Thursday, 23 October 2014

Kaththi - Sharp

Oops, Lyca

Vijay and ARM come together for the second time this Deepavali. After too many doubt whether movie will release or not, it's finally here. The expectations were high since they have set themselves a very high benchmark in their previous outing Thupakki. Vj and double action movies were actually disasters till now, so he needed to break this jinx.

The story is Ramana kind of a one from ARM touching a sensitive social issue. Jeevanandham who starts a war against a corporate giant Neil Nitin Mukesh. How Kathiresan, who is a criminal, comes into this and become Jeevanandham and fights against them is the story.

Kaththi, as usual belongs to Vijay and Vijay only. As Kathiresan and Jeevanantham Vijay really showed some difference at least in acting even though nothing in getup wise, yeah he do act. Other than him not much scope for any others to perform. Sathish was able to bring a few laughs here and there in the first half. Samantha comes throughout the movie, but does nothing other than standing next to our hero and shakes her legs for few songs.

The biggest plus for this movie is ARM's dialogues. The stunt choreography was really good and was a treat to watch. DOP by George was excellent which captured each and every shades in the movie really well. Anirudh's BGM gives the required mass effect and used both the theme music really well. Then, a racy second half which more than makes up for the mildly first half. ARM knows the pulse of the audience and provides enough 'mass' moments throughout the movie. The press conference screen and the flashback scenes are hard-hitting and Vj score well. ARM's last movie was a dedicated to army men this one is to farmers. ARM takes a dig at current media, reality shows, 2G case, corporate giants, etc., with enough Ramana-style statistics. The mass suicide scene will surely shock you. Also, ARM intentionally uses some Thupakki moments like 'I am waiting' in this movie's interval also.

The biggest let down in this movie are the songs and romance. Even though there wasn't a mass-must-have-preachy-intro-song in this movie. Except for Yaar Petra magano, nothing comes at a right time. Movie starts well with a jailbreak and loses momentum for most part of the first half. I felt like 7am Arivu, in that movie also ARM begins well and lose the plot with boring Romance. The first half looked really big. And, its still irritating when Vj does his Jilla mannerism in few scenes. And, the villain does his job well, but not much to do. Also, I wonder why this is titled Kaththi other than their previous movie was Thupakki. Logic, oh who cares? 

This is really a good follow up by Vijay-ARM after Thupakki and I don't want to compare this with Thupakki since both are totally different genre. Kaththi has its own issues, but we can live with that because of the message it carries, hope it reaches everyone. 

Once a movie is over and the director name appears if we hear claps instead of people swearing at the director in the theatres, it is sure that the movie will be a hit and we did hear claps at the end of this movie. 

The biggest irony is enjoyed this movie with Coke.

My Rating - 3.5 / 5.0.


  1. Super machi .... Nice review .... Kathi name comes from kathiresan (kathiresan alias kathi) ....

    1. Kathi epdi da Kaththi aachu? avan friend avana KarthiR nu than da koopduvan.. rAAjesh maro kathTHi a?