Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Crushes - Crashes

Jeeva movie, released last year was one of my favourites and I have seen it twice for few reasons and one among them is Sri Divya, especially in the first half as a school girl. Sri Divya in her school dress actually reminded me of my crush after a very long time.

I don't clearly the names of the girls I had crushes when I was studying in my lower classes :), so skipping it, except a girl during my 5th standard. My first crush as far as I can remember clearly is during my 10th standard and Sri Divya reminded her ;).

It all started during my bus travel to school daily. She studied in a different school and gets into our bus in a different stop, but used to travel together in our regular bus. (the 'we' here refers to some 10 people, we used to travel together in same bus in same seats).

Some days, rarely, we used to travel in the same bus while returning. One day I was excited to see her get into the same bus while returning. The bus wasn't crowded much, but she didn't get a seat. Immediately I asked my friend to sit on my lap and offered his seat to her (I know what I should have actually done). It was a good ride back home and I still remember that day very well.

Then, next year she might have joined some other school or I heard she moved to some other city and I completely lost her. We didn't have cell phones or e-mail those days.  Next year, during my 12th standard I saw her getting down in her stop while I was returning home from school. I told my friends it was her even though some didn't believe me. I still remember that look when she got down from the bus, I know its her. That was the last time I saw her.

Then after some years, while watching Varanam Aayiram it hits me. Man !, this guy travels to another continent to meet his girl, I didn't even go to another bus stop to find her. So, I did, went there to find her. One of my schoolmate was there even asked him to enquire about her in that area, but no luck.

And, after many years, there she was, in my new company. Nope, just a dream, wake-up man. Why these kinds of things happen only in movies? Sigh!

After that, naan thedatha Social Networks illa, from Orukut to Facebook, couldn't find her at all. And, even if I find her now I don't think she will remember me.

To be continued..

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