Monday, 27 January 2014

'Hai Madhan' - Where are you?

I hope everyone knows who's Madhan. A famous cartoonist and also worked in few films and in some TV shows. His most noticeable work in movies is he penned dialogues for Anbe Sivam and also appeared as himself in that movie. Also, author of many books like Vanthargal Vandrargal, Ke Mu Ke Pe, Manithanukkul Oru Mirugam. He is mostly known for his work with Vikatan, both in Anandha Vikatan and Junior Vikatan.

I have been reading Vikatan ever since my school days when it was 5 Rs back then and now it's 20. One of the constant section in Vikatan for many years was Madhan's 'Hai Madhan' where he answers reader's queries on any topic and his cartoon. I thought it will go on and on. Suddenly there was some misunderstanding between Madhan and Vikatan so Vikatan stopped 'Hai Madhan' and his cartoons. I thought they will sort it out soon and he will be back, but it's been years now and they haven't sorted out. Or at least I expected him to continue his work from some other magazine, but he didn't do that also.

'Hai Madhan' is one of the best section in Anandha Vikatan, where he answers to reader's questions on any topic. It was informative, interesting and very funny as well. He gives good answers on almost any field and get to know many things every week. There won't be stupid questions like, which heroine looks good in saree? Who is in your dreams currently?, which is default in Kumudham's Arasu Bathilgal section every week. It was the best for many years and I won't miss this section at least even if I don't read the whole book some weeks. I miss this in Vikatan very much, which most of the regular readers will do I guess. And, his cartoons on current affairs was always funny and expresses his view clearly. He will nail the situation every week perfectly.

Classic :)
Both Vikatan and Kumudham claim that they are the number one Tamil weekly. For me Vikatan is the best compared to Kumudham because of their contents like Hai Madhan and its paper quality. Vikatan haven't found any replacement for Madhan yet and I don't think they can. They replaced his cartoon with a picture and funny comment and no one answers reader's questions now, which is a default section in every Tamil weekly. He was part of Vikatan for more than 30 years I hope Vikatan brings him back soon.

I don't know what Madhan is doing now. I don't see him in any TV shows or in any other magazines. I can't find him in any social networks as well. So 'Hai Madhan' where are you? Get back in action in some form. Miss your funny answers and cartoons.

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