Friday, 19 September 2014

Kaththi - Totally Anirudh's Album.

Aathi Enna Nee - This is the best song of this album. Vishal Dadlani once again gets a good song from Anirudh and this combo works very well. And, when Anirudh enters where the tune shifts into the theme music it was brilliant and addictive. I don't know whether the theme music made me like this song or this song made me like the theme music. Very much looking forward to the visual of this song, I hope they don't disappoint.

Pakkam Vanthu - Anirudh joins with HipHop Thamizha Aadhi once again. As usual they are having too much fun. Instantly likable which I will hear repeatedly for few days and not much after that, I guess. And, it must be a treat to watch on the screen. But, do I hear the word B**CH in this song, which is unacceptable I say given that the heroine is my favorite Sam.

Selfie Pulla - Karky + Vijay combo, which started Vj singing a song in his movie, is back again after Google Google. Another song similar to Google Google, Vj doesn't have any trouble in singing this and he does it in style. Karky's lyrics once again stands out. He uses FB, Instagram, etc., in his lyrics again still it sounds fresh.

Themes - Both the themes are really good. The theme didn't create any impact during the motion poster, but its really nice now except for that Kaatthhtthii bit at the end. And, the bad eyes theme is even more awesome. His best is still the themes from 3.

Yaar - Legendary KJY has sung this, enough said. The lyrics make me curious, like குலசாமி இவன், ayyayo innoru Thalaiva va? Naadu thaangathu.

Paalam - Shakar Mahadevan and Swetha Mohan, two of my favorite singers have sung this song, but didn't create much of an impact on me.

Aathi Enna Nee - Too good.
Pakkam Vanthu, Selfie Pulla - Above Average.
Yaar, Paalam - Just Okay.

This is totally Anirudh's rather than Vijay's. Aathi Enna Nee and Pakkam Vanthu are not an usual Vijay film songs. And, I don't see a mass intro song, which is interesting. A good 'mass' (I don't even remember the actual meaning of mass now) album and he is a different track from Santhosh Narayanan and Ghibran.

Merasalayiten and Kaththi, too much Anirudh this week.


  1. So True!! Kaththi, Madras and I, hearing these songs again and again for the last few weeks.

    1. Dont miss Ovvondrai Thirudugirai from Jeeva as well.