Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Kaatru Veliyidai - Celebrating 25 Years of ARR + Mani Ratnam + Vairamuthu

It's been a while since I blogged, so here comes a reason to scribble something. An ARR album and that too a Mani Ratnam film. I should write something even if it isn't relevant ;)

First, I hate when they release the songs as singles. It's okay if there was one single, but releasing each and every song as single was not acceptable, especially if it's ARR. I hate this teasing and you start liking these singles more than the other songs in the albums.

Azhagiye: That was so simple and yet pleasant with Haricharan's fantastic vocals. Instantly lovable with some nice lines from Karky. And, the highlight of this song are those "na na nah"s of Jonita Gandhi. Already heard numerous times by now.

Vaan: Killer track of this album. Drop-dead gorgeous. Mani Ratnam + ARR + Vairamuthu produces yet another knockout song which was fantastically backed by Shasha's vocals. Shasha as expected becomes ARR's regular has given another hit following her Nane Varugiren for this team. "Ennodu irundhal evalo ninaivan, avalodu irundhal enaye ninaivan", Vairamuthu always reserves his best for this team. Even the glimpse and one minute video was blissful to watch. Waiting to enjoy this in big screen.

Saarattu Vandiyila: Controversial song in this album which sounds exactly like a Malayalam song. But, it was instantly catchy and I am very happy to see Tippu, one of my favorite singers, after some time. And, the visuals too looks like a Mani Ratnam celebration with so much colors and rain.

Tango Kelaayo: ARR special in this album opposite to the simple Vaan with a grand orchestration. Haricharan gets a second song and does his job neatly. But, not an instant addiction should give it a few more tries before I decide to keep it in my playlist.

Jugni: A Hindi song in the album which we heard first in the trailer. ARR doesn't sing more here except few Jugnis. A Theera Ula kind of a song and sounds really interesting.

Nallai Allai: Vairamuthu special where the music takes backstage and lyrics are given much importance with a simple guitar. Chinmayi with just her humming and Satya Prakash's involved singing makes this a beautiful melody, second best to Vaan. "Naan unnai thedum velaiyile nee Megam soodi odivittaai", nice.

As of now my favorites in this order Vaan > Azhagiye > Jugni > Nallai Allai > Saarattu Vandiyila > Tango Kelaayo. Who knows after few hearing it may reverse, you can never fix your favorite in an ARR album.

ARR + Mani Ratnam + Vairamuthu, a combo that never disappoints, but nevertheless they didn't break any new grounds here, kept everything simple.

Kaatru Veliyidai - 3.5/5.0.