Saturday, 28 September 2013

Onayum Aattukuttiyum - Why Raja is GOD

This is a season of comebacks in Kollywood, Myshkin, one of my favorite directors is back with a bang after the failed project of his ambitious Mugamoodi. OA is a proof that he is still a different and better filmmaker than many others here.

In OA he is the Onai, playing a character named Wolf, Sri of Vazhakku En fame, a final year medical student, saves Wolf without knowing he is a paid killer and police department is after him. This starts a chase of police department and Wolf's leader to kill him. Wolf while trying to escape he is also on a mission to save a family. The whole things are explained only at the end the suspense and the pace is maintained very well.

Myshkin as a director has done most of the things right, especially deciding to go back to Ilayaraja for the background score, casting, minimal dialogues, etc. He really has guts not only to make a movie of length nearly two and a half of hours without any song or a heroine, but also to make it really interesting. OA has his marks (or cliché) all over, those camera angles facing the actors feet, Sri's reaction which reminds the heroes of Myshkin's previous movies, those weirdly dressed villains, etc. The CBCID Lal's character reminds me of Ponvannan's from Anjathe, who is smart than rest of the other policemen.

Myshkin never deviates from the plot, have not added anything extra. Not even a flashback sequence to explain what has happened. Also, he is good as an actor and extracted good acting from all of them. The film was entirely shot in the night and the cinematographer has done an excellent job as well, but those camera angles, I think, belong to Myshkin.

The biggest plus that has happened to this movie is really Ilayaraja sir's background scores. He is the real hero of the movie. For the first time a film's BGM was playing in my mind after reaching home. He has taken this movie into a next level. Myshkin has filled most of the time in this movie without any dialogues to let the action speak and Raja sir's BGM fills most of the movie. Thank you Myshkin for going back to Raja and yet another time Raja proved he is the boss when it comes to BGM. In the BGM scores already released, there is a track named "Somebody loves us all", it is none other than Ilayaraja himself.

OA is a fantastic thriller after a long time in Tamil with excellent screenplay, good performances, brilliant and fantastic scores from Raja sir. OA should be really enjoyed in theaters, one of the best from Myshkin.

My rating 4.0/5.0.


  1. Well written, but i guess it is influenced by other similar writeups, sounding the same!

    1. Everyone will have the similar feel only, but I read all those reviews after writing my views only :)