Friday, 6 March 2015

Uttama Villain - MruthyunJaya MruthyunJaya MruthyunJayaho

Uttama Villain, Kamal’s latest movie’s audio is finally released. I was wondering why Kamal signed Ghibran for Vishwaroopam 2 since Shankar-Essan-Loy have done good music in V1 and why not ARR if he wants to change the composer. Then, I was more and more surprised when he signed him for almost all other movies he started doing. And, this album just shows why and cleared all my doubts. But, I was a Ghibran fan as well, he is yet to give a bad album, but he gives it for some bad movies and UV should break that jinx.

Loveaa Loveaa - A fast, instantly catchy, peppy number to start the album. And, a fantastic debut for the female singer a duet in a Kamal's movie and singing with him as well, she can't ask for a better debut. The lyrics by Viveka is fun and all praise to Kamal like, 'nee thodatha uchcham unda, sadhanaigal micham unda', 'muththahin aasan nee', etc. Fantastic start for the album which gonna take a different route.

Kadhalam Kadavul - A soothing melody to follow up sung well by Padmalatha. This song must come in 8th century period as the lyrics suggests. This is Ghibran’s trademark melody which he delivers consistently in most of his previous albums like Amara Kaaviyam and TEN.

Uttaman Introduction : Sounds great. A Villupattu to introduce Uttaman. The chorus were awesome especially towards the end.

Saagavaram - The lyrics in this song is too good and must hear more than once to the meaning of this song which talks about Immortality, big bang theory (?), etc.

Now comes the three dramas Iraniyan Nadagam, Mutharasan Kathai and Uttaman Kathai. All three are beautiful done, once again it's Kamal’s lyrics and voice along with symphony orchestration makes it a fantastic listen. And, it would be even more awesome to experience in theatre with the visuals.

Among the three Iraniyan Nadagam is my favourite. Kamal’s voice is scintillating and mind blowing. Right from the beginning when you hear the words ’En uthirathin vithai’ he really takes you to another level. And, once again the lyrics shows his mastery in Tamil. Really addicted to this song. 
Now waiting to see him perform on screen which will make this song even more special. His lyrics, voice and performance is gonna be one awesome package for sure.

Uttama Villain is not just another album, it's a milestone for Gibhran. Even though it's Kamal’s voice and Kamal’s lyrics all over the album Ghibran also scores high. And, once again he proves he's the best among the new composers in town along with Santhosh Narayanan. I would rate him slightly higher than Santhosh, maybe I'm biased. And, with two more albums with Kamal in his pipeline, I'm sure he will be in a different league.

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