Tuesday, 30 July 2013

உடையார் - பாலகுமாரன்

உடையார் -  ராஜா ராஜா சோழன் - தஞ்சை பெரிய கோவில் கட்டிய வரலாறு 

This post is about a book (உடையார்) Udayar, written by Balakumaran sir, consisting six parts. This is not a review about the book, this is just about how I felt while and after reading this book. Even though I have named this blog after Sujatha sir, I want to write about this book first because, without this book I wouldn't have the habit of reading books at all. 

This series of book is about, how Sri RajaRajaChozan built the "Thanjavur Big Temple" in ten years. It's not just that, it also tells lot about the way the choza ruled, how peoples of choza lived and lot about the great king ever, Sri RajaRajaChozan and one of his wife "Panchanmadevi" (பஞ்சன்மாதேவி).

Reading this book made me feel that peoples of that age lived a better life than us. It was not just reading, its was a journey with them, it made me feel as if I was living with them in that age and I was one among them. It was hard when I finished the sixth part, it was like as if something in my life came to an end.

I will tell you this is the best work by Balakumaran sir, even though I have read only few of his other books. Even he will agree with me in this.

In the preface of the last part Balakumaran sir tells he was crying for thirty minutes while writing about the demise of Sri RajaRajaChozan and while I was reading the second part my aunt said that my uncle cried at midnight 2:00 am while he was reading that part. I thought reading a book can never make you cry, but I was totally wrong, I cried not stop while reading that part where Sri RajaRajaChozan died. I was very much attached to him and much-loved him. And, I can still remember that day, where I laughed and asked myself "why are you crying now, it had happened so many years ago?" I have read many books after that and none of them made me cry like this one did.

Even if you don't read this book, everyone should visit the temple at-least once. I have visited once, hope I will visit again and again. It is standing tall for the past 1000 years and it will stand taller for even more than 1000 years to come.

Once I finished reading I have decided myself that I will name my son "Arul Mozhi Varman",  Sri RajaRajaChozan's real name. He still lives in my heart. Thanks to Balakumaran sir for this great book and my uncle for getting this book. சோழம். சோழம்.

Friday, 26 July 2013


My thoughts on Maryan :

The most recent movie which I loved. I have seen it twice in three days. This must be the only movie I saw just because of lead actors performance. And, I promise you I'm not a Dhanush fan. What works in this movie for me is Dhanush, Dhanush, Dhanush and beautifully complimented by 'Panimalr' Parvathi and fantastic songs and background score by our 'Isai Puyal' A.R.Rahman. So many have complained about the pace of the movie. But actually it doesn't bother me at all. Perhaps the movie was so intense that made me glued into it. I think after a long time both lead actors have performed wonderfully. If I liked a movie, usually I would watch it again at-least after one or two weeks. This is the only movie I have seen twice within three days. The second time I get to watch the movie in Auro 3D sound at Mayajaal. Mind blown. I wish each and every ARR movie is made in Auro 3D.

Maryan may not have a strong story or screenplay, but it has fantastic performances from everyone and brilliant music. Dhanush's performance was talked highly in "3", "Raanhjnaa" too. But I hated the movie "3" so I didn't notice him much and I saw the dubbed version of "Raanjhna" so which din't impress me very much even though I loved that movie. But he completely rocked in this movie. The scene where Dhanush calls Parvathi, and his reaction when the terrorists kills that Hindi speaking guy and his most famous dialog from the movie "Thambi enna ippave konnuru" are samples for Dhanush's brilliant performance

Parvathy on the other hand, when she looks into Dhanush during the church prayer, when she says: "Unna parthutenla, ne uyiroda irukala athu pothum," etc. And, she looks pretty too.

Without ARR I don't think this movie would have got any recognition. ARR was just brilliant. Using "Enga pona Raasa" and "Sonapareeya" in BGMs lifts the movie. And, to top it all, he himself sings the final song "Nenge Ezhu" which was beautifully captured in the desert.

The weak-link in this movie are those villains, they looked no match to Dhanush or any one. And, they were shouting and shooting like mad people which irritates everyone.

Dhanush + Parvathy + Rahman = Maryan = Awesome.

My rating for this movie will be 3.0/5.0. One for Dhanush, one for Parvathy and one for Rahman.

Note : This is the first time I tried to blog something like this.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Tamil Songs 2013 Jan-Jul

My Top 3 Albums so far
1. Maryan - A.R.Rahman and MPMK - U1
3. Kadal - A.R.Rahman

My Top 10 Songs
1. Netru Aval Irunthal - Maryan
2. Aaha Kadhal - MPMK
3. Adiye - Kadal
4. Unnai Kanadha - Vishwaroopam
5. Nenje Ezhu - Maryan
6. Mazhai Mazhai - MPMK
7. Yaro Ivan - Udhayam NH4
8. Aanandha Yazhai - Thangameengal
9. Katru Veesum - Neram
10. Boomi Enna - Ethir Neechal

Other Songs which I liked,
* Bhagavan Rap song - Aadhibhagavan
* Naru Naru Narumugaye - Sundattam
* Kuru Kuru - Vatthikuchi
* Moongil Thottam, Magudi, Nenjukulle - Kadal
* Enga Pona Rasa - Maryan
* Ethir neechal adi, Un Parvayil - Ethirneechal
* Padapadakuthu, Stop the Pattu, Kadhal Intha Kadhal - MPMK
* Title Song - Vishwaroopam
* Kadhal Ennule, Pistah - Neram
* Raja Raja - Naan Rajavaga Pogiren

Monday, 8 July 2013

Tamil Movies 2013 Jan - Jun

Tamil movies I have seen so far this year
Alexpandian, KLTA, Vishwaroopam, Kadal, David, Aadhibhagavan, 9thla Guru, Haridas, Paradesi, Chennail Oru Naal, Settai, Udhayam NH4, Yaruda Mahesh, Soodhu Kavvum, Ethir Neechal, Nagaraja Chozan, Neram, KuttiPuli, ThulluMullu, TVSK, Ambikapathy.

நான் ரசித்த  படங்கள் :
1. Vishwaroopam
2. Soodhu Kavvum
3. Ambikapathy

சுமாரான படங்கள் :
1. Haridas
2. Chennail Oru Naal
2. Settai
4. Udhayam NH4
5. Yaruda Mahesh
6. Ethir Neechal
7. Neram
8. ThilluMullu

மொக்கை படங்கள்:
1. Alexpandian
2. Kadal
3. David
4. Aadhibhagavan
5. 9thla Guru
6. Paradesi
7. Nagaraja Chozan
8. KuttiPuli


நானும் ப்ளாக்  ஏழுத போகிறேன் :)
இந்த blogin பெயர் காரணம்: Im a biggest fan of Author Sujatha.
I have read a lot of books which are way ahead of its time even now.

In this blog, I think I will write about movies I saw, music I hear and books I read.