Thursday, 3 October 2013

My 25th Birthday

Starting ellam nalla than irunthuchu..

October 2nd, 2013, my 25th birthday and how did I spend it? One day outing with my office mates (only boys :(, believe me) to Mamallapuram in bike, spent until evening there, surprise birthday celebration in a public place and dinner with my friend at Ampa Mall, Skywalk. Sound really a perfect birthday bash, but it isn't.

The first mistake is to go out on a sunny day in Chennai, second mistake is to choose Mamallapuram as the destination, third mistake is to go by bike. Even though we started as early as 7:30 the sun was scorching when we reached there, Mamallapuram is a very dry place nothing to enjoy much and to ride nearly 100kms in a day is a real pain in the you-know-where.

The good thing is we started early so the ride to Mamallapuram was pleasant. The first place we visited is the shore temple, the structure, statues, etc., was good, a brilliant temple on the seashore. Once we have seen that, we are already dehydrated and tired. Next we visited the beach nearby and played "Rattinam". It was really thrilling and the only fun moment in the entire outing.

Intha sirippukku pinnala oru marana bayam iruku

The next spot was "Pancha Rathas", which we have seen in many Tamil movies, where a big Elephant statue made of a single rock situated. My friends bought cake and coke somewhere and celebrated my birthday there. It was the first time I am celebrating my birthday in a public place and only the third time I am cutting a cake for my birthday in my 25 years.

The next places was very boring, I don't even remember the name and we left Mamallapuram by noon. And, on the way back we stopped in two places, first at Tiger Cave, another boring place. Next, was crocodile park, we were moving as slow as the crocodiles around that place. Then, we saw how venom is extracted from a snake live, only good experience at that place and then back home.

It was really a tiring, dehydrating and boring outing which I should have avoided on my birthday. So, some lessons learned, don't go out on a sunny day to Mamallapuram with a group consisting of only boys in bike. Anyways, will remember that cake cutting and "Rattinam" ride, two good moments to remember for sometime at-least.

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