Monday, 23 March 2015

Second Year in Chennai

Summer have started in Chennai and that reminds me, I have completed another year here. This year was packed with more actions and many new experiences just like last year.

This is the year I have thoroughly experienced the worst of Chennai. It is Chennai’s weather and Chennai’s traffic. I've started going to a different office and it was more than a 10km commute. Oh boy it was terrible ride for most of the days. And, that too in the morning, Chennai’s weather and traffic is the worst combination.

Devi - Biggest screen in Chennai, where we watch most of the films

This year I have been to many different theatres in Chennai. Almost all the major theatres like Devi, Kasi, Kamala, Udayam, Vetri, Inox, Albert, Abhirami “Mega Mall”, Shanthi. I was very much disappointed with Abhirami. They don't know the meaning for the word Mega or for the word Mall I guess. It doesn't look Mega and or for that matter it doesn't look like a Mall at all. It looked much better in 'Naan Mahan Alla' movie. And, you can spot someone from Tamil cinema industry on any given day in Satyam cinemas, it happened every single time this year as well. Spotted Jeyam Ravi, Chinmayi, Varalakshmi, Nakul, Director Vasanth, Karu Palaniappan, Santhosh Narayanan, Mia George, etc.

For the first time we attended a Carnatic musical kutcheri at Kamarajar Arangam (Chinmayi’s) in Chennaiyil Thiruvaiyar show. My friends and I looked very odd in that hall. But, we noted to attend this every year, much colourful this place is ;). Also, attended Chennai's book-fair this year as well. Too many books and spoilt for choices. Did manage to select a few from Kalachuvadu Pathipagam this year as well. Finally, visited Pondy, but in wrong time of May, the weather made sure we spent our time sitting inside our rooms.

And, not to board buses on a long weekend like Vinayagar Charurthi. Bus started by 10:00 at Koyembedu and crossed Thambaram well past mid-night at 2:00 am and reached Coimbatore by next day afternoon.

Since I have been working in a new company this year all those I have missed in the previous year have returned. Leaving from office very late, night-outs, weekends at office and what not. Changed my room also to near my office. Started walking to office for few days, then brought my cycle and went in that for few days and ended up going in two wheeler. It also worked in disadvantage since sometimes I get a call in midnight to come to office. But, really enjoyed working there and it didn't end as well as I expected.

My second year was equally good like my first year. Got few more friends in new company and once again lots of movies with new roommates. Also, a lot of movies and series in my laptop during weekends because of this weather.

My third year have started and everything have changed again since I have switched company last month. Let me see how this year goes and what's it has in store for me. And, let me keep exploring Chennai. I'vent even covered 25% of Chennai yet I guess.

Chennai is good.

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