Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Lingaa (Music) - Where Madhan Karky did a Vaali

Lingaa, another album from ARR this year. This time the legendary RRR combo is back and as usual my expectation was high. After hearing plenty of times, which was required for any ARR album, here goes my thoughts on the songs.

1. Oh Nanba - Yet another opening song for Rajni film sung by our evergreen SPB along with Aryan Dinesh. Unlike other opening songs I can't hear the lyrics clearly which will be one important asset of Rajni's opening song. Didn't like much. :(

2. Indiane Vaa - Finally ARR has sung a song in his album this year. This is not as good as other which he has sung, but nevertheless it was okay. :|

3. Unmai Oru Naal - Haricharan, who has become a must in ARR's album has sung this pathos one. Nothing to say more about this song. Didn't like much. :(

4. En Mannava - A duet sung well by Aditi Paul and Srinivas, but it reminds me of some other old song whenever I hear this. I couldn't clearly place to which one. Liked this song a bit more than the previous three songs. :)

5. Mona Gasolina - Finally ARR arrives with a bang, literally, with this song. Sung by Mano, Tanvi and Neeti, this song is just out of the world. Instantly likable, catchy lyrics and extraordinary arrangements by ARR make this as an addictive material. This is the only song written by Madhan Karky I feel he did a Vaali. Whenever Vairamuthu writes all the serious lyrics in a film Vaali always puts his funny and quirky lyrics in the same album. This song also starts with M like most of the songs Vaali wrote for ARR which he revealed in one interview. I really like to see the making of this song like Kolaveri's making I am sure Mano really enjoyed singing and had a blast while recording.  And, the video also going to rock I guess going the released teaser, looks like KSR's version of Athiradi song from Sivaji. Thousand likes for this song. :))

This should be the weakest ARR album to be released this year. Kaaviyathalaivan was his best, followed by I. Anyway, three albums from ARR in a year is really wonderful.

This album is like Sachin scoring a 70 in a game and we were still like didn't make a hundred a? Expecting too much ARR always because of the benchmark he has set for himself.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Kamal 60 - My 10 Wishes, Favorites

My 10 Wishes:

1. First wish, finish and release Marudhanayagam. We all are eagerly waiting for that one movie for so long. We all know its your dream project, we wish your dream come true very soon.

2. One movie like Virumandi or Thevar Magan, back to villages. We all know it won't be same as any other Madurai based movie.

3. Kamal + Illaiyaraja combo again. I know this combo have worked more than 100 movies together. I wish to see them back soon maybe for a movie like Virumandi or Thevar Magan itself.

4. One movie with SriDevi. Since Kamal - Sridevi is one of the best on screen pair I would love to see them together again.

5. More movies in as a director. We were blown away by Kamal, the director, in Hey Ram, Virumandi,  Vishwaroopam so I wish he directs more movies.

6. More songs as a playback singer like Neruppu Vayinil in Pudepettai, I wish he sings few songs for others movies as well. I know its too much to ask.

7. That Hollywood movie which was rumored long back. I wish it becomes true.

8. Panchathanthiram's sequel. During Manmadhan Anbu's release, Kamal or KSR revealed in one interview that they were planning to make sequel to Panchathanthiram, but decided to do Manmadhan Anbu instead. I wish they join once again to make it. Everyone loves that movie even though it wasn't a big hit. It deserves a sequel.

9. I am not a big fan of actors entering into politics, but if there's one and only actor who's intelligent enough to enter politics it must be Kamal. So, I wish he enters into politics.

10. Last, but not the least. One more with his best friend Rajnikanth together. Wow, how good it will be to see them on screen together again.

My 10 Favorite Movies or his 10 movies which I have seen many times
  • Virumandi
  • Thevar Magan
  • Hey Ram
  • Indian
  • Nayagan
  • Anbe Sivam
  • Vishwaroopam
  • Panchathanthiram
  • Michael Madhana Kama Rajan
  • Sathileelavathi
My 10 of his Favorite Songs 
  • Kanmani Anbodu - Guna
  • Sundari Neeyum - MMKR
  • Ninaivo Oru Paravai - Sigappu Rojakkal
  • Unna Vida, Kombula Poova Sutthi - Virumandi
  • Pottu Vaitha Kadhal Thittam - Singaravelan
  • Neruppu Vayinil - Pudupettai
  • Muthae Muthamma - Ullasam
  • Ram Ram - Hey Ram
  • Kadavul Paadhi - Aalavantham
  • Anbe Sivam - Anbe Sivam

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Half Girlfriend - Another Bollywood Movie Script

CB's Fan? No. Read Half Girlfriend? Yes.

CB's novels are like Khan movies or Vijay movies. No one likes it, but everyone sees it. Likewise I don't like his writing, but given the publicity and marketing I end up buying  it or pre ordering it and reading it in a week after its release.

Half Girlfriend, CB's latest novel or that's what he says is actually another Bollywood movie script.

CB's interesting novels till date is Five Point Someone, it was really funny. And, One Night at the Call Center was somewhat okayish. I didn't like his other novels very much.

The plot of this novel is like a very old movie script. Poor boy loves a rich girl.
He loves, she didn't and gets married to one of his relatives and leaves India just to know he was not a good person. Some part of this novel is like Sujatha's Pirivom Santhipom. Then, she comes back to India near hero's native. Again, he loves-she didn't, again she disappears, this time making him believe she's dead. Hero finds out she's not dead. Rest is Varanam Aaiyiram, hero flies abroad in search of his love to find her. Unlike his other novels, the you-know-what scene comes only at the end.

The best part in this novel is where the hero tries to make his small-town school run by his mother to get all the necessary facilities. He tries hard to enroll every kid in that town to get into his school. Also, explains the poor state of schools in most part of our country and how much government are willing to help this kind of school. Bill Gates does a cameo in this novel ;). Even CB does a cameo, just like his other novels. English language plays a major role in hero's life. How he struggles and how did he learn that language when he was pushed.

This rich girl, poor boy love, hero going in search of her love and all very old and dull concepts nowadays. Just like first week collection of Bollywood movies this novel has become a blockbuster in pre-orders itself.

Yes, he writes in very simple English which I like the most in his novels (namma range-um avlo than). You can finish a novel just like that in a few hours like watching a movie. This one is not great, but a decent one from CB. But, he makes most of the people to "READ" books once in a while.

I think he must stop thinking about movie adaptation even before starting a novel itself.

I enjoyed this movie script. Mr. CB, stop publishing movie scripts and start writing a novel.