Monday, 20 October 2014


I have completed SIX years in IT industry this month. SIX years of experience, it makes me look so old and six years went just like that.

When I entered SSLC my teachers said, you have to work hard only this year then when you enter higher secondary you can enjoy. Then, after joining higher secondary again I heard the same, just work hard for two years then you can enjoy your college life. Then, they repeated the same in college also, just three years and once you get a job you can really enjoy your life. After all these, when you finally enter into a software company you will actually know what is hard work. It will make you feel all these years you did nothing and you were actually enjoying.

Why did I become a software engineer? This is the question I, even some of friends, ask to ourselves. We had no idea why we wanted to become a software engineer. All we know was, they work in Chennai/Banglore, gets good salary, works in air conditioned offices, then goes to USA. We didn't know we have to actually "work" much harder like night-outs, sacrifice weekends even some holidays. But for me, the last one and half years are superb. No night-outs, no work in the weekends, its a every software engineer's dream.

After a point, we think about leaving this job and starting some business. We discuss with our friends about starting something new. Whenever you get a thought like this, it is actually right time to change your company. Once you join the new company this thought will go away easily ;). It really works.

Thanks to Google, Wikipedia, Stack Overflow for what I am today in this industry ;). But, on a serious note I should thank my first semester C professor, who actually made me write some code. Without him I might be by hearting the C code in my college also days like I did in my school. Then, my first company where I got plenty of opportunities and learned many things. Also, during this tenure I have been to some foreign places as on-sites, like Ganapathy, Annur, Gopi-Chettipalayam ;).

Even after six years I still ask myself this same question again and again. Ulagathula evlavo work irunthum, Why did I become a Software Engineer?


  1. Our first company was our greatest teacher
    Professionally and personally
    Good and bad

    1. Boss irunthalum antha Gopi-Chettipalayam thaan unga career highlight ;)