Monday, 17 February 2014

Deception Point - Dan Brown

Deception Point, first novel I read this year, written by Dan Brown. Like his other novels this too contains series of events happening in just one day. Unlike other historical thrillers I read earlier, this one was a political science fiction thriller movie, sorry book.

US is about to go into elections. Current President Zach Herney is losing his respect among the people because of his opposition Senator Sedgewick Sexton's anti-NASA campaign. Since NASA is simply eating public's money without any useful discovery and they keep failing in their projects. Herney and NASA are losing credibility among the people. When Sexton who's a corrupt politician, is almost certain to win, NASA discovers an extra ordinary thing at Arctic. A meteorite which contains fossils, proof of extra terrestrial life. President sends Rachel, Sexton's daughter who hates Sexton, to authenticate the discovery since Rachel works in NRO. Rachel joins the civil scientists team. After authenticating and president announcing it to public, they feel something wrong in the meteorite, they find out it's not a meteorite really. Then, they are attacked by unknown group. Did they find the truth? Who planned this deception? Who wins the election, is the plot.

The main characters of this book are Rachel Sexton, Zach Herney, Senator Sedgewick Sexton. Then, Michael Tolland, a famous TV person who hosts shows about the oceans, one of the civil scientist on the run with Rachel. Then, Gabrielle, personal assistant for Senator Sexton. William Pickering head of NRO, Rachel's boss. Marjorie Tench, Herney's senior adviser.

As usual like his other books, this book also starts with a murder. Reading Dan Brown's novel is always like reading Hollywood movie's script. I wonder why this book was not made into a movie yet. This one was like a bond's movie. In his other novels (Davinci Code, Angels and Demons, Inferno) he explained more about the history. In this novel he explains many things on science and technology. From history lessons to science lessons this time.

In this Rachel and Tolland play the usual Langon and a girl combo. Rachel plays Langdon kind of a role. And, they finally fall in love with each other maybe they are not going to be present in his future novels unlike Langdon. Like Langdon's problem with cramped space, Rachel's problems is with water. Like any other novel Rachel also wishes whatever happened was a dream. Dan Brown's favorite line I guess, he uses this in almost all the novels I have read so far.

This book is also racy. The twists are unpredictable or you don't have time to think while reading. The one who's behind this big lie was really unpredictable or at least I didn't see it coming. Whatever I had in my mind was completely opposite when the truth was revealed. He explains all those UFO's and alien spaceships are just US's secret mission of spy satellites or advanced space crafts. So, something in the moon discovered recently which was believed to be an Alien spacecraft may also be US's ;).

I always enjoyed Dan Brown's novels. The narration will be straightforward, will have enough twists and turns which will keep us guessing what's next. This was really better than Inferno which I read before. Really worth a read for whoever enjoys Dan Brown and thrillers.

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