Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Girl or Exam - Part 2

Yup, there is a part two for my "Girl or Exam?", though it doesn't involve any exam or the same girl this time. And, those who (if any) are wondering what's this, read my old post Girl or Exam.

As far as that girl, I did get her number during our second year exams. This time I got her number one day before to the last exam, but nothing happened much after that is another story or no story at all.

This time a different girl, different place, different situation, but the result is the same. See-a-girl-Speak-to-her-Go-slow-Finally-miss-her, this tried, tested and failed Idhayam Murali method, of-course failed again :).

This April I started working in a corporate company after spending five years in startups. First-time there will be more than 50 members around me in my office. So, I thought this time its going to be like what they show in cinemas, team members will be girls,  monthly outings, weekly outing to beaches, etc.:)

Only after coming here I realized, I should only act in a movie if those things have to happen. After a week, I finally found few girls in my floor. So noted their cabin and started sighting them regularly.

One fine day in our team meeting, which happens daily morning for fifteen minutes, one of the girls was attending that meeting. I was happy to see her in our team and the surprise was not over there. She was assigned the same task of what I am doing. So, I have to give her KT on how to do that.

I was thinking finally a girl co-worker, same team, same floor, same job. Was very happy and also at the same time wondering is this really happening. So, I must have updated this to all my friends since it was a rare occurrence, a girl working with me.

Everyone asked the same, so you have become her friend? Got her number? I was like no, we haven't talked anything other than technical. No need to hurry she is going to be in this project and I have a lot of time in this world.

After two weeks, still haven't talked anything more than technical stuffs, updated my WhatsApp status to "Itharkuthaane Aasaipattai Balakumara". The very next day at office, I see her going to many people's cabin and talking something. I was just wondering what is she informing to many peoples.

Finally I got the answer, she was inviting everyone for her wedding. WTF-2.  Once again, go-slow technique didn't quite workout or at-least saved me from an embarrassment of getting an answer like "Sorry, I am already engaged". Whatever, another anti-climax.

There was almost a part-3 after a month, again go slow as usual. I gave FB friend request to a girl in my same floor, part-2 girl's friend. No response from her, after few days I see her giving invitation to everyone. WTF-3 almost. It was for her sister's wedding, but that was close. I canceled my request now, but that's not the end. She's gonna resign and go abroad for higher studies. Super la.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Get Married..!!

Reasons our family give to get married:
  • You are in a job right, so get married.
  • You are 25, old enough, so get married.
  • You don't have any commitments, so get married.
  • You bought a house, so your life is settled, so get married.
  • Are you in love, no, then get married to this girl we show.
  • Are you in love, yes, then you should definitely get married to this girl we show.
  • The horoscope matched, so get married.
  • If you don't accept now you may never get married, so get married.
  • We didn't take any effort to get this alliance, it came for you automatically (thaana vanthatha yen vidanum?), so get married.
  • What's the next function in our home? Nothing, so get married.
  • Neighbors here: at your age I was already a father (Athu almost 25 years munnadi), so get married.
  • This looks like a good girl if you miss this you will regret it later, so get married.
  • Your neighbor is same age as yours, but he got married, so get married.
  • Your parents are getting old, so get married.
  • You will get some money to pay your loan (stupid reason), so get married.
  • Relative 1 : Why don't you get married?
  • Relative 2 : Yes, Yes, why don't you get married?
  • Relative 3 : Yes, Yes, why don't you get married?
  • Relative 4 : Yes, Yes, why don't you get married?
  • Relative 5 : Yes, Yes, why don't you get married? All these relatives don't know anything other than my name.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Songs 2014 - My favorites so for

List of best albums and songs among the released movies, except Thirumanam Ennum Nikkah.

The best song is still Entharaa Entharaa, its still at top of the most played songs list of 2014. The best composer so far is Santhosh Narayanan with Cuckoo, Jigardhanda and Madras followed by Ghibran and Sean Roldan.

Imaan continues his good form this year also in Jilla, Yennamo Yedho except Tenaliraman. For GV baring few good songs in NSM and Saivam none of his album was on par with RajaRani.

Harris with his template songs in Yawn sorry Yaan. Awaiting his songs for Thala55 since he joins hands with GVP and this combo will never go wrong.

Expecting a treat from ARR this year after a superb Kochadaiiyaan because Linga, GVP-Simbu, Ai to follow this year so second half of this year will belong to ARR.

And, U1, where are you? And, his only album released was Vannavarayan Vallavarayan which was hard to believe that he did the music for it. Expecting him to rock in Anjaan, Taramani, etc.

Top Albums
  1. Thirumanam Ennum Nikkah - Ghibran
  2. Cuckoo - Sathosh Narayanan
  3. Kochadaiiyaan - A.R.Rahman

My Top 10 Favorite Songs
  1. Enthaaraa Enthaaraa - Thirumanam Ennum Nikkah
  2. All other songs in Thirumanam Ennum Nikkah
  3. Verasa Pogayile - Jilla
  4. Manasula Soora Kathey - Cuckoo
  5. Manappenin Sathiyam - Kochadaiyaan
  6. Muttalai Muttalai - Yennamo Yedho
  7. Rasa Magarasa (Duet) - Mundasupatti
  8. Azhagu - Saivam
  9. Vinmeen - Thegidi
  10. Darling Dambakku - Maankarate

Other Favorites
  • Agasatha, Potta Pulla, Kodayila - Cuckoo
  • Idhayam, Medhuvagathan, Maatram - Kochadaiiyaan
  • Kandangi, Pattu Onnu - Jilla
  • Eeramai Eeramai, Therindho Theriyamalo - Un Samayal Arayil
  • Shutup Vaaya Moodu Pesathe, Kadhal ara onnu - VMP
  • Un Vizhigalil, Open the Tasmac, Maanja - Maankarate
  • Padhiye Padhiye - Aaha Kalyanam
  • Yaar Ezhudhiyadho - Thegidi  
  • Kadhal Kanave, Idhu Enna - Mundasupatti
  • Pudhiya Ulagai, Appatucker - Yennamo Yedho
  • Lowvana Life, Nenjukkulla nee - Vadacurry
  • Nandooruthu, Injathe - Nedunchalai
  • Kadhal Nergayil - Nimirnthu Nil
  • Orakanna Sachu - Ennamo Nadakuthu 
  • Aanazhagu - Tenaliraman
  • Nallavannu Solvaanga -  Veeram

Favorites From Hindi : Best Album - Highway
  • Ishq Bulaava, Manchala, Zehanaseeb - Hasee Toh Phasee
  • Tu Kuja, Sooha Saha, Mahive - Highway 
  • Khalifa, Allah Da - Lekar Hum Deewana Dil
  • Kya Hoga, Dil Ka Mizaaj - Dedh Isqiya
  • Baby Doll - Ragini MMS2
  • Harijaiyaan, Jugni, London Thumakda - Queen
  • Raat Bhar - Heropanti
  • Yahaan Vahaan, Tauba Main, Harry - Shaadi Ke Side Effects
  • Ice Cream, Surror - The XPose
  • Baarish, Sunny Sunny - Yaariyan
  • Mast Magan, Locha-E-Ulfat - 2 States
  • Shukr Tera, Sawallon Mein - Samrat and Co

Favorites From Malayalam : Best Album - Ohm Shanthi Oshaana
  • Mounam Chorum Neram, Kattu Mooliyo, Ee Mazha Megham - Ohm Shanthi Oshaana
  • Nejodu Cherthu - Yuvhh Album 
  • Maangalyam, Ente Kannil - Banglore Days 
  • Kannadi Vathil - London Bridge 
  • La La Lasa, Eeran Kaatin - Salala Mobiles
  • Omana Komala - Oru Indian Prayanakatha