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ThalaThalapathy Pongal

Veeram - One (old) Man Show

Veeram, Thala once again in Salt-Pepper look, but this time as a village man in full whites after Attakasam is really a treat for his fans. After 'Thala' Deepavali Arrambam it's 'Thala' Pongal again on screen.

Ajith doesn't want to marry nor his four brothers also since he feels if anyone gets married it will create problems between them. So all the brothers tries to make Ajith marry Tamannah, who comes into this movie for the sole reason. She and his father Nasser doesn't like fight and blood and all. How Ajith changes himself and saves everyone in her family from a villain is the story.

Ajith was refreshing as a village man, especially watching him in coat-sunglass-slomo walks in too many movies recently. His look was too good in the first half. When a man shaves his beard mostly it makes him look young, but for Ajith it made him look very old. Santhanam is a surprise for me who came throughout the movie along with Ajith's brothers since I thought he will be coming in very few scenes. He was good in this movie also following EP. Tamannah looks good, and not a big role for any of his brothers. Nasser as Tamannah's father was as usual gave a neat performance.

The first half was really good. Santhanam's comedy, Ajith's action everything was good. The problem is the second half, it follows one comedy scene, one family saving fight, one song formula. And, brothers realizes that Ajith has sacrificed a lot for them very late and also only if someone mentions it. It was like as if they stayed abroad and didn't even know what Ajith did when they were young. Suddenly it was like watching a Vikraman's movie. This movie also has Ajith's must have slo-mo walks, Coats in songs even on a dhoti, bullock cart ride instead of a bike. Songs could have been really avoided. They were not very good to hear nor entertaining to watch.

Overall Ajith, even though he looks old is the biggest strength of Veeram. Also, I think enough of salt and pepper looks from Ajith it's time to change. A good entertainer even though it's not perfect.

My Rating - 2.75/5.0.

Jilla - (As) Usual Vijay film.

Jilla, Vijay + Mohanlal's action masala entertainer is a usual Vijay movie which just delivers what it promises and even more, which is bit too much. The plot is little different which cannot be guessed with the trailer so there was really something to offer on screen.

Mohanlal is a don, Vijay as his son who hates cops become a cop because his father wants him to be, then he turns against his father and tries to change his father into a good-man. How did he succeed is the story which unfolds as a three hours long tiring movie.

Vijay's performance is not good in this. Even though the intro scenes and interval scenes excites while watching with his fans. Mohanlal looks good as a don, he gets that perfect Nayagan type don character, still he could have been used more effectively. That girl who comes as Vijay's sister has come in more scenes in this movie than in NSS in which she was the heroine. The other cast didn't have much to do. Sampath was good in quite few scenes, so directors other than Venkatprabhu also must use him. Soori was funny, but his role is too small to register. Imman's BGM was really good and his songs even though they are good makes the movie even bigger. 

Jilla's first and second half both were equally big and two songs could have been trimmed minimum. Something was missing in Vijay's performance, not as good as Thupakki even the comedy portions. Police uniform doesn't suit him at all, he looks so thin. This movie has all Tamil cinema template sentiment scenes in the second half, father sentiment, mother sentiment, sister sentiment, brother sentiment, etc. The cat and mouse sequence could have been developed in a much better way between Mohanlal and Vijay in the second half. Every time when I thought Mohanlal was about to do something, the scene finishes abruptly. The Sampath's twist were good, but it doesn't makes you to getup and say wow.

Jilla is the (as) usual just another Vijay movie so it's like his hometown. The length of the movie could have been shorter and the screenplay could have been made much better in the second half and also the climax. Naeson you got two larger then life heroes, good music director and other technicians, you could have done a better job.

My Rating - 2.5/5.0.

I pick Veeram over Jilla for Veeram's running length and Santhanam's comedy. Other than this, I don't see much difference between both the films. They had more similarities even some scenes. Both tries to save their family, both have sentimental scenes, both of them thrashes the goons, both have unwanted stupid songs, most of the scenes played straight to the gallery for their fans. Watch these movies as a Thala fan or a Thalapthy fan with their fans, you will surely have a good time.

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