Friday, 18 October 2013

Girl or Exam?

It was in the year 2011, when I finally joined MCA in distance education. The only thing to do was to attend the final exams. No need to attend any classes or labs. First year exams were scheduled in May. After nearly three years I went to write exams. It was good to be a student again, after all I got one week off from my office.

I went into the exam center some 15 minutes before exam. Looking those people around the exam center, I was really disappointed. I saw only aunties reading hard before the exams :(. It wasn't colorful at all as I expected. When I entered the classroom, was obviously looking for any girls to be present here at least. I saw a girl sitting at the last desk. On checking my seat number, it also comes at the other end of the same desk. I counted again and again to confirm, yes it was. I was feeling little happy to sit in that desk.

Once I got seated, she turned around greeted me with a Hi. She asked whether I am also there for MCA or any other exam, etc., Then the regular question "Padichacha?" and we both answered with regular "No". I think 99 out of 100 students will say "No" if you ask them this question. After wishing "All the best" to each other we started our exams. I finished so early, but she went on and on getting so many additional sheets. I didn't even complete the main sheet. I left the hall early. So my idea of talking to her after the exam and eventually getting her number didn't happen that day, but with still four more exams to go I thought I will talk to her in the coming days.

Same thing happened the next day. I finished so early and dint have the patience to wait until she finishes. On third exam she was at different class (checked seating arrangement, which I usually do every day to know her seat). So didn't even see her. On fourth exam, as usual finishing early I thought to wait for her to complete. While waiting outside stopped another guy going home and started discussing the question paper, managed to make him wait for 20 minutes so that I won't be alone, but she didn't even come. I wondered whether there is another way to go out of that exam center. After waiting for a longtime I left without seeing her.

On fifth day, final exam, I know if I miss today I won't get another opportunity to talk to her at least until next year. Luckily she was at my hall today as well. I have decided to write this exam slowly so that I can leave with her. After finishing a question, I will take a break for 10 minutes. After one hour I saw her getup from her seat, I thought as usual she will be getting additional sheet, but to my surprise she gave the answer sheet and left the hall. WTF. I was about to shout "hey stop, you are not supposed leave early". I thought about leaving after her, but if I leave I am sure I will fail since I have completed only two questions because of my idea to write slow and take a break after each question. Really what happened was an unexpected, I was laughing alone, while writing the remaining questions, thinking about my plan. That was really an anti-climax which I never expected, but it was really funny if I think about it even now :).