Saturday, 1 November 2014

Half Girlfriend - Another Bollywood Movie Script

CB's Fan? No. Read Half Girlfriend? Yes.

CB's novels are like Khan movies or Vijay movies. No one likes it, but everyone sees it. Likewise I don't like his writing, but given the publicity and marketing I end up buying  it or pre ordering it and reading it in a week after its release.

Half Girlfriend, CB's latest novel or that's what he says is actually another Bollywood movie script.

CB's interesting novels till date is Five Point Someone, it was really funny. And, One Night at the Call Center was somewhat okayish. I didn't like his other novels very much.

The plot of this novel is like a very old movie script. Poor boy loves a rich girl.
He loves, she didn't and gets married to one of his relatives and leaves India just to know he was not a good person. Some part of this novel is like Sujatha's Pirivom Santhipom. Then, she comes back to India near hero's native. Again, he loves-she didn't, again she disappears, this time making him believe she's dead. Hero finds out she's not dead. Rest is Varanam Aaiyiram, hero flies abroad in search of his love to find her. Unlike his other novels, the you-know-what scene comes only at the end.

The best part in this novel is where the hero tries to make his small-town school run by his mother to get all the necessary facilities. He tries hard to enroll every kid in that town to get into his school. Also, explains the poor state of schools in most part of our country and how much government are willing to help this kind of school. Bill Gates does a cameo in this novel ;). Even CB does a cameo, just like his other novels. English language plays a major role in hero's life. How he struggles and how did he learn that language when he was pushed.

This rich girl, poor boy love, hero going in search of her love and all very old and dull concepts nowadays. Just like first week collection of Bollywood movies this novel has become a blockbuster in pre-orders itself.

Yes, he writes in very simple English which I like the most in his novels (namma range-um avlo than). You can finish a novel just like that in a few hours like watching a movie. This one is not great, but a decent one from CB. But, he makes most of the people to "READ" books once in a while.

I think he must stop thinking about movie adaptation even before starting a novel itself.

I enjoyed this movie script. Mr. CB, stop publishing movie scripts and start writing a novel.

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