Friday, 26 December 2014

Interstellar - Reasons to Watch this EPIC

Interstellar, the latest movie from the hit machine Christopher Nolan. Here are my reasons why you should watch or re-watch this film, if at all you haven't yet.

1. The Director Himself : First and foremost reason is the director Christopher Nolan himself. He is yet to make a bad film. Trust Nolan and he never fails to impress you, surprise you, delight you, create doubts in your mind and he does that again and again consistently. He does the same with this movie as well.

2. No 3D : You may think why this is a reason to watch, but yes this film is not in 3D is actually a wonderful thing. Over the period of time we had too many movies in 3D format and we always wondered why this film was even in this format? It was actually a headache. Nolan who was never a fan of this nonsense doesn't bother delivering this film in 3D, so we can enjoys this without a headache.

3. Subtitles : Nolan's movies are always hard to understand. When I was nearing my screen I expected people to read some books to prepare themselves for this movie before the bell rang, like we did before entering the exam halls, but they didn't ;). Just to make our life easy we have subtitles in most of the screens daily. We don't have to download the movie with subtitles, we can enjoy this on a big screen itself, which we should.

4. Performances : Matthew McConaughey, academy award winner last year, delivers another brilliant performance and the little girl who played the character Murph as well. They perfectly portrays the bonding between a father-daughter on screen. And, they make you senti on a sci-fi movie, which was usually rare. Also, all those sarcastic dialogues which will make you laugh and you can hear people laughing as loud as they could just to make sure that other people in the crowd also knows that they understood.

5. Science : When was the last time you discussed physics after watching a movie? When was the last time you googled some terms like wormhole, black-hole, etc., after watching a movie? This movie will make you do so. Relive your school / college days by reading some science stuffs and some topics on physics and have endless discussions with your friends and form your own theory before you revisit the film again.

And, plenty more, this is a must watch and you cannot miss this.

Saw the movie already, never mind, revisit the film again. Now, you know what's going to happen it will make you understand the movie even more than you did the first time. And, that's what Nolan actually wants.

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