Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Lucia (Kannada) - Mind=Blown

Lucia, a Kannada film which released last year directed by Pawan Kumar. There was a lot of talk about that movie in social networks when it was released. I finally saw the movie, my first Kannada movie. It's a first crowd funded Kannada movie, premiered in London film festival also won the audience choice for best film.

It's a psychological thriller and its narration is non linear. Movie starts with an investigation. Then, we see the hero, who's a 'torch shiner' in a local talkies suffering from insomnia. One night he gets a pill which will make him dream as good as real and it will be continuous. In his dream he is a big film star all those people in his real life appears in his dream as well. The investigation, his talkies life and his love, his dream life all shown parallel. His dreams are shown in black and white. The twist at the end was not like, "oh I knew it", it was really unpredictable. I didn't see it coming.

The three main characters the lead pair and hero's uncle Shankar Anna, who's the owner of the talkies has done the role perfectly. The heroine looks good. The black and white concept is executed perfectly. The songs and BGM are good enough to support this movie. And, the songs seem to be fit in the screenplay also the running length is just two hours and fifteen minutes.

This film also has kuthu songs in the form of dream hero shooting for a song even though he hates it. His movie's heroine tells in the press meet the cliched sentences like 'Shooting was like picnic', which everyone says now. The director tries to spoof many idiotic policies in films, which is seen in all languages.

This is the most confusing Indian move I have ever seen. It was like many Hollywood movies where you will doesn't know what's happening like Inception. I am not comparing this with Inception just stating it for an example. Since it's a Kannada movie I should watch it again to understand it even better. This is the best movie of 2013. Don't miss this even though it's a Kannada movie. Take a bow Pawan Kumar. Watch it and your mind will be blown.

The Tamil remake of this movie is started rolling with Siddharth in the lead. And, produced by Soodhu Kavvum, Pizza fame Thirukumaran Entertainments. So looking forward to this film's release, I am sure it will be yet another feather in the cap for Thirukumaran Entertainments.

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