Friday, 25 October 2013

People in Facebook - Just for Fun

  • Everybody is happy when it rains, going by their statuses. Aana yen da mazhai vantha ellarum oodi poireenga? nanainju enjoy pannungalen da.
  • Everyone is a film critic, nothing wrong in it. Aana ellarum orey padatha pathi vara kanaka pesi kaduppakareenga.
  • There will be always a Like vs Comment fight between any two actors in any of the facebook pages. Dei ithu ellam nattukku romba mukkiama?
  • People now only started realizing their MOM cooks well, I don't know whether they realized it before. Facebook la update pannunga aana athuku munnadi unaga amma kitta neradia sonnenga na innum santhosa paduvanga.
  • They always miss their hometown and it gives them extreme pleasure to get back home. Dei Chennai, Bangalore la irunthittu vettuku porathuku ennamo US la irunthu return aagura mari feel pannatheenga, every week neenga veetuku easy pogalam.
  • Everyone is having a great birthday year after year, even though no one calls or even sends sms these days other than posting on their wall.
  • Even if they are sad they want this world to know this through their statuses. Yen da yen?
  • Even in Facebook we have peoples who think if you don't like or share a God pic then "Saamy will kanna kuthify". Unagala ellam thiruthava mudiatha?
  • And another set of peoples who thinks facebook will donate money for their likes and share, dei SMS kalathula irunthu ippa vara itha ellam nambitta irukeenga? romba peria manasu da ungalukku, neraya pera save panniteenga.
  • Last but not the least, a mokka figure's profile pic will get a minimum 50 likes and 30 comments of "awesome dear". Dei awesome ku artham teriyuma da ungalukku?

and, lots more. Even I have "been there, done that" :).