Saturday, 13 December 2014

Lingaa - Just for SUPERSTAR

Finally, the real Rajinikanth is back after four years. And, the RRR combo is back after their two big hits. 12-12-14, Superstar's birthday, was celebrated as a festival and Superstar movie's release was also usually celebrated as a festival as well. And, what's amazing was finishing a big project in just six months. Many IT companies need a manager like KSR to complete their never ending project and they should learn the planning from him ;).

Lingaa is yet another commercial movie from KSR. Superstar as usual rocked the show. It was amazing to see him carry the whole movie at this age. Its a period drama where Superstar plays Raja Lingeshwaran and a thief Lingaa. Kathaiya mukkiyam Rajini padathula.

The initial portions were fun and Santhanam really scores well. And, Anushka, oh boy, is she the next Namitha in the making. She plays a BIG part in this movie.  Sonakshi was also not a bad choice for the role. Randy's camera work was brilliant and as he promised he has managed to show a younger Rajni on screen. And, Sabusiril's work was also a biggest plus for Lingaa.

As usual there were few dialogues which have some political meaning. Like Santhanam saying "neeye vendam nu sonnalum makkam vida matanga pola iruku". Boss, why, even after twenty years why you are giving mixed signals to your fans.

The screenplay is a biggest disappointment from KSR. And, the editor also must be blamed, movie goes on and on and on and looks like a never ending film. And, the climax, even Rajnikanth cannot do these stunts, oh wait. Whoever came up with that hot air balloon idea is a genius. Even ARR disappointed in this movie big time. Except for Monsa-Gasolina nothing works and everything was placed badly. Maybe, he didn't get enough time so the BGM were not as good as Kochadaiyaan.

I wish KSR have made the period portion alone into a full-length movie where Raja Lingeshwaran -builds a dam successfully against all the odds he faces by the British government. Which would have been a better film and shorter version too.

Never mind, its worth a watch just because of Rajnikanth, who have given more joy to this state any other actor. And, with Lingaa he is back in business. Maybe its time to see Rajnikanth, the actor than the Rajinikanth, the Superstar.

"Neenga pudichu irunthalum ponga, pudikalainalum ponga"

Rating - 3.0/5.0. After all, its the one and only Superstar da.

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