Saturday, 18 April 2015

O Kadhal Kanmani - Lovely

Oh Kadhal Kanmani sees Maniratnam returning to romance genre which was one of his best. As usual went in with a lot of expectations and he did manage to satisfy.

Movie doesn't have any big story, it's a very simple plot. Boy meets girl, decides to live together for few months until he goes to US and she goes to Paris, but eventually they fell in love.

Kanmani Nithya as Tara is so so so beautiful. Her eyes and expression everything was fantastic and made me go WoW. And, Dulquer as Adhi was equally good and they share a good chemistry. Also, there's is another lovely pair in the movie Prakashraj as Ganapathy and Leela Samson as Bhavani. Leela Samson suffering from Alzheimer's and Ganapathy taking care of her was wonderfully done and excellent performance from both of them. And, good to see Prakashraj in this kind of character after some time. The last time I saw him in a cinema was in Temper as yet another AliBhai.

Movie’s biggest strength is PC Sriram’s cinematography. He is at his usual best and each and every frame was colorful and pleasing. So many shots makes you go “Ada.. Super la” which I felt missing in I. Maniratnam and PC once again proves they are a classic combo. And, as usual ARR at his best for Maniratnam which was not surprising. And, the BGM’s were as good as each frame in the movie. And as usual Maniratnam not using all the songs fully, but he did use Mental Manadhil and Sinamika beautifully. I missed Nane Varugiren and also Malargal Keten. 

And while watching Theera Ulaa song where Dulquer speaks to Nithya inside a noisy pub I felt like this whole movie was an extension of Sid-Trisha pair’s sequence from Aayudha Eluthu.

Editing was crisp and never felt drag at any point of the movie. Both first and second half were equally crisp. I felt like the movie got over very soon before I realize what and all happened. And, most of the scenes makes you smile.

Dialogues were as usual short and sweet, Kalyanam? Kalyanam, Pakka? Pakka. 100%? 100%. Ok? Ok. And, a proposal scene as usual in Mani’s style.

Maniratnam is back with a simple, straight forward romance movie without any complexity, which was predictable as well. He didn't prepare any grand dish he serves a simple yet delicious dish. And, it reminded me of Friends With Benefits movie because of the basic plot and a character with Alzheimer's or maybe because I watched it very recently.

Overall an out and out romance movie in Tamil after a while which is worth watching in theaters. Definitely makes you fall in love, especially with Kanmani. Maniratnam, PC, Vairamuthu and ARR, these guys are still young and makes us feel young too.

Rating 3.5/5.0.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

O Kadhal Kanmani - Pottu Vaitha padal ellam OK Kanmani

ARR, Mani Ratnam and Vairamuthu one of THE best combo is back. And, Maniratnam is back to making romantic movies and I am expecting nothing less than an Alaipayuthey.

Kara Aatakara - I was very much looking forward to this track after hearing a glimpse in teaser and trailer, but I must say I'm disappointed. I didn't expect this track to be like this, a rap, dominated by Aaryan Dinesh. But those two lines kara aatakara kathurikene which comes repeatedly is enough to hear this song a few more times. That's ARR for you expect the unexpected. Let me see whether I get to like this as usual like his other songs after hearing it several listens.

Aye Sinamikka - Breezy, romantic, plain and bliss. Karthick as usual top-notch, instantly likeable. Just waiting to see the romance unfold on screen, one minute teaser reminded me of Kadhal Sadugudu.

Parandhu Sella Va - The female singer Shasha, sounds like Chinmayi and she's wonderful. Definitely one of the best in this album. Just another day at the office for Karthick here. And, yes this makes you fly and instantly addictive material doesn't need repeated listens to like this.

Mental Manadhil - Both versions were instantly catchy and the lyrics were just like his movie’s dialogues Mani writes in one words. Always get a feeling that this song gets over too soon before my mind registers it.

Malargal Keten - Song with a strong Carnatic touch, totally different from other songs. And, Chitra chechi’s voice never gets old, too good. Beautiful tabla or some other instrument which travels throughout the song and has some flute as well. And, Vairamuthu sir’s fantastic lyrics makes this one of the best in this album. ARR can't resist himself from joining Chitra towards the end and I can hear the claps in the studio once the song was over.

Naane Varugiren - Just like the previous song Shasha completely owns this song. The way she sings that “naan nehh” is simply superb. After hearing this a few times, this has become my favorite in this album. All credits to Shasha’s voice, who may feature regularly in ARR’s album now on. And, a good debut for Satyaprakash as well.

Theera Ulaa - Unconventional, different attempt once again from the master. Is it a melody or not, totally unpredictable. Music goes in a different tempo and when the female singer joins she sings in a different tempo. But, foot tapping nevertheless.

Maula Wa Sallim - A prayer, sung by ARR’s son is short and sweet.

Overall a much much much better album than Lingaa and even Ai or I must say ARR's back to his usual standard. As usual this combo never disappoints and always gives different variety of songs. This album will be on loop for many days for sure. And singer Shasha totally owns this album. Maniratnam should make more and more movies.

My Favorites (As of now) - Naane Varugiren, Aye Sinamika, Parandhu Sella va, Malargal Keten.

Oh Kadhal Kanmai - 4.0/5.0