back after their two big hits. 12-12-14, Superstar's birthday, was celebrated as a festival and Superstar movie's release was also usually celebrated as a festival as well. And, what's amazing was finishing a big project in just six months. Many IT companies need a manager like KSR to complete their never ending project and they should learn the planning from him ;).

Lingaa is yet another commercial movie from KSR. Superstar as usual rocked the show. It was amazing to see him carry the whole movie at this age. Its a period drama where Superstar plays Raja Lingeshwaran and a thief Lingaa. Kathaiya mukkiyam Rajini padathula.

The initial portions were fun and Santhanam really scores well. And, Anushka, oh boy, is she the next Namitha in the making. She plays a BIG part in this movie.  Sonakshi was also not a bad choice for the role. Randy's camera work was brilliant and as he promised he has managed to show a younger Rajni on screen. And, Sabusiril's work was also a biggest plus for Lingaa.

As usual there were few dialogues which have some political meaning. Like Santhanam saying "neeye vendam nu sonnalum makkam vida matanga pola iruku". Boss, why, even after twenty years why you are giving mixed signals to your fans.

The screenplay is a biggest disappointment from KSR. And, the editor also must be blamed, movie goes on and on and on and looks like a never ending film. And, the climax, even Rajnikanth cannot do these stunts, oh wait. Whoever came up with that hot air balloon idea is a genius. Even ARR disappointed in this movie big time. Except for Monsa-Gasolina nothing works and everything was placed badly. Maybe, he didn't get enough time so the BGM were not as good as Kochadaiyaan.

I wish KSR have made the period portion alone into a full-length movie where Raja Lingeshwaran -builds a dam successfully against all the odds he faces by the British government. Which would have been a better film and shorter version too.

Never mind, its worth a watch just because of Rajnikanth, who have given more joy to this state any other actor. And, with Lingaa he is back in business. Maybe its time to see Rajnikanth, the actor than the Rajinikanth, the Superstar.

"Neenga pudichu irunthalum ponga, pudikalainalum ponga"

Rating - 3.0/5.0. After all, its the one and only Superstar da.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

காவியத்தலைவன் - ரசிக்க கூடிய நாடகம்

Romba naala thamizhla oru post podanum nu aasai. Intha blog aarambichathula irunthu neraya post ku thalaipukku mela tamil la elutha mudiala. Intha padatha pathi eluthi parpom nu oru muyarchi. Aana intha murayum sothappi vittathu.

Kaaviathalaivan , intha padatha pathi kelvi patta pothu Vasanthabalan marubadiyum oru period film edukurara, yerkanave Aravan la pattathu pothatha nu thonichu. Aana intha padathula Sid, Prithvi, ArR nu sonna udane konjam nambikai vanthuchu. Apram Sid entha tamil padam nadichalum ippa ellam hit than athanala ithuvum nalla kathaya than irukum nu oru nambikkai.

Oru naadaga sabha, Naaser than Guru athula rendu pasanga chinna vayasula irunthu onna irukanga. Oruthan eppavume than evlo nalla nadichalum avana Guru rendavathu edathulaya vechu irukaratha ninaipu. Athukaga Prithvi enna ellam panninan Sida jaika enbathu than kathai. 

Padathin miga peria balam Nirav Shah than. Ovvoru katchiyum avlo arumaya irunthuchu. Antha kalathula nadakuthunu dull a illama padam poora nalla colorfula irunthuchu. Apram ARRahman, poora padamum avar aatchi than (Sangeetha Iyakkam). Niraya padalgal irunthalum ellame arumai athula enaku pidichathu Aye Mr Minor, Yarumilla, Sollividu, Thiruppugazh. BGM lam ippa yosichu partha entha scenum touch panna mathiri teriala, athuku karanam nadigargala kooda irukalam. Actors sumara nadicha pala samayam BGM than antha feelinga convey pannum aana ithula ellarume nalla nadichathala BGM lam mind la nikkala nu ninaikiren.

Naaser meendum meendum thaan oru miga peria kalaigan nu prove pannite irukar. Kamal mattum than innum Naaserukku nalla role koduthittu irukar. Prithvi nijame sema nadigan intha padathulayum. Sid intha mathiri kathaya select pannathuke parattalam. Vedhika romba azhagu. Muthal pathi mulukka antha innoru ponnu azhaga iruka illaya nu  debate pannite irunthom, entha mudivum ettapadavillai. Intha artists ellam select pannathulaye vetri kandu vittar Vasanthabalan nalla vela Yarum sothapala. Nijama Raajapat enna porutha vara Prithvi than. Sid chinna paiyan mathire irukar.

Porumaya avasarame illama twists lam perusa ethuvum illa naama ethir parkura visayathaye salikkatha mathiri solli irukar Vasantha Balan. Onstage dramas innum athigama irukum nu ethirparthen off-stage dramasa vida. Mukkiyama Alli Rajiyam innum sirappa irunthu irukalam.

Vasanthabalan intha tamilnadu nadaga sabha va pathi padama edukanum nu ninacha visayam romba arumai atha sirappavum senju irukar. Padathil kuraigal irunthalum ellarume kandippa porumaya oru vatti parka vendia padam.