Thursday, 13 February 2014

Valentine's Day

Its that time of the year again, the sales of Greeting cards, Roses, Dairymilk (why Dairymilk) goes high. Some people of certain groups raise their voices, you will get to know about these groups only at this time. Its Valentine's Day or Lovers day, that's how I know it first before getting to know about the word Valentine.

One group says what's wrong in celebrating this day and other says why should we celebrate, this is not our culture, blah and blah. Then, some other people, who says why should we celebrate it on a particular day, we can celebrate it on every day of the year (dei). Every year this month there will be a debate on whether we should celebrate this day or not. It will go on and on at one side, and people who celebrate this day will continue other side.

It was fun during my school days especially in our bus. There will be number of proposals. The most funniest thing is many guys will be seen in a green shirt which means they are single. They will somehow find a green shirt in whatever condition. There will be forward SMSes on meaning of each and every color (nowadays shared in social networks). I still don't know who proposed this dress code and who approved it :).

And, news channels will report some groups made lovers to marry each other or thrashed them. It must be a thrilling experience for lovers :). So not just gift shops and lovers, even these groups get busy on this day every year. They get ready for this day more than the lovers.

The most irritating question some people ask, "What's your plan on Valentine's Day?", even after knowing I won't have a damn plan. I didn't have for past 25 years and it's going to be same this year as well so its not a big deal.

So what's Valentine's Day? In my opinion, it's a day to increase the sales of greeting cards, roses and dairymilks. Should we celebrate it? Nowadays people started celebrating "Thanksgiving Day", "Haloween" and all here, without even knowing anything about it, so why not Valentine's Day?

Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day. Be careful and don't end up as a married couple.

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