Monday, 20 October 2014

Trip to GOA - There is always a first time for everthing ;)

GOA - One place where I wanted to go since my college days, don't ask me why? One place which comes in our mind first whenever we start planning about a trip. Finally, went there last this month.

When I say I am going to Goa to my colleagues or any of my friends the first question is "Nee Goa poi enna panna pora?" as if you should not enter Goa if you don't booze.

Except going to Goa we didn't plan anything else, our hotel or places to visit, etc. Maybe we thought this plan will also get canceled like the previous 1008 plans we did. We can't believe ourselves till we board the plane. The first flight was exciting. I had a child like enthusiasm sitting inside a plane. It was little thrilling as well.

We met three guys sitting behind us in the flight. After landing, we had a chat with them and in the end we all decided to spend our time in Goa together. Atleast they have booked a cab and hotels and most of all they know Hindi

We booked a resort very near Colva beach. First-day evening we did nothing except visiting the beach during midnight. We met few students from Nepal, they were very much interested in India and they even watch south Indian movies, mostly Telugu. Needless to say guys were boozing that night, as usual the topic was girls and love. And, I tasted a Breezer.

In the next two days we actually explored Goa. South Goa one day, it was very boring except for a ride in water motorbike. It was really fast and exciting, even though it didn't even last more than thirty seconds. All other places we went that day was boring, an aquarium, horror house and to top it all one boring "Filmy Chakkar Trip" in a boat. Next day, we visited North Goa which we should have done the very first day.

North Goa is the actual Goa, which we see in movies. Kettu kuttichuvara pona motha groupum anga than irukanga, summa solla koodathu nallave kettu poi irukanga. Visited few beaches there, Vagator beach, its where we actually started to see the real color of Goa ;). Then, the next beach was Baga, oh wow, it was fantastic. Next time if we visit Goa, Baga will be our first destination. By the time we went to the next beach Calangute it was already dark and we didn't see what we actually expected to see there.

And, after all the beach visits we went to a nightclub. First-time for me in a night club. It's a place where people booze so much and kick each other in the name of dancing. I too did my part well even though I didn't booze. It was funny and I laugh even now if I think about our dance moves, especially my friend's dance step which was real 'குத்து' dance, but who cares. We danced, danced, danced till three and reached our room by morning five. We had so many imaginations before entering, but nothing happened in there.

It was only in North Goa it was like "Girls, Girls, Party, Party, Bikini, Bikini, Bikini..
Girls, Girls, Beach, Beach, Bikini, Bikini, Bikini". (Okay, we didn't see any bikini girls).

There is always a first time for everything and last week it was first time for many things for me. For a first time traveled in flight, first time in Goa, first time in a pub, also first time tasted alcohol, Breezer, some of my friends still consider them as just a juice, but still it had 4.8% (Itha kandippa pathivu panniye aaganum ;) ) of alcohol.

It started with "nee ellam ethuku Goa pora?" and ended with "Goa poi sarakku adikalaya?" Anyway our long time wish for a trip to Goa, a travel in flight finally happened. Though we missed our friend Siva, who could have made this trip even more fun. It was a good. We will be back.

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  1. Hope you guys had Fun!!I I wish I was there for this trip too.. No worries, lets plan one more time. You guys can give me pointers, as you have got experience(!) now..