Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Girl or Exam - Part 2

Yup, there is a part two for my "Girl or Exam?", though it doesn't involve any exam or the same girl this time. And, those who (if any) are wondering what's this, read my old post Girl or Exam.

As far as that girl, I did get her number during our second year exams. This time I got her number one day before to the last exam, but nothing happened much after that is another story or no story at all.

This time a different girl, different place, different situation, but the result is the same. See-a-girl-Speak-to-her-Go-slow-Finally-miss-her, this tried, tested and failed Idhayam Murali method, of-course failed again :).

This April I started working in a corporate company after spending five years in startups. First-time there will be more than 50 members around me in my office. So, I thought this time its going to be like what they show in cinemas, team members will be girls,  monthly outings, weekly outing to beaches, etc.:)

Only after coming here I realized, I should only act in a movie if those things have to happen. After a week, I finally found few girls in my floor. So noted their cabin and started sighting them regularly.

One fine day in our team meeting, which happens daily morning for fifteen minutes, one of the girls was attending that meeting. I was happy to see her in our team and the surprise was not over there. She was assigned the same task of what I am doing. So, I have to give her KT on how to do that.

I was thinking finally a girl co-worker, same team, same floor, same job. Was very happy and also at the same time wondering is this really happening. So, I must have updated this to all my friends since it was a rare occurrence, a girl working with me.

Everyone asked the same, so you have become her friend? Got her number? I was like no, we haven't talked anything other than technical. No need to hurry she is going to be in this project and I have a lot of time in this world.

After two weeks, still haven't talked anything more than technical stuffs, updated my WhatsApp status to "Itharkuthaane Aasaipattai Balakumara". The very next day at office, I see her going to many people's cabin and talking something. I was just wondering what is she informing to many peoples.

Finally I got the answer, she was inviting everyone for her wedding. WTF-2.  Once again, go-slow technique didn't quite workout or at-least saved me from an embarrassment of getting an answer like "Sorry, I am already engaged". Whatever, another anti-climax.

There was almost a part-3 after a month, again go slow as usual. I gave FB friend request to a girl in my same floor, part-2 girl's friend. No response from her, after few days I see her giving invitation to everyone. WTF-3 almost. It was for her sister's wedding, but that was close. I canceled my request now, but that's not the end. She's gonna resign and go abroad for higher studies. Super la.


  1. KARMA is playing a big role in your life buddy. Whenever you make a move (or even think of it), the girl get engaged or married or even out of country!

    Your life is a perfect plot to the romantic comedy movies, not sure how it gonna end though :-)

    1. KARMA vo enna karumamo..mudivu nalla iruntha seri..