Saturday, 27 December 2014

Top Albums and Songs 2014

That time of the year again to post the list of top songs which I liked among the released films. Santhosh Narayanan is rocking, Ghibran is unlucky, Anirudh is continuing his good work (hope he doesn't sing all the songs in his albums in the coming year), Imman has found his formula and struck to it consistently like last year and ARR, except for Lingaa, proves time and time again he is always on top.

 Top Albums - Tamil
  1. Thirumanam Ennum Nikkah - Ghibran
  2. Cuckoo - Sathosh Narayanan
  3. KaaviaThalaivan  - A.R.Rahman
  4. Vellai Illa Pattathari - Anirudh Ravichander
  5. Amara Kaaviyam - Ghibran
  6. Madras - Sathosh Narayanan
  7. Jeeva / Jilla / Yennamo Yedho  - Imman
  8. Jigarthanda - Sathosh Narayanan
  9. Mundasupatti - Sean Roldan
  10. Vaayai Moodi Pesavum - Sean Roldan
(Note : Rummy and Pannayarum Padminiyum were in my last year's list)

Top Songs - Tamil
  1. Enthara Enthara / Kannukkul Pothivaipen  - Thirumanam Ennum Nikkah
  2. Manasula Soorakathey / Aagasatha- Cuckoo
  3. Aye Mr. Minor / Yarumilla- Kaavia Thalaivan
  4. Mona Gasolina - Lingaa
  5. Aathi - Kaththi
  6. Verasa Pogayiley - Jilla
  7. Ovvondrai Thirudugirai - Jeeva
  8. Rasa Magarasa (Duet) - Mundasupatti
  9. Naan Nee / Kakidha Kappal - Madras
  10. Udhungada Sangu / Po Indru - VIP
  11. Darling Dambakku - Maan Karate
  12. Muttalai Muttalai / Pudhiya Ulagai- Yennamo Yedho
  13. Kanamma / Paandi Nattu Kodi- Jigarthanda
  14. Kadhala Kadhala - Sathuranga Vettai
  15. Nandooruthu - Nedunchalai
  16. Padhiye Padhiye (Male) - Aaha Kalyanam
  17. Manappenin Sathyam - Kochadaiiyaan
  18. Vinmeen / Yaar Ezhuthiyadho - Thegidi
  19. Kadhal Kanave - Mundasupatti
  20. Nenjukulle nee - Vadacurry
  21. Saridhana Saridhana / Yedhedho Ennam Vanthu - Amara Kaviyam
  22. Kadhal Ara Onnu / Shutup Vaaya Moodu Pesathe- VMP
  23. Pen Megam Pola - KTVI
  24. Azhagu - Saivam
  25. Pesadhe - Thidudan Police
  26. Nee Vanthu Ponathu - Yaan
  27. Eeramai Eeramai - Un Samayal Arayil
  28. Narayana - Ramanujan
  29. Mazhakatha - OORR
  30. Kadhal Aasai - Anjaan
Top Albums - Hindi

  1. Highway - A. R. Rahman
  2. Hasee Toh Phasee - Vishal - Sekar
  3. Queen - Amit Trivedi
  4. Shaadi Ke Side Effects - Pritam
  5. Lekar Hum Deewana Dil - A. R. Rahman

Top Songs - Hindi

  1. Khalifa - Lekar Hum Deewana Dil
  2. Ishq Bulava - Hasee Toh Phasee
  3. Tu Kuja - Highway
  4. Zehnaseeb - Hasee Toh Phasee
  5. Sooha Saha - Highway
  6. Aao Na - Haider
  7. Raat Bhar - Heropanti
  8. Galliyaan - Ek Villain
  9. Samajhawan - Humpty Sharma ki Dulhania
  10. Ala Hada - Lekar Hum Deewana Dil
  11. Kya Hoga - Dedh Isqiya
  12. Baby Doll - Ragini MMS 2
  13. Harjaiyaan - Queen
  14. London Thumakda - Queen
  15. Yahaan Vahaan - Shaadi Ke Side Effects
  16. Baarish - Yaariyan
  17. Mast Magan - 2 States
  18. Haarys Not a Brahmachaari - Shaadi Ke Side Effects
  19. Sunny Sunny - Yaariyan
  20. Jashn - Bobby Jasoos
  21. Bismil - Haider
  22. Ice Cream - The Xpose
  23. Tu Meri- Bang Bang
  24. Khamma Ghani - Happy Ending
  25. Shake Your Bootiya - Finding Fanny
(Innum Mudiala)

Top Albums - Malayalam & Telugu (Among the few I have listened)
  • Ohm Shanthi Oshana / Ormayundo Ee Mugam - Shaan Rahman (Malayalam)
  • Peruchazhi - Arora (Malayalam)
  • Banglore Days - Gopi Sundar (Malayalam)
  • Maine Pyar Kiya - Pradeep Kumar (Telugu)
  • Race Gurram - Thaman (Telugu)
Top Songs - Malayalam & Telugu (Among the few I have listened, very few in Telugu)
  1. Mounam Chorum Neram - Ohm Shanthi Oshana
  2. Kattu Mooliyo -  Ohm Shanthi Oshana
  3. Po Mone Dinesha - Peruchazhi 
  4. Enthu Cheiyyan - Peruchazhi 
  5. Ee Mizhikalin - Ormayundo Ee Mugam 
  6. Ente Kannil Ninakkai - Banglore Days
  7. Doore Doore (Reprise) - Ormayundo Ee Mugam 
  8. Kannadi Vathil - London Bridge
  9. Maangalyam - Banglore Days
  10. Omana Komala - Oru Indian Prayanakatha
  11. La La Lasa - Salala Mobiles
  12. Eeran Kaatil - Salala Mobiles
  13. Sapthamashree Thaksaraha - Sapthamashree Thaksaraha
  14. Thaane Pookum - Sapthamashree Thaksaraha
  15. Mayamo - Rasam
  16. Aethu Kari Ravilum - Banglore Days
  17. Daffodil Poove - Manglish
  18. Maane - Iyobinte Pusthakam
  19. Ee Mazha Megham - Ohm Shanthi Oshana
  20. Aaro Aaro - Ring Master
  1. Shwaase Nuvve - Maine Pyar Kiya 
  2. Vadhantune Nenu Vadhantune - Run Raja Run
  3. Ningilona - Maine Pyar Kiya 
  4. Adiginde - Maine Pyar Kiya 
  5. Chinni Chinni Aasalu - Manam
  6. Who R U - 1 Nenokkadine
  7. Bhoochadae Bhoochadae - Race Gurram
  8. Sweety - Race Gurram
  9. Aaja Saroja - Aagadu
  10. You're my Love- 1 Nenokkadine

Friday, 26 December 2014

Interstellar - Reasons to Watch this EPIC

Interstellar, the latest movie from the hit machine Christopher Nolan. Here are my reasons why you should watch or re-watch this film, if at all you haven't yet.

1. The Director Himself : First and foremost reason is the director Christopher Nolan himself. He is yet to make a bad film. Trust Nolan and he never fails to impress you, surprise you, delight you, create doubts in your mind and he does that again and again consistently. He does the same with this movie as well.

2. No 3D : You may think why this is a reason to watch, but yes this film is not in 3D is actually a wonderful thing. Over the period of time we had too many movies in 3D format and we always wondered why this film was even in this format? It was actually a headache. Nolan who was never a fan of this nonsense doesn't bother delivering this film in 3D, so we can enjoys this without a headache.

3. Subtitles : Nolan's movies are always hard to understand. When I was nearing my screen I expected people to read some books to prepare themselves for this movie before the bell rang, like we did before entering the exam halls, but they didn't ;). Just to make our life easy we have subtitles in most of the screens daily. We don't have to download the movie with subtitles, we can enjoy this on a big screen itself, which we should.

4. Performances : Matthew McConaughey, academy award winner last year, delivers another brilliant performance and the little girl who played the character Murph as well. They perfectly portrays the bonding between a father-daughter on screen. And, they make you senti on a sci-fi movie, which was usually rare. Also, all those sarcastic dialogues which will make you laugh and you can hear people laughing as loud as they could just to make sure that other people in the crowd also knows that they understood.

5. Science : When was the last time you discussed physics after watching a movie? When was the last time you googled some terms like wormhole, black-hole, etc., after watching a movie? This movie will make you do so. Relive your school / college days by reading some science stuffs and some topics on physics and have endless discussions with your friends and form your own theory before you revisit the film again.

And, plenty more, this is a must watch and you cannot miss this.

Saw the movie already, never mind, revisit the film again. Now, you know what's going to happen it will make you understand the movie even more than you did the first time. And, that's what Nolan actually wants.

Playing It My Way - Well Played, as usual

Saaachinnnn.... Sachin.... Sachin's auto biography Playing it my way is the last book I finished reading. It was wonderful to get soaked in those memories once again.

I was/am/ one of the biggest fan of Sachin, so I was really excited when this book was announced and I pre-ordered it right away. And, flipkart guys were amazing, they delivered it to me the very next day. When I got this book I immediately stopped reading the other book and started right away.

It was a trip down to my own memory lane. You almost remember all those matches which was mentioned in that list. Also, you remember when and where did you see those matches or what were you doing those matches. Also, even Sachin sledges or atleast provokes players like Steve Waugh while they was batting.

I feel he avoided most of the controversies and played it with a straight bat except for that Chappel story. And, he felt really bad after losing when he was the captain. Mostly those matches they should have won easily.

We all know Sachin is very sentimental, but he is more than what we think. He didn't even see the 2011 worldcup winning hit by Dhoni and also made sure Sehwag also doesn't see it. He was praying inside the dressing room along with Sehwag because it worked when India played Australia in quarterfinal so he wanted to do the same during the final as well. In some other tour he visited some restaurant before a game and he played well. So, he continued to visit the same restaurant for next four days, with same friends, sits in the same table and orders the same food.

He is a foodie. He knows where can he get a good food in each and every country he visits especially Indian food. Like Boys Senthil I think he must have maintained a diary with "Information" to help all those new players in every country they visit :).

And, I think he never played any series without battling some injuries. He used to fly to Srilanka in middle of a series to get some medicines from a doctor who promised to save from his pain. Its really amazing that he survived for 25 years with all those injuries. Name some part of his body he will tell the series name in which he had an injury in that part.

To become a Sachin Tendulkar you need to train and work hard like Sachin Tendulkar. Its hard really really hard. Hats off to you Sachin for giving us more joys for over twenty years when you were in pain for most of the time. Every Sachin fan must read this to have a trip down the memory lane. And, will get to know a lot of things about him.

Once again this book just proved me, why you were, you are and you will be the God of cricket forever.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Lingaa - Just for SUPERSTAR

Finally, the real Rajinikanth is back after four years. And, the RRR combo is back after their two big hits. 12-12-14, Superstar's birthday, was celebrated as a festival and Superstar movie's release was also usually celebrated as a festival as well. And, what's amazing was finishing a big project in just six months. Many IT companies need a manager like KSR to complete their never ending project and they should learn the planning from him ;).

Lingaa is yet another commercial movie from KSR. Superstar as usual rocked the show. It was amazing to see him carry the whole movie at this age. Its a period drama where Superstar plays Raja Lingeshwaran and a thief Lingaa. Kathaiya mukkiyam Rajini padathula.

The initial portions were fun and Santhanam really scores well. And, Anushka, oh boy, is she the next Namitha in the making. She plays a BIG part in this movie.  Sonakshi was also not a bad choice for the role. Randy's camera work was brilliant and as he promised he has managed to show a younger Rajni on screen. And, Sabusiril's work was also a biggest plus for Lingaa.

As usual there were few dialogues which have some political meaning. Like Santhanam saying "neeye vendam nu sonnalum makkam vida matanga pola iruku". Boss, why, even after twenty years why you are giving mixed signals to your fans.

The screenplay is a biggest disappointment from KSR. And, the editor also must be blamed, movie goes on and on and on and looks like a never ending film. And, the climax, even Rajnikanth cannot do these stunts, oh wait. Whoever came up with that hot air balloon idea is a genius. Even ARR disappointed in this movie big time. Except for Monsa-Gasolina nothing works and everything was placed badly. Maybe, he didn't get enough time so the BGM were not as good as Kochadaiyaan.

I wish KSR have made the period portion alone into a full-length movie where Raja Lingeshwaran -builds a dam successfully against all the odds he faces by the British government. Which would have been a better film and shorter version too.

Never mind, its worth a watch just because of Rajnikanth, who have given more joy to this state any other actor. And, with Lingaa he is back in business. Maybe its time to see Rajnikanth, the actor than the Rajinikanth, the Superstar.

"Neenga pudichu irunthalum ponga, pudikalainalum ponga"

Rating - 3.0/5.0. After all, its the one and only Superstar da.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

காவியத்தலைவன் - ரசிக்க கூடிய நாடகம்

Romba naala thamizhla oru post podanum nu aasai. Intha blog aarambichathula irunthu neraya post ku thalaipukku mela tamil la elutha mudiala. Intha padatha pathi eluthi parpom nu oru muyarchi. Aana intha murayum sothappi vittathu.

Kaaviathalaivan , intha padatha pathi kelvi patta pothu Vasanthabalan marubadiyum oru period film edukurara, yerkanave Aravan la pattathu pothatha nu thonichu. Aana intha padathula Sid, Prithvi, ArR nu sonna udane konjam nambikai vanthuchu. Apram Sid entha tamil padam nadichalum ippa ellam hit than athanala ithuvum nalla kathaya than irukum nu oru nambikkai.

Oru naadaga sabha, Naaser than Guru athula rendu pasanga chinna vayasula irunthu onna irukanga. Oruthan eppavume than evlo nalla nadichalum avana Guru rendavathu edathulaya vechu irukaratha ninaipu. Athukaga Prithvi enna ellam panninan Sida jaika enbathu than kathai. 

Padathin miga peria balam Nirav Shah than. Ovvoru katchiyum avlo arumaya irunthuchu. Antha kalathula nadakuthunu dull a illama padam poora nalla colorfula irunthuchu. Apram ARRahman, poora padamum avar aatchi than (Sangeetha Iyakkam). Niraya padalgal irunthalum ellame arumai athula enaku pidichathu Aye Mr Minor, Yarumilla, Sollividu, Thiruppugazh. BGM lam ippa yosichu partha entha scenum touch panna mathiri teriala, athuku karanam nadigargala kooda irukalam. Actors sumara nadicha pala samayam BGM than antha feelinga convey pannum aana ithula ellarume nalla nadichathala BGM lam mind la nikkala nu ninaikiren.

Naaser meendum meendum thaan oru miga peria kalaigan nu prove pannite irukar. Kamal mattum than innum Naaserukku nalla role koduthittu irukar. Prithvi nijame sema nadigan intha padathulayum. Sid intha mathiri kathaya select pannathuke parattalam. Vedhika romba azhagu. Muthal pathi mulukka antha innoru ponnu azhaga iruka illaya nu  debate pannite irunthom, entha mudivum ettapadavillai. Intha artists ellam select pannathulaye vetri kandu vittar Vasanthabalan nalla vela Yarum sothapala. Nijama Raajapat enna porutha vara Prithvi than. Sid chinna paiyan mathire irukar.

Porumaya avasarame illama twists lam perusa ethuvum illa naama ethir parkura visayathaye salikkatha mathiri solli irukar Vasantha Balan. Onstage dramas innum athigama irukum nu ethirparthen off-stage dramasa vida. Mukkiyama Alli Rajiyam innum sirappa irunthu irukalam.

Vasanthabalan intha tamilnadu nadaga sabha va pathi padama edukanum nu ninacha visayam romba arumai atha sirappavum senju irukar. Padathil kuraigal irunthalum ellarume kandippa porumaya oru vatti parka vendia padam.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Lingaa (Music) - Where Madhan Karky did a Vaali

Lingaa, another album from ARR this year. This time the legendary RRR combo is back and as usual my expectation was high. After hearing plenty of times, which was required for any ARR album, here goes my thoughts on the songs.

1. Oh Nanba - Yet another opening song for Rajni film sung by our evergreen SPB along with Aryan Dinesh. Unlike other opening songs I can't hear the lyrics clearly which will be one important asset of Rajni's opening song. Didn't like much. :(

2. Indiane Vaa - Finally ARR has sung a song in his album this year. This is not as good as other which he has sung, but nevertheless it was okay. :|

3. Unmai Oru Naal - Haricharan, who has become a must in ARR's album has sung this pathos one. Nothing to say more about this song. Didn't like much. :(

4. En Mannava - A duet sung well by Aditi Paul and Srinivas, but it reminds me of some other old song whenever I hear this. I couldn't clearly place to which one. Liked this song a bit more than the previous three songs. :)

5. Mona Gasolina - Finally ARR arrives with a bang, literally, with this song. Sung by Mano, Tanvi and Neeti, this song is just out of the world. Instantly likable, catchy lyrics and extraordinary arrangements by ARR make this as an addictive material. This is the only song written by Madhan Karky I feel he did a Vaali. Whenever Vairamuthu writes all the serious lyrics in a film Vaali always puts his funny and quirky lyrics in the same album. This song also starts with M like most of the songs Vaali wrote for ARR which he revealed in one interview. I really like to see the making of this song like Kolaveri's making I am sure Mano really enjoyed singing and had a blast while recording.  And, the video also going to rock I guess going the released teaser, looks like KSR's version of Athiradi song from Sivaji. Thousand likes for this song. :))

This should be the weakest ARR album to be released this year. Kaaviyathalaivan was his best, followed by I. Anyway, three albums from ARR in a year is really wonderful.

This album is like Sachin scoring a 70 in a game and we were still like didn't make a hundred a? Expecting too much ARR always because of the benchmark he has set for himself.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Kamal 60 - My 10 Wishes, Favorites

My 10 Wishes:

1. First wish, finish and release Marudhanayagam. We all are eagerly waiting for that one movie for so long. We all know its your dream project, we wish your dream come true very soon.

2. One movie like Virumandi or Thevar Magan, back to villages. We all know it won't be same as any other Madurai based movie.

3. Kamal + Illaiyaraja combo again. I know this combo have worked more than 100 movies together. I wish to see them back soon maybe for a movie like Virumandi or Thevar Magan itself.

4. One movie with SriDevi. Since Kamal - Sridevi is one of the best on screen pair I would love to see them together again.

5. More movies in as a director. We were blown away by Kamal, the director, in Hey Ram, Virumandi,  Vishwaroopam so I wish he directs more movies.

6. More songs as a playback singer like Neruppu Vayinil in Pudepettai, I wish he sings few songs for others movies as well. I know its too much to ask.

7. That Hollywood movie which was rumored long back. I wish it becomes true.

8. Panchathanthiram's sequel. During Manmadhan Anbu's release, Kamal or KSR revealed in one interview that they were planning to make sequel to Panchathanthiram, but decided to do Manmadhan Anbu instead. I wish they join once again to make it. Everyone loves that movie even though it wasn't a big hit. It deserves a sequel.

9. I am not a big fan of actors entering into politics, but if there's one and only actor who's intelligent enough to enter politics it must be Kamal. So, I wish he enters into politics.

10. Last, but not the least. One more with his best friend Rajnikanth together. Wow, how good it will be to see them on screen together again.

My 10 Favorite Movies or his 10 movies which I have seen many times
  • Virumandi
  • Thevar Magan
  • Hey Ram
  • Indian
  • Nayagan
  • Anbe Sivam
  • Vishwaroopam
  • Panchathanthiram
  • Michael Madhana Kama Rajan
  • Sathileelavathi
My 10 of his Favorite Songs 
  • Kanmani Anbodu - Guna
  • Sundari Neeyum - MMKR
  • Ninaivo Oru Paravai - Sigappu Rojakkal
  • Unna Vida, Kombula Poova Sutthi - Virumandi
  • Pottu Vaitha Kadhal Thittam - Singaravelan
  • Neruppu Vayinil - Pudupettai
  • Muthae Muthamma - Ullasam
  • Ram Ram - Hey Ram
  • Kadavul Paadhi - Aalavantham
  • Anbe Sivam - Anbe Sivam

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Half Girlfriend - Another Bollywood Movie Script

CB's Fan? No. Read Half Girlfriend? Yes.

CB's novels are like Khan movies or Vijay movies. No one likes it, but everyone sees it. Likewise I don't like his writing, but given the publicity and marketing I end up buying  it or pre ordering it and reading it in a week after its release.

Half Girlfriend, CB's latest novel or that's what he says is actually another Bollywood movie script.

CB's interesting novels till date is Five Point Someone, it was really funny. And, One Night at the Call Center was somewhat okayish. I didn't like his other novels very much.

The plot of this novel is like a very old movie script. Poor boy loves a rich girl.
He loves, she didn't and gets married to one of his relatives and leaves India just to know he was not a good person. Some part of this novel is like Sujatha's Pirivom Santhipom. Then, she comes back to India near hero's native. Again, he loves-she didn't, again she disappears, this time making him believe she's dead. Hero finds out she's not dead. Rest is Varanam Aaiyiram, hero flies abroad in search of his love to find her. Unlike his other novels, the you-know-what scene comes only at the end.

The best part in this novel is where the hero tries to make his small-town school run by his mother to get all the necessary facilities. He tries hard to enroll every kid in that town to get into his school. Also, explains the poor state of schools in most part of our country and how much government are willing to help this kind of school. Bill Gates does a cameo in this novel ;). Even CB does a cameo, just like his other novels. English language plays a major role in hero's life. How he struggles and how did he learn that language when he was pushed.

This rich girl, poor boy love, hero going in search of her love and all very old and dull concepts nowadays. Just like first week collection of Bollywood movies this novel has become a blockbuster in pre-orders itself.

Yes, he writes in very simple English which I like the most in his novels (namma range-um avlo than). You can finish a novel just like that in a few hours like watching a movie. This one is not great, but a decent one from CB. But, he makes most of the people to "READ" books once in a while.

I think he must stop thinking about movie adaptation even before starting a novel itself.

I enjoyed this movie script. Mr. CB, stop publishing movie scripts and start writing a novel.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Kaththi - Sharp

Oops, Lyca

Vijay and ARM come together for the second time this Deepavali. After too many doubt whether movie will release or not, it's finally here. The expectations were high since they have set themselves a very high benchmark in their previous outing Thupakki. Vj and double action movies were actually disasters till now, so he needed to break this jinx.

The story is Ramana kind of a one from ARM touching a sensitive social issue. Jeevanandham who starts a war against a corporate giant Neil Nitin Mukesh. How Kathiresan, who is a criminal, comes into this and become Jeevanandham and fights against them is the story.

Kaththi, as usual belongs to Vijay and Vijay only. As Kathiresan and Jeevanantham Vijay really showed some difference at least in acting even though nothing in getup wise, yeah he do act. Other than him not much scope for any others to perform. Sathish was able to bring a few laughs here and there in the first half. Samantha comes throughout the movie, but does nothing other than standing next to our hero and shakes her legs for few songs.

The biggest plus for this movie is ARM's dialogues. The stunt choreography was really good and was a treat to watch. DOP by George was excellent which captured each and every shades in the movie really well. Anirudh's BGM gives the required mass effect and used both the theme music really well. Then, a racy second half which more than makes up for the mildly first half. ARM knows the pulse of the audience and provides enough 'mass' moments throughout the movie. The press conference screen and the flashback scenes are hard-hitting and Vj score well. ARM's last movie was a dedicated to army men this one is to farmers. ARM takes a dig at current media, reality shows, 2G case, corporate giants, etc., with enough Ramana-style statistics. The mass suicide scene will surely shock you. Also, ARM intentionally uses some Thupakki moments like 'I am waiting' in this movie's interval also.

The biggest let down in this movie are the songs and romance. Even though there wasn't a mass-must-have-preachy-intro-song in this movie. Except for Yaar Petra magano, nothing comes at a right time. Movie starts well with a jailbreak and loses momentum for most part of the first half. I felt like 7am Arivu, in that movie also ARM begins well and lose the plot with boring Romance. The first half looked really big. And, its still irritating when Vj does his Jilla mannerism in few scenes. And, the villain does his job well, but not much to do. Also, I wonder why this is titled Kaththi other than their previous movie was Thupakki. Logic, oh who cares? 

This is really a good follow up by Vijay-ARM after Thupakki and I don't want to compare this with Thupakki since both are totally different genre. Kaththi has its own issues, but we can live with that because of the message it carries, hope it reaches everyone. 

Once a movie is over and the director name appears if we hear claps instead of people swearing at the director in the theatres, it is sure that the movie will be a hit and we did hear claps at the end of this movie. 

The biggest irony is enjoyed this movie with Coke.

My Rating - 3.5 / 5.0.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Trip to GOA - There is always a first time for everthing ;)

GOA - One place where I wanted to go since my college days, don't ask me why? One place which comes in our mind first whenever we start planning about a trip. Finally, went there last this month.

When I say I am going to Goa to my colleagues or any of my friends the first question is "Nee Goa poi enna panna pora?" as if you should not enter Goa if you don't booze.

Except going to Goa we didn't plan anything else, our hotel or places to visit, etc. Maybe we thought this plan will also get canceled like the previous 1008 plans we did. We can't believe ourselves till we board the plane. The first flight was exciting. I had a child like enthusiasm sitting inside a plane. It was little thrilling as well.

We met three guys sitting behind us in the flight. After landing, we had a chat with them and in the end we all decided to spend our time in Goa together. Atleast they have booked a cab and hotels and most of all they know Hindi

We booked a resort very near Colva beach. First-day evening we did nothing except visiting the beach during midnight. We met few students from Nepal, they were very much interested in India and they even watch south Indian movies, mostly Telugu. Needless to say guys were boozing that night, as usual the topic was girls and love. And, I tasted a Breezer.

In the next two days we actually explored Goa. South Goa one day, it was very boring except for a ride in water motorbike. It was really fast and exciting, even though it didn't even last more than thirty seconds. All other places we went that day was boring, an aquarium, horror house and to top it all one boring "Filmy Chakkar Trip" in a boat. Next day, we visited North Goa which we should have done the very first day.

North Goa is the actual Goa, which we see in movies. Kettu kuttichuvara pona motha groupum anga than irukanga, summa solla koodathu nallave kettu poi irukanga. Visited few beaches there, Vagator beach, its where we actually started to see the real color of Goa ;). Then, the next beach was Baga, oh wow, it was fantastic. Next time if we visit Goa, Baga will be our first destination. By the time we went to the next beach Calangute it was already dark and we didn't see what we actually expected to see there.

And, after all the beach visits we went to a nightclub. First-time for me in a night club. It's a place where people booze so much and kick each other in the name of dancing. I too did my part well even though I didn't booze. It was funny and I laugh even now if I think about our dance moves, especially my friend's dance step which was real 'குத்து' dance, but who cares. We danced, danced, danced till three and reached our room by morning five. We had so many imaginations before entering, but nothing happened in there.

It was only in North Goa it was like "Girls, Girls, Party, Party, Bikini, Bikini, Bikini..
Girls, Girls, Beach, Beach, Bikini, Bikini, Bikini". (Okay, we didn't see any bikini girls).

There is always a first time for everything and last week it was first time for many things for me. For a first time traveled in flight, first time in Goa, first time in a pub, also first time tasted alcohol, Breezer, some of my friends still consider them as just a juice, but still it had 4.8% (Itha kandippa pathivu panniye aaganum ;) ) of alcohol.

It started with "nee ellam ethuku Goa pora?" and ended with "Goa poi sarakku adikalaya?" Anyway our long time wish for a trip to Goa, a travel in flight finally happened. Though we missed our friend Siva, who could have made this trip even more fun. It was a good. We will be back.


I have completed SIX years in IT industry this month. SIX years of experience, it makes me look so old and six years went just like that.

When I entered SSLC my teachers said, you have to work hard only this year then when you enter higher secondary you can enjoy. Then, after joining higher secondary again I heard the same, just work hard for two years then you can enjoy your college life. Then, they repeated the same in college also, just three years and once you get a job you can really enjoy your life. After all these, when you finally enter into a software company you will actually know what is hard work. It will make you feel all these years you did nothing and you were actually enjoying.

Why did I become a software engineer? This is the question I, even some of friends, ask to ourselves. We had no idea why we wanted to become a software engineer. All we know was, they work in Chennai/Banglore, gets good salary, works in air conditioned offices, then goes to USA. We didn't know we have to actually "work" much harder like night-outs, sacrifice weekends even some holidays. But for me, the last one and half years are superb. No night-outs, no work in the weekends, its a every software engineer's dream.

After a point, we think about leaving this job and starting some business. We discuss with our friends about starting something new. Whenever you get a thought like this, it is actually right time to change your company. Once you join the new company this thought will go away easily ;). It really works.

Thanks to Google, Wikipedia, Stack Overflow for what I am today in this industry ;). But, on a serious note I should thank my first semester C professor, who actually made me write some code. Without him I might be by hearting the C code in my college also days like I did in my school. Then, my first company where I got plenty of opportunities and learned many things. Also, during this tenure I have been to some foreign places as on-sites, like Ganapathy, Annur, Gopi-Chettipalayam ;).

Even after six years I still ask myself this same question again and again. Ulagathula evlavo work irunthum, Why did I become a Software Engineer?

Friday, 19 September 2014

Kaththi - Totally Anirudh's Album.

Aathi Enna Nee - This is the best song of this album. Vishal Dadlani once again gets a good song from Anirudh and this combo works very well. And, when Anirudh enters where the tune shifts into the theme music it was brilliant and addictive. I don't know whether the theme music made me like this song or this song made me like the theme music. Very much looking forward to the visual of this song, I hope they don't disappoint.

Pakkam Vanthu - Anirudh joins with HipHop Thamizha Aadhi once again. As usual they are having too much fun. Instantly likable which I will hear repeatedly for few days and not much after that, I guess. And, it must be a treat to watch on the screen. But, do I hear the word B**CH in this song, which is unacceptable I say given that the heroine is my favorite Sam.

Selfie Pulla - Karky + Vijay combo, which started Vj singing a song in his movie, is back again after Google Google. Another song similar to Google Google, Vj doesn't have any trouble in singing this and he does it in style. Karky's lyrics once again stands out. He uses FB, Instagram, etc., in his lyrics again still it sounds fresh.

Themes - Both the themes are really good. The theme didn't create any impact during the motion poster, but its really nice now except for that Kaatthhtthii bit at the end. And, the bad eyes theme is even more awesome. His best is still the themes from 3.

Yaar - Legendary KJY has sung this, enough said. The lyrics make me curious, like குலசாமி இவன், ayyayo innoru Thalaiva va? Naadu thaangathu.

Paalam - Shakar Mahadevan and Swetha Mohan, two of my favorite singers have sung this song, but didn't create much of an impact on me.

Aathi Enna Nee - Too good.
Pakkam Vanthu, Selfie Pulla - Above Average.
Yaar, Paalam - Just Okay.

This is totally Anirudh's rather than Vijay's. Aathi Enna Nee and Pakkam Vanthu are not an usual Vijay film songs. And, I don't see a mass intro song, which is interesting. A good 'mass' (I don't even remember the actual meaning of mass now) album and he is a different track from Santhosh Narayanan and Ghibran.

Merasalayiten and Kaththi, too much Anirudh this week.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

I (Music) - Naan Idha Solliye Aaganum

Aila Aila - Except these two words nothing sticks in my mind even after repeated hearing. Didn't like much.

Ennodu Nee Irunthal - Original version by Adiye fame Sid Sriram is not as good as the reprise version. Maybe ARR should have tried different voice, but he knows better. Didn't like much.

Ladio - Sounds interesting, especially the ka-sa-da-tha-ba-ra start. Too fast to hear the lyrics, but definitely foot-tapping. Liked it to an extent.

Mersalayitten - Nijamave Mersalayitten. Fun and simple song, sung well by Neeti Mohan and Anirudh. But, too much of Anirudh these days. Lyrics were seriously funny like what the legendary Vaali could have penned on the go. Liked it.

Ennodu Nee Irunthal (Reprise) - Chinmayi gets another beautiful song from ARR. She sounds so good as usual, but this song reminds me of "Nenje Ezhu" from Mariyan. Liked it.

Pookalae Sattru Oyivedungal -  Here comes the usual Rahman-Shankar combo's duet song which will be pictured in some mind blowing exotic locales. Haricharan is going places these days. Its hard to keep him out of any album. And, accompanied by my favorite Shreya Ghosal. Was looking forward to hear this after seeing Shreya Ghosal's name in the track list. Wonderful words by Karky as well. Explains the meaning of I as well. My favorite song. Now eager to see it on the big screem.

Surprisingly ARR didn't sing and Vairmuthu didn't pen any in this album.

Pookalae Sattru Oyivedungal and Ennodu Nee Irunthal (Reprise) - Too good.
Mersalayitten and Ladio - Average
Ennodu Nee Irunthal and Aila Aila - Just okay.

Will hear all these songs again and again for few days before I move on. But, no wonder each and every song will be a treat to watch on screen since Shankar will treat each song as a mini-movie.

P.S : Two songs Ovvondrai Thirudugirai and Sangi Mangi (for the repeated dheena-ragajana-dhana-ragajana) is very good from Jeeva by Imman.

Monday, 18 August 2014

The Big Test - Big Flop

Ennachu..Cricket vilayandom..First match draw pannom..Second match jaichom..Apram ella catchum vittoma..Cook Bell ellam form ku vanthutangala..Ithu onnum prachana illa da IPL vantha itha ellarum maranthiruvanga..

Once again India turned an out of form team to winning ways. And, all those struggled players to get back in form. Every struggling team and out of form players are always one India series away from getting back to form.

When was the last time we saw India playing a Five match test series? Definitely not one I can remember. This was really Big Test for both Cook and Dhoni. Cook after losing Ashes and series against Srilanka. For Dhoni, India haven't won a single test outside in the past few years.

India's performance in this series 1st test - Good, Second Test - Better, Third Test - Bad, Fourth Test - Worse and in Final Test - Worst. It would have been wonderful if it was another two-test series like the last two against S.A and NZ. We could have won a series against England in England.

After the first test, it looked really good since India crossed 300 twice in a single test which they failed to do even once in their last tour playing four tests. And, the second test was even better they actually won a test in Lord's after 28 years. Just when everyone was wondering is this real Team India? Is that really Ishant? The actual well-known Team India shown up during the fourth.

So the so-called next Dravid, next Sachin, next Laxman failed consistently. Once again all the media already have put enough pressure on them saying Next-Dravid, Next-Sachin, etc. They still need some time to prove themselves and we should let them play freely without this next-xxx pressure I guess. But, not only in batting, we miss them in slips. Too many catches are getting dropped in the slips. So, we need next-Dravid, next-Laxman in slips as well.

The biggest problem for India in overseas is the opening pair. I think we are yet to cross a fifty in the past three to four years. Sehwag-Gambir, Vijay-Dhawan, Vijay-Ghambir all these are failing again and again. And, I don't think we have any better options.

Bhuvi's performance was the only positive in this series, even though he was tired during the last two tests. Not only in bowling he also proved himself in batting. One of the best Indian batsman of this series. And, Ishant's performance in the second innings of Lord's. Also, Dhoni batting was really good who doesn't bother about the techniques and all.

The last time we lost 4-0 and this time its 3-1, so team India improved a little, very little. But, the last two tests were their new low. I am sure they will bounce back during the next Australia tour, that's what we fans were always hoping for since 2011.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Girl or Exam - Part 2

Yup, there is a part two for my "Girl or Exam?", though it doesn't involve any exam or the same girl this time. And, those who (if any) are wondering what's this, read my old post Girl or Exam.

As far as that girl, I did get her number during our second year exams. This time I got her number one day before to the last exam, but nothing happened much after that is another story or no story at all.

This time a different girl, different place, different situation, but the result is the same. See-a-girl-Speak-to-her-Go-slow-Finally-miss-her, this tried, tested and failed Idhayam Murali method, of-course failed again :).

This April I started working in a corporate company after spending five years in startups. First-time there will be more than 50 members around me in my office. So, I thought this time its going to be like what they show in cinemas, team members will be girls,  monthly outings, weekly outing to beaches, etc.:)

Only after coming here I realized, I should only act in a movie if those things have to happen. After a week, I finally found few girls in my floor. So noted their cabin and started sighting them regularly.

One fine day in our team meeting, which happens daily morning for fifteen minutes, one of the girls was attending that meeting. I was happy to see her in our team and the surprise was not over there. She was assigned the same task of what I am doing. So, I have to give her KT on how to do that.

I was thinking finally a girl co-worker, same team, same floor, same job. Was very happy and also at the same time wondering is this really happening. So, I must have updated this to all my friends since it was a rare occurrence, a girl working with me.

Everyone asked the same, so you have become her friend? Got her number? I was like no, we haven't talked anything other than technical. No need to hurry she is going to be in this project and I have a lot of time in this world.

After two weeks, still haven't talked anything more than technical stuffs, updated my WhatsApp status to "Itharkuthaane Aasaipattai Balakumara". The very next day at office, I see her going to many people's cabin and talking something. I was just wondering what is she informing to many peoples.

Finally I got the answer, she was inviting everyone for her wedding. WTF-2.  Once again, go-slow technique didn't quite workout or at-least saved me from an embarrassment of getting an answer like "Sorry, I am already engaged". Whatever, another anti-climax.

There was almost a part-3 after a month, again go slow as usual. I gave FB friend request to a girl in my same floor, part-2 girl's friend. No response from her, after few days I see her giving invitation to everyone. WTF-3 almost. It was for her sister's wedding, but that was close. I canceled my request now, but that's not the end. She's gonna resign and go abroad for higher studies. Super la.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Get Married..!!

Reasons our family give to get married:
  • You are in a job right, so get married.
  • You are 25, old enough, so get married.
  • You don't have any commitments, so get married.
  • You bought a house, so your life is settled, so get married.
  • Are you in love, no, then get married to this girl we show.
  • Are you in love, yes, then you should definitely get married to this girl we show.
  • The horoscope matched, so get married.
  • If you don't accept now you may never get married, so get married.
  • We didn't take any effort to get this alliance, it came for you automatically (thaana vanthatha yen vidanum?), so get married.
  • What's the next function in our home? Nothing, so get married.
  • Neighbors here: at your age I was already a father (Athu almost 25 years munnadi), so get married.
  • This looks like a good girl if you miss this you will regret it later, so get married.
  • Your neighbor is same age as yours, but he got married, so get married.
  • Your parents are getting old, so get married.
  • You will get some money to pay your loan (stupid reason), so get married.
  • Relative 1 : Why don't you get married?
  • Relative 2 : Yes, Yes, why don't you get married?
  • Relative 3 : Yes, Yes, why don't you get married?
  • Relative 4 : Yes, Yes, why don't you get married?
  • Relative 5 : Yes, Yes, why don't you get married? All these relatives don't know anything other than my name.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Songs 2014 - My favorites so for

List of best albums and songs among the released movies, except Thirumanam Ennum Nikkah.

The best song is still Entharaa Entharaa, its still at top of the most played songs list of 2014. The best composer so far is Santhosh Narayanan with Cuckoo, Jigardhanda and Madras followed by Ghibran and Sean Roldan.

Imaan continues his good form this year also in Jilla, Yennamo Yedho except Tenaliraman. For GV baring few good songs in NSM and Saivam none of his album was on par with RajaRani.

Harris with his template songs in Yawn sorry Yaan. Awaiting his songs for Thala55 since he joins hands with GVP and this combo will never go wrong.

Expecting a treat from ARR this year after a superb Kochadaiiyaan because Linga, GVP-Simbu, Ai to follow this year so second half of this year will belong to ARR.

And, U1, where are you? And, his only album released was Vannavarayan Vallavarayan which was hard to believe that he did the music for it. Expecting him to rock in Anjaan, Taramani, etc.

Top Albums
  1. Thirumanam Ennum Nikkah - Ghibran
  2. Cuckoo - Sathosh Narayanan
  3. Kochadaiiyaan - A.R.Rahman

My Top 10 Favorite Songs
  1. Enthaaraa Enthaaraa - Thirumanam Ennum Nikkah
  2. All other songs in Thirumanam Ennum Nikkah
  3. Verasa Pogayile - Jilla
  4. Manasula Soora Kathey - Cuckoo
  5. Manappenin Sathiyam - Kochadaiyaan
  6. Muttalai Muttalai - Yennamo Yedho
  7. Rasa Magarasa (Duet) - Mundasupatti
  8. Azhagu - Saivam
  9. Vinmeen - Thegidi
  10. Darling Dambakku - Maankarate

Other Favorites
  • Agasatha, Potta Pulla, Kodayila - Cuckoo
  • Idhayam, Medhuvagathan, Maatram - Kochadaiiyaan
  • Kandangi, Pattu Onnu - Jilla
  • Eeramai Eeramai, Therindho Theriyamalo - Un Samayal Arayil
  • Shutup Vaaya Moodu Pesathe, Kadhal ara onnu - VMP
  • Un Vizhigalil, Open the Tasmac, Maanja - Maankarate
  • Padhiye Padhiye - Aaha Kalyanam
  • Yaar Ezhudhiyadho - Thegidi  
  • Kadhal Kanave, Idhu Enna - Mundasupatti
  • Pudhiya Ulagai, Appatucker - Yennamo Yedho
  • Lowvana Life, Nenjukkulla nee - Vadacurry
  • Nandooruthu, Injathe - Nedunchalai
  • Kadhal Nergayil - Nimirnthu Nil
  • Orakanna Sachu - Ennamo Nadakuthu 
  • Aanazhagu - Tenaliraman
  • Nallavannu Solvaanga -  Veeram

Favorites From Hindi : Best Album - Highway
  • Ishq Bulaava, Manchala, Zehanaseeb - Hasee Toh Phasee
  • Tu Kuja, Sooha Saha, Mahive - Highway 
  • Khalifa, Allah Da - Lekar Hum Deewana Dil
  • Kya Hoga, Dil Ka Mizaaj - Dedh Isqiya
  • Baby Doll - Ragini MMS2
  • Harijaiyaan, Jugni, London Thumakda - Queen
  • Raat Bhar - Heropanti
  • Yahaan Vahaan, Tauba Main, Harry - Shaadi Ke Side Effects
  • Ice Cream, Surror - The XPose
  • Baarish, Sunny Sunny - Yaariyan
  • Mast Magan, Locha-E-Ulfat - 2 States
  • Shukr Tera, Sawallon Mein - Samrat and Co

Favorites From Malayalam : Best Album - Ohm Shanthi Oshaana
  • Mounam Chorum Neram, Kattu Mooliyo, Ee Mazha Megham - Ohm Shanthi Oshaana
  • Nejodu Cherthu - Yuvhh Album 
  • Maangalyam, Ente Kannil - Banglore Days 
  • Kannadi Vathil - London Bridge 
  • La La Lasa, Eeran Kaatin - Salala Mobiles
  • Omana Komala - Oru Indian Prayanakatha 

Monday, 30 June 2014

Movies 2014 - Best and Worst so far

I have seen nearly 35 movies so far this year in theaters. I still feel Queen is the best movie of this year so far across all the languages. In Tamil I enjoyed Mundasupatti very much and Banglore Days in Malayalam.

I have missed many movies like Nedunchalai, Manja Pai, Brahmman and most of the remake movies.

Best performances are by Ramdoss as Munishkanth in Mundasupatti  and Robo Shankar in Vaayai Moodi Pesavum.

Movies I enjoyed:
  1. Mundasupatti
  2. Thegidi
  3. Yaamirukka Bayamey
  4. Vallinam
  5. Vaayai Moodi Pesavum
  6. Saivam

Movies which were good in parts:
  1. NSM
  2. Golisoda
  3. Pannayarum Padminiyum
  4. Kochadaiiyaan
  5. Nimirnthu Nil
  6. Veeram
  7. Jilla
  8. Oru Kanniyum Moonu Kalavanigalum
  9. Maankarate
  10. Vadacurry
  11. Ithu Kathirvelan Kadhal
Movies that gave me hard time in theaters:
  1. Tenaliramam
  2. Vallavanukku Pullum Aayudham

Good Movies in English / Hindi / Malayalam
  1. Queen  (Hin)
  2. Drishyam  (Mal)
  3. Banglore Days (Mal)
  4. Million Dollar Arm  (Eng)
  5. Ohm Shanthi Oshaana (Mal)
  6. X-Men - The Days of Future Past (Eng)
  7. How to Train Your Dragon-2  (Eng)
  8. Edge of Tomorrow  (Eng)
  9. 1983 (Mal)
  10. Dallas Buyers Club  (Eng)
  11. Transformers : Age of Extinction  (Eng)
  12. Godzilla (Eng)
  13. 300-2  (Eng)
  14. American Hustle (Eng)
  15. Hasee Toh Phasee (Hin) 
  16. 2 States (Hin)
  17. The Amazing Spider Man 2  (Eng)

Worst Movies
  1. Heropanti (Hin)
  2. City lights (Hin)

Friday, 13 June 2014

Ponniyin Selvan on Stage - Art at its best

Photo Courtesy : Actor Jiiva, Twitter.

Ponniyin Selvan, a novel, which is being read by all Tamil people for more than 60 years. When I started reading I always imagined how good it will be if it was made into a movie. I saw it on stage as a live performance.

When Vikatan announced that there will be a drama based on Ponniyin Selvan novel this summer I just wondered how is this possible? Making Five books into a drama is not easy. Magic Lantern's team had spent six months to make this possible.

Kumaravel, who's regular in all Prakash Raj movies, is the one who made the screenplay for this drama and also acted in it. All other characters right from Alwarkadiyaan, Vanthiyathevan, Nandini, Kunthavai, Ponniyin Selvan, Pazhuvettair (old man in Sandakozhi), etc., acted really well. But, except Nandini (Meera Krishnamoorthi) other female leads Kunthavai and Vanathi doesn't have a strong character on stage like in the novel. And, Krishna Dayal as Vanthiyathevan was an apt choice who really did justice to that most loved character.

Actor Pasupathi was real surprise who played the role of Aditya Karikalan. Everyone was waiting for Aditya Karikalan and there he enters as a storm and took everyone by surprise. And, some more familiar faces were there.

The whistles and claps when each and every character entered was a proof that almost 90% of the audiences who were present have read the novel and each and every character is still in their mind.

The screenplay, dialogues and the way they have delivered was perfect. It was really amazing to see a live performance of such a difficult act perfectly. There was some little glitches from some characters, but it doesn't matter. The music is also so good which just enhanced the experience. And, the art was done by Thottatharani, I think the name is just enough.

It was a well-spent four hours. Take a bow Magic Lantern and team to bring this to us and I was lucky enough to not to miss this.

The drama's success was seen when everyone stayed until the end to clap and cheer for each and every character when they introduced them to us.

And, a bonus was Superstar also came to watch this on the same day. So along with a mind blowing experience I have seen Superstar as well. What more I can ask, 12-Jun-2014 was a lucky day.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

IPL 7 - A Look Back

IPL 7 comes to an end with KKR winning the trophy second time in three years. This year's IPL was successful more than I actually expected, after the spot fixing scam which has happened last year and few matches were out of India, but still people love IPl because its entertainment, entertainment, entertainment.

A lot of things have changed from last year, new look teams, new champions, no CSK in the finals, no Gayle storm, etc. These are some of the best moments from this IPL for me.

The M&M show during the first leg of the IPL. Max and Miller were unstoppable in Dubai and KingsXI were winning every match. They started with a bang chasing over 200 against the other kings CSK.

RCB started off well even without Gayle, but their season derailed by one stunning catch from Chris Lynn which not only made RCB lose that game which was in their pocket also started a series of losses for them.

Again one more KKR and RR game went into super overs. Last time Yusuf smashed their mystery bowler Mendis to win the game. This time Steve Smith played very very sensibly against their current mystery spinner Narine. He didn't try to slog to win, played very sensibly to take two runs and win the match.

ABD vs Steyn, repeat of what happened a few years ago. ABD tearing apart Steyn who batted all alone to win a game of RCB. For me the shot of the tournament is ABD moving across the stumps and sweeping a delivery from outside off over fine leg for six in that over.

Miracle Match 1, KKR the champions started their campaign very poorly, especially Gambir with three ducks in a row and they won a match because of that miracle from Lynn. When Uthappa opened with Gambir things started changing for them. They were on course to chase a target against RR that too scored over 100 for the opening partnership, then an epic collapse happened, losing six wickets for less than six runs which includes a Hat-trick from a 42-year-young Tambe. I don't think even Pakistan can collapse like this.

A real fight on the field between Pollard and Starc which was too good to watch. Starc tries to follow Pollard with the ball, then Pollard throws his bat towards the bowler it just slipped otherwise it could have been even more ugly.

RR needed 65 runs to win from 24 balls against RCB with Steve Smith and Faulkner at the crease and they chased it with seven balls to spare. Dinda once again proved why he is God.

Yuvi after a disastrous world cup final game, he struggled most parts of the IPL as well. But, he was on form for at-least three games which were worth watching especially two hat-trick of sixes in a match against SRH.

Kings XI's is the master of scoring over 200 runs in the first innings and also to chase over 200 runs twice, first time against CSK and then against SRH. In the second match Vohra played brilliantly who was one of the retained player, but didn't play for a long time. After trying Pujara and Mandeep to open with Sehwag, they finally gave chance to Vohra who just proved why he was retained.

IPL always showcases some of the best catches and this man, Pollard's will be one among them who gets his name in that list year after year. This time he just outdid Lynn's spectacular catch with his catch to dismiss Kevon Cooper. This is the best catch of this IPL.

Uthappa was sensational for KKR which just turned their fortunes in this tournament. Only a second Indian Player to get orange cap and first orange cap holder to finish the tournament as champions. He scored 10 consecutive scores of forty or more until he failed in the finals. I wish he continues his form for our Indian team as well.

Miracle Match 2, KKR against SRH, KKR not only ended the SRH's hopes of qualifying into the playoffs they also won with a high net run rate which made them into the top two in the points table. The miracle in this match was Yusuf Pathan's innings of 72 from 22 balls, which includes fastest IPL fifty in fifteen balls.

Miracle Match 3, MI just repeated of what KKR did the previous day in their match against RR to score 195 in 14.4 balls. Corey Anderson finally played a good innings and scored 95, Rayudu's cameo of 30 from 10, but the best part was Tare hitting his first ball to six to win the game and take MI into the playoffs. A match which will be remembered for making Rahul Dravid show his disappointment on the field. This is the best match of the IPL.

In the eliminator Sehwag played a blinder and scored a century which helped KXI score more than 200 once again against CSK, but it was Raina who stole the show with his 85 of just 27 balls who almost took the game away from KXI before he got run out. This is the best innings of this IPL.

And, in the final which was completely dominated by Indian players, Saha made a brilliant hundred, first hundred in an IPL final who was well supported by Vohra. But, Pandey played innings of his life just like what Bisla did against CSK to win the final and Piyush Chawla hitting a six of Johnson and a four of Awana to win the game.

The players who impressed are Uthappa, Raina, Bhuvi, Axar, Vohra, Chahal, Maxwell, Smith, Duminy, Tambe, Karun. And, the players who disappointed are Kohli, Gayle, Ashwin, Pieterson, Husse.

And, this IPL was completely dominated by the Indians. Orange cap to Uthappa, Purple Cap to Mohit and more Indian players in the top 10 of that list especially Bhuvi. Best emerging player Axar, looking forward to see him in Indian colors against Bangladesh and also an Indian captain winning the IPL again. I hate this guy Gambir, but still well played KKR.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Queen - Movie of the year till date

A movie review after quite some time. Queen, Kangana Renaut's latest comedy-drama film directed by Vikas Bahl is definitely the movie of the year 2014 so far. It was getting some rave reviews already. It's totally Kangana's show.

Rani's marriage was cancelled by his lover two days before his wedding. She still decides to go on his dream honeymoon to Paris alone. And, what happens in Paris and Amsterdam which have changed her completely is the plot.

The first half was set in Paris and how she struggles coming out of home for the first time alone and also her past love story in parallel. She gets a half-Indian friend who helps her in Paris. She doesn't come along with her till the end. She gets to do all those things which were restricted for her in India, she drinks, dances, burps :). The songs are so good, all the songs were. None of them forced into the screenplay and we don't have any unwanted duet on a dream location.

The second half was even more fun. She goes to Amsterdam alone. She gets to share a room with three boys. She was terrified initially, but become their friends eventually. One guy from Russia, another guy from France and one more guy from Japan. She gets to know how different she can be when she is not with his fiance. He too comes to Amsterdam to get back with her. This will be the only movie where you don't want a lovers to get back together and predictably she didn't.

Movie was so refreshing, you get a feel that Russian guy is gonna propose to her, but he didn't. Then, you think her Paris friend will go to Amsterdam with her, but she didn't. Then, usually in other movies girl will eventually forgive his lover or tries to get richer and a better guy than him, but she didn't. She gets a crush on a restaurant owner, who think Indian puts chilli on every food and she kisses him, but she or he didn't propose to each other.

Sometimes you have to stay away from some one to realize who you really are and what you are capable of, that's what happens to Rani on her "Honeymoon". Very well done by the team, a good first half and an even better second half with some good songs and excellent casting makes Queen a must-watch. In my opinion, a good film is the one that makes you happy and leaves you with a smile and Queen does it.

Queen - 4.0/5.0

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Kochadaiiyaan - Good, Bad, Ugly.

When the show ended at 12:30 pm, which was supposedly to be ended by 11:30 pm, there was silence in the theater, pin drop silence. Nobody moved, nobody clapped, nobody screamed, strange scene at the end of a Superstar's movie on a first day. And, when was the last time we saw Superstar die on screen? I could not imagine this scene if it wasn't just an animated movie. The response from the audience would have been different if it wasn't an animated movie.  It was quite evident that nobody accepted this as a Superstar's movie.

Kochadaiiyaan is a revenge historical drama. Rana, the son of Kochadaiiyaan avenges his father's murder. It has love, action, betrayal, etc. Kochadaiiyaan has a good script and screenplay by KSR with his usual touch, who never goes wrong when joining hands with Superstar. Excellent cast starting from our Superstar, Nasser, Sarathkumar, Deepika, Jakie Sharoff, Aadhi, Shobana, etc. Fantastic songs and BGM from ARR. Even though some of the songs should have been avoided. But how is the final output? Will it satisfy all the audience? A big no. I only wish they have made this as a normal movie.

Still Kochadaiiyaan has its moments, but it was very few. That goose-bump moment during Superstar's intro, his trademark steps and  that slo-mo walk in the intro song which makes everyone go crazy. His punch dialogues, even though its just an animated avatar of Superstar. But he best part for me is the recreation of Nagesh, and whoever has dubbed for Nagesh has done a tremendous job. Kudos to the team for bringing back this legend on screen.

ARR and Superstar tries hard to save the movie, its bad that we are able to hear only his voice modulations and we miss his facial expressions. Especially during his interaction with Nasser when he was in prison and during the climax when he mouths 'vesham poduvathu endru mudivana piragu pagal enna iravenna'. And, the romance scenes and duets are so bad.

Kochadaiiyaan's animation standard is sure to disappoint anybody. We can simply call it as low standard rather than calling it as Indian standard. But, still Superstar was recreated on screen as a young avatar and Jakie Sharoff and Nasser also upto some level. Others, especially all the ladies were real disappointment. It was fun identifying who's who before a character speaks. Expecting a sequel with high standard.

Kochadaiiyaan - Still watch it for Rajni (voice) and ARR.

Rating - 2.5/5.0.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Cricket Cricket Cricket Everywhere Everytime

Cricket, the only game we have played it in every possible ways and in every possible places. Every person who plays cricket must have been to many places in and out of his area. And, I have been to so many places and met so many people.

It all started inside my home with my dad's brother when I was 2nd or 3rd standard. He is the one who introduced cricket to me and I still remember my first 'Power' bat my dad bought me.

Then, started playing with my friends in front space of my house and almost every house in that street. Each house has its own rules for getting out and scoring runs. One pitch with one hand, leaving the ball thrice consecutively, of course if you hit out of the wall, etc., all counted as wicket. Then, whole Perur will assemble in a school near my home to play cricket on all holidays. Even within that school we have many complex rules and it will be crowded always. Like Cricinfo updating score for any match at any given time, there will be some group playing there always.

Then we formed a team and started playing matches for some prize amount with other area guys. We formed, reformed again and again many times. I lost the count on number of times we have formed  a team. We moved to actual grounds as well, even though it was not so big. We all moved from Rubber ball and Tennis ball to Cork Ball.

Between all these, we used to play Top at a particular season every year. Everyone will forget cricket for few days and will be busy spinning tops. No one knows the exact month, but the whole area will be playing for few days. I still don't know who decides the season. Nowadays I don't even see anyone playing that, it's even hard to see a Top.

We played inside my friend's home with Smiley balls, at the roof top of my friends houses with plastic balls. Even with a Hammer instead of a bat sometimes with my friend, also with badminton racquet and shuttlecock instead of bat and ball. With our tuition note and paper ball on a rainy day and caught by our tuition master for playing inside the tuition center. Traveling in a minidor vehicle to the grounds because our team captain owned one, but the opposite teams were like "So you guys added a minidor driver into your team to make a playing eleven" :). During college days used to visit hostel to play cricket daily even bunked classes to play cricket. And, there was a rivalry between our IT and CT department.

At one point wherever we play cricket we will be interrupted by someone from that area and stop us from playing cricket. Some old lady or old man will come shouting towards us and we will stop playing in that ground. After joining a company I didn't play much. For a few days before coming to Chennai we were playing early morning. And, started playing in my new room also in front of our itself as usual with some bizarre rules. That too stopped now.

It's been a while since I played cricket. It happens always, but somehow I will play again. Playing cricket is always fun and have given so many sweet memories.  I have mentioned only few places here and type of cricket we played here. We have played in many other places in many different styles. Even had many fights and arguments within our friends. I think everyone who plays cricket must have done many of these, playing in bizarre places with bizarre rules, nothing can beat the fun it gives.

Monday, 3 March 2014

My one-year in Chennai

Chennai na Central thana kattanum :)

Its been a year in Chennai, moreover its one-year away from Coimbatore for the first time. This one-year was good, new place, new job, new friends, new lifestyle, so many things have changed this year except a few.

First of all, as everyone warned me, Chennai was too hot. Yes it was, but last few months the weather was as good as it's in Coimbatore, really. And, of course very less power cuts compared to any other place in Tamil Nadu :).

When you are out of your home you have to pay for everything even for drinking water, thank god air is still free :). And, have to wash my clothes, which is the toughest job being alone this year. Then, booking tickets in IRCTC to go home is always a war and if it's a Tatkal its always mission impossible. I have even managed my comments to get published in cricinfo twice, but I am yet to book one Tatkal ticket successfully.

Lessons learned here, nobody ever obeys the signal, never ride back or close to a share auto they will take a left or right or halt or even turn it 90 degrees suddenly, never buy popcorn in any cinemas you will end up spending more than the ticket price, don't park your bike in shopping malls parking you will regret while paying during the exit, you may start early or late, but you will never reach your destination on time, and as we see in movies none of the auto drivers scold others 'saavu giraki' haven't seen anyone using that word yet.

My new job and office was too good compared to last two years at my old job. No need to wear formals, so jeans and round neck tees are my regular outfit daily. I really like working here so one big good plus for me after moving to Chennai. I didn't have a single night-out in office which was very rare to me, leave alone night-out, I haven't stayed beyond 7pm at my office. Still I have two complaints, first, I have office on Saturday, I am still getting adjusted to it even after a year. Second, not even a single girl in my office (why god why).

My room's located in a good place, 2kms to my office, 1.5kms to the beach (Thiruvanmiyur) and less than 3kms to a theater (S2 Cinemas). What else I can ask for I don't have to get struck in Chennai's traffic mostly. So many different roommates within this year, played cricket, rummy, cooked, watched cricket, movies with them, its good to be with roomies away from home. But still I miss my mami's filter coffee in the morning.

I have visited few malls in Chennai, City Center, SkyWalk,  EA, etc. And, cinemas Satyam, Escape, PVR, Mayajaal, Inox, AGS. Whenver I visited Chennai before I tried to watch a movie in Satyam and I never did, finally I saw many movies there this year, finally its out of my bucket list. Spotted few celebs, Actors Naren, Vishal, Premji, Directors Venkat Prabhu, Karu Palaniappan. And, Sarathkumar and Raadhika, they are our neighbors :).  Visited Chennai Book Fair this year, I was only reading about it every year in Vikatan and Kumudham, it was good to be in there finally. Then, to Chepauk twice, first for a CCL match then for CSK vs MI. So many other places in Chennai are pending.

After coming here, started watching more movies and series in laptop and at least one movie in theater every week. Started this blog. Got a lot of time to read books. It's been a good one-year. Chennai is a good place to stay, despite the weather and traffic not as bad as everyone warns you, but Coimbatore is always better.

Monday, 24 February 2014

F.R.I.E.N.D.S - Why does it END?

Chandler, Rachel, Ross, Monica, Joey and Phoebe

F.R.I.E.N.D.S, my favorite and best sitcom among the few I have seen so far. This is not a review of that sitcom, it's just how I feel about it. It was one of my friends who started watching these series and sitcoms in our gang and now he successfully made everyone to watch any one series. I was very reluctant to watch Friends at first. Two of my friends will  be discussion about each and every character and episodes and I was like living in a different world altogether. These two guys were irritating me so much and just because I am getting irritated they started to talk about it so much.

Finally when I was "vetti" for two months before joining this new job in Chennai I started watching Friends, it was last February. I was not much interested initially, but there was quite a few laughs. It was from the 5th episode of season one I started enjoying it more. I still remember that episode, it was hilarious. Then, minimum of two episodes a day become my routine.

I continued it after moving to Chennai. I will be laughing alone with my headphones on every night and my new roommates were looking at me differently. On weekends used to watch until two or three am and will be trying hard to control my laugh so that I won't wake up any of my roommates.

The main six characters Joey, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Monica and Phoebe they appear in every single episodes in all 10 seasons. My favorite character was Chandler in the beginning, one who makes jokes when he gets uncomfortable. Then, after few seasons it was "How you doin" Joey, he was the funniest character of the show. Among the girls it has to be Rachel even though Monica looked pretty initially. "Divorce" Ross was constantly funny in all the seasons. Phoebe, who looks like out of mind in every episodes with her singing of "Smelly Cats", my least favorite character of the show. Ross and Rachel are examples for on-off relationship. I can write a separate post on each one of them.

There wasn't any serious storyline, it just goes as if watching six people's daily life. I lost count on number of people Monica and Joey dated. To write 236 episodes with these characters and still make it interesting was really great. Hats off to its creators David Crane and Marta Kauffman. It was a brilliant sitcom with so much of comedy in each and every episode. And, there will be guest appearances by many stars like Van Damme, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Bruce Willis, etc., in every season.

It was a fantastic time pass for me. It can relax my mind from whatever mood. Don't miss this sitcom, I guarantee it's a best time pass. An episode a day can keep worries away :). I won't say I miss them since it's ended so long ago and I can see them whenever I wish to. I just wish there were few more seasons. Always wonder why does it end? But, all good things must come to an end.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Balu Mahendra - A legend

Cinema loses yet another legend, Balu Mahendra, who cannot be replaced. Balu Mahendra, how well someone of my age know about this legend? Does everyone know about him and his great work, if not, then the loss is theirs.

Balachander, Bharathiraja and Balu Mahendra are the big B's of Tamil cinema's legendary directors. Balu Mahendra started his carrier as a cinematographer in Malayalam language. He was a master in that, in the black and white era itself and worked with legendary directors like Mahendran and Maniratnam. He directed his first movie in Kannada, Gokila. Then, he started directing some master pieces in Tamil cinema, starting from Azhiyadha Kolangal to his latest Thalaimuraigal.

How do I know about Balu Mahendra? First, as a school kid I hear a song Kanne Kalaimane in TV, then I watch that movie Moondram Pirai and cry with Seenu in the climax and note the name Balu Mahendra at the end. That's how most of the young people might have encountered with this legend's name. Then, we watch Kadhai Neram in TV, which was completely different from other mega serials, which tell you a different story every week with minimum characters, you note down the creator of it, its Balu Mahendra.

Then, you see a psychological thriller movie Moodu Pani and you are stunned by its making and its Balu Mahendra's master piece again. You hear about everyone referring to a movie Veedu, whenever someone about to build or get a new home, who directed that, well its Balu Mahendra again.

From these films I guess Balu Mahendra is a serious director who handle only some heavy subjects and he won't try any commercial movies. But, people back then must have said the same to him so he gives them what they ask, a commercial movie named as Neengal Kettavai itself. Once in a while we watch a movie Sathileelavathi in TV, which was hilarious every time you see. Kamal Haasan paired with Kovai Sarala and the main character is Ramesh Aravind. I thought its directed by Kamal himself, but no. Every one of my friends has seen this movie minimum twice surprised when they get to know it's directed by Balu Mahendra's just like me.

And, every new directors who have given a stunning movie credits this legend as their master. Directors Cheran, Ameer, Vetrimaran, Ram and many others are from his school. These are the things that made me know about this legend even more and makes me watch all of his movies. Even though some of his last few movies were not as good as his previous movies.

His love for Illayaraja is huge, he told he doesn't know how many more movies he will make, but only Illayaraja will score the music for all of them that even Illayaraja doesn't know. It's sad to know we are going to miss those movies. And, this combo has given many evergreen classical hits like En Iniya Pon Nilave, Kanne Kalaimane, etc.

Balu Mahendra likes to handle the direction, cinematography, editing all by himself. In his latest interview he says that, if a writer writes a book that entire creation is credited to himself, a movie also should be made by himself entirely that's why he handles most of the important tasks in a movie. Even in his latest movie Thalaimuraigal, he acted as well as directing, editing. His first and last in front of camera and salute Sasikumar for making this possible.

RIP legend. Not only in Tamil Nadu, he must be celebrated all over India. You will be missed sir, but your movies will speak about you for a long time.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Deception Point - Dan Brown

Deception Point, first novel I read this year, written by Dan Brown. Like his other novels this too contains series of events happening in just one day. Unlike other historical thrillers I read earlier, this one was a political science fiction thriller movie, sorry book.

US is about to go into elections. Current President Zach Herney is losing his respect among the people because of his opposition Senator Sedgewick Sexton's anti-NASA campaign. Since NASA is simply eating public's money without any useful discovery and they keep failing in their projects. Herney and NASA are losing credibility among the people. When Sexton who's a corrupt politician, is almost certain to win, NASA discovers an extra ordinary thing at Arctic. A meteorite which contains fossils, proof of extra terrestrial life. President sends Rachel, Sexton's daughter who hates Sexton, to authenticate the discovery since Rachel works in NRO. Rachel joins the civil scientists team. After authenticating and president announcing it to public, they feel something wrong in the meteorite, they find out it's not a meteorite really. Then, they are attacked by unknown group. Did they find the truth? Who planned this deception? Who wins the election, is the plot.

The main characters of this book are Rachel Sexton, Zach Herney, Senator Sedgewick Sexton. Then, Michael Tolland, a famous TV person who hosts shows about the oceans, one of the civil scientist on the run with Rachel. Then, Gabrielle, personal assistant for Senator Sexton. William Pickering head of NRO, Rachel's boss. Marjorie Tench, Herney's senior adviser.

As usual like his other books, this book also starts with a murder. Reading Dan Brown's novel is always like reading Hollywood movie's script. I wonder why this book was not made into a movie yet. This one was like a bond's movie. In his other novels (Davinci Code, Angels and Demons, Inferno) he explained more about the history. In this novel he explains many things on science and technology. From history lessons to science lessons this time.

In this Rachel and Tolland play the usual Langon and a girl combo. Rachel plays Langdon kind of a role. And, they finally fall in love with each other maybe they are not going to be present in his future novels unlike Langdon. Like Langdon's problem with cramped space, Rachel's problems is with water. Like any other novel Rachel also wishes whatever happened was a dream. Dan Brown's favorite line I guess, he uses this in almost all the novels I have read so far.

This book is also racy. The twists are unpredictable or you don't have time to think while reading. The one who's behind this big lie was really unpredictable or at least I didn't see it coming. Whatever I had in my mind was completely opposite when the truth was revealed. He explains all those UFO's and alien spaceships are just US's secret mission of spy satellites or advanced space crafts. So, something in the moon discovered recently which was believed to be an Alien spacecraft may also be US's ;).

I always enjoyed Dan Brown's novels. The narration will be straightforward, will have enough twists and turns which will keep us guessing what's next. This was really better than Inferno which I read before. Really worth a read for whoever enjoys Dan Brown and thrillers.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Valentine's Day

Its that time of the year again, the sales of Greeting cards, Roses, Dairymilk (why Dairymilk) goes high. Some people of certain groups raise their voices, you will get to know about these groups only at this time. Its Valentine's Day or Lovers day, that's how I know it first before getting to know about the word Valentine.

One group says what's wrong in celebrating this day and other says why should we celebrate, this is not our culture, blah and blah. Then, some other people, who says why should we celebrate it on a particular day, we can celebrate it on every day of the year (dei). Every year this month there will be a debate on whether we should celebrate this day or not. It will go on and on at one side, and people who celebrate this day will continue other side.

It was fun during my school days especially in our bus. There will be number of proposals. The most funniest thing is many guys will be seen in a green shirt which means they are single. They will somehow find a green shirt in whatever condition. There will be forward SMSes on meaning of each and every color (nowadays shared in social networks). I still don't know who proposed this dress code and who approved it :).

And, news channels will report some groups made lovers to marry each other or thrashed them. It must be a thrilling experience for lovers :). So not just gift shops and lovers, even these groups get busy on this day every year. They get ready for this day more than the lovers.

The most irritating question some people ask, "What's your plan on Valentine's Day?", even after knowing I won't have a damn plan. I didn't have for past 25 years and it's going to be same this year as well so its not a big deal.

So what's Valentine's Day? In my opinion, it's a day to increase the sales of greeting cards, roses and dairymilks. Should we celebrate it? Nowadays people started celebrating "Thanksgiving Day", "Haloween" and all here, without even knowing anything about it, so why not Valentine's Day?

Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day. Be careful and don't end up as a married couple.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Lucia (Kannada) - Mind=Blown

Lucia, a Kannada film which released last year directed by Pawan Kumar. There was a lot of talk about that movie in social networks when it was released. I finally saw the movie, my first Kannada movie. It's a first crowd funded Kannada movie, premiered in London film festival also won the audience choice for best film.

It's a psychological thriller and its narration is non linear. Movie starts with an investigation. Then, we see the hero, who's a 'torch shiner' in a local talkies suffering from insomnia. One night he gets a pill which will make him dream as good as real and it will be continuous. In his dream he is a big film star all those people in his real life appears in his dream as well. The investigation, his talkies life and his love, his dream life all shown parallel. His dreams are shown in black and white. The twist at the end was not like, "oh I knew it", it was really unpredictable. I didn't see it coming.

The three main characters the lead pair and hero's uncle Shankar Anna, who's the owner of the talkies has done the role perfectly. The heroine looks good. The black and white concept is executed perfectly. The songs and BGM are good enough to support this movie. And, the songs seem to be fit in the screenplay also the running length is just two hours and fifteen minutes.

This film also has kuthu songs in the form of dream hero shooting for a song even though he hates it. His movie's heroine tells in the press meet the cliched sentences like 'Shooting was like picnic', which everyone says now. The director tries to spoof many idiotic policies in films, which is seen in all languages.

This is the most confusing Indian move I have ever seen. It was like many Hollywood movies where you will doesn't know what's happening like Inception. I am not comparing this with Inception just stating it for an example. Since it's a Kannada movie I should watch it again to understand it even better. This is the best movie of 2013. Don't miss this even though it's a Kannada movie. Take a bow Pawan Kumar. Watch it and your mind will be blown.

The Tamil remake of this movie is started rolling with Siddharth in the lead. And, produced by Soodhu Kavvum, Pizza fame Thirukumaran Entertainments. So looking forward to this film's release, I am sure it will be yet another feather in the cap for Thirukumaran Entertainments.