Thursday, 12 September 2013

0312 0326 0319

Those who are wondering the meaning of the title are definitely not from Perur or at-least not traveled in route no 2. And, those who are from Perur and traveled in route no 2 in the morning will definitely know what these numbers mean, even the timings. These are the registration numbers of the buses, route no 2, in which we all travel from Perur to Peelamedu. As I told in my previous post, I have traveled in these buses for 12 years. I don't know what position government will give to those drivers and conductors for 12 years of service :)

The bus travel is always fun which makes us start our day in a good mood. The fun starts from getting a seat in the morning. It's not just a seat its "the seat" which will be our usual seat. We started from the back seat and moved to front year after year and some guys wont sit at all, started standing near their girl friends ;). We don't allow anyone else to get our seat. Same goes for others, you can see a same person sitting in the same seat daily morning even now in all weekdays. We can see different methods for getting a seat from everyone, getting into the bus in the previous stop itself, dropping their bags via the window, etc. During our school days even four members will share a single seat (How thin we must be :( ).

Bus travel gives us a lot of time to talk with our friends which will be always fun in the morning, if it's exam time we will busy reading in those forty five minutes and we covered most of the portions in bus. And, during my school days my friend and I will even write homework in the bus. It's an art to write while traveling in the bus :). The thing is there won't be much difference in my handwriting even if I write in a classroom or in a bus, it looks bad always. Then, we used to play some games like trump cards, I don't know whether it's still available. Thank god no one had mobiles during those school days.

We have seen many conductors and drivers, some are friendly and the travel will be good, some are very strict like a teacher which makes a dull travel. We will skip some buses because of some conductors. And, some friendly conductors still remembers us even now.

In our bus we have seen a lot of love stories, one side love, successful love,  stalking, etc. And, those priceless moments "machan ava unna than da pakura" :), then trying to catch the same bus in the evening in which that girl also travels. One of my friends had a crush on a girl after seeing her in the bus, love at first sight, but unfortunately it ended as a one side love story. Even I had a crush on a girl who used to come in our bus in the morning, but it was just a crush and nothing more. I don't even remember her face properly now :(.

The travel was enjoyable for me only during my school days. I had a lot of my friends traveling with me in morning and evening. But after getting into college most of my friends joined different college and nobody came with me in route no 2. It was so boring and even worse during my office days. So, I usually slept during my travel while hearing some songs. After some days I was getting late at work and I will not be able to even catch the last bus, so started going by bike to office and didn't travel much in these buses 0312, 0326 and 0319 after that.

I got a lot of friends in bus from different areas, different schools and colleges. I get to see most of them only in the bus and haven't seen many of them anywhere else outside the bus. I don't think these buses, 0312, 0326 and 0319, are still operating, but it will be running in our memories without any breakdown.


  1. Great machi ..... Bus travelling la ivlo enjoyment irukkunnu ippo than puriyuthu ....