Wednesday, 11 February 2015

How I Met Your Mother - HIMYM = HMILR

Barney, Robin, Ted, Marshal and Lily.

The first question that comes to your mind when you see the final scene of the last episode is, WHAT?? REALLY??

After watching some serious stuffs like Breaking Bad and GoT,  its time to watch some comedy series again. Since I have done with FRIENDS, I started Big Bang Theory, except Penny that series is not good at all or not even close to Friends, then tried Two and Half Men, it was okay, but all the episodes were almost similar. Then, I had only How I Met Your Mother in my HDD so started watching it alongside Dexter.

HIMYM impressed me more than other comedy series Big Bang and Two and Half Men so started watching it daily. I didn't even know this one was an ongoing series. I got much interested  in this so stopped Dexter and started watching it more than two episodes daily. The first reason, Robin Scherbatsky (Cobie Smulders), she's so good, next reason is, this was close to Friends.

It was very similar to Friends in the beginning. Five friends hanging out together all the time instead of Central Perk coffee shop they hang out mostly at the McLaren's bar. Barney was more like Chandler and Joey combined. He is a playboy and nobody knows about his work. Ted and Robin's relationship was like Ross and Rachel's on and off across seasons. And, just like Rachel and Joey, Robin and Barney were also dating, but this is more serious and they even end up getting married in the last season.

One episode in the second season which I enjoyed the most is the 'Slapbet' between Barney and Marshal. And, this Slapbet continued till last season and it was absolutely hilarious. Among the characters, my favorite must be Barney, his characterization was like a mix of Chandler and Joey. Next is Robin, who was perfect company for Barney and she looks good and also acts good.

The last two seasons were boring, one season too many. So I got the feeling let it end rather than "oh no it's ending", which Friends gave.

Some of the best quotes from this series are, Robin's "The future is scary, but you can't run back to the past because its familiar. Yes its tempting, but its a mistake. Barney's "Legen...wait for it...dary", "New is always better". I wish I get a friend like Barney so we can play 'Haaaaaaave you met Karthic ?😜'. 

Coming back to that question WHAT and  REALLY at the end of this series is because How I Met Your Mother is actually Ted's, How Much I love Robin.


  1. Bro, WTF??? we have played "Have you met Karthic" in my own style!! U forgot the contact Gowtham in ur mobile ?? :P It was Legen wait for it......'Dary'...Legendary!!!!

    1. As per our BroCode we should not discuss this in public :)