Friday, 11 October 2013

I Too Had A Love Story - Ravinder Singh

Finally I Too Had A Love Story, I mean I read that book which I was planning to do from last year, but reluctant to spend money on this book. Ravin says it's his real life story. Ravin's way of writing is so simple, using most common words in English. But he needs to be more mature to become a good author. And, suddenly he uses hindi or punjabi or whatever without any translation which was irritating for me ( cos I can't understand).

In the first chapter I came to know this guy had no idea of becoming an author, as he said he is an author by chance. First chapter was a get-together with his college mates. He kept adding "we are together after long time" for everything they do. Ravin, we are not going to forget this is a get-together.

The way in which he gets to know about his girl, Kushi was really unusual. I mean I haven't heard any love story starting this way. He gets to know her from a matrimonial site. Usually if you get the info about a girl in the site, you talk to their parents, then they discuss marriage and if everything goes well they get married. That's the end of the story, that's what I was thinking  about matrimonial sites. But, his love story starts from here. After reading this, I am thinking about creating a profile in a matrimonial site to get a girlfriend.

They get to know each other. Most of his romance happens over phone since they live in a different places. Soon they found out they are made for each other and their engagement is fixed. This is a veggie love story, unlike Chetan Bhagat's, so nothing happens except a kiss. It was a perfect love story until a truck hits Kushi which was fatal.

And, the story ends even before the last chapter. The last chapter was really boring you know what's going to happen so it was very redundant. Yes it was sad at the end but too much of buildup before the end. He was surrounded by Happy (one of his friends) and Kushi (his girl), but what happens was a tragedy.

It is another love story with a really sad ending. It will be very difficult to come out of it. And, he has really done well to recover and pen down this as a book, should appreciate that. But I don't know how it became a national best seller. I don't think I will recommend this to someone. Even though it is said as his life story most of the time I felt like a cliched story, especially the end.

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