Tuesday, 30 July 2013

உடையார் - பாலகுமாரன்

உடையார் -  ராஜா ராஜா சோழன் - தஞ்சை பெரிய கோவில் கட்டிய வரலாறு 

This post is about a book (உடையார்) Udayar, written by Balakumaran sir, consisting six parts. This is not a review about the book, this is just about how I felt while and after reading this book. Even though I have named this blog after Sujatha sir, I want to write about this book first because, without this book I wouldn't have the habit of reading books at all. 

This series of book is about, how Sri RajaRajaChozan built the "Thanjavur Big Temple" in ten years. It's not just that, it also tells lot about the way the choza ruled, how peoples of choza lived and lot about the great king ever, Sri RajaRajaChozan and one of his wife "Panchanmadevi" (பஞ்சன்மாதேவி).

Reading this book made me feel that peoples of that age lived a better life than us. It was not just reading, its was a journey with them, it made me feel as if I was living with them in that age and I was one among them. It was hard when I finished the sixth part, it was like as if something in my life came to an end.

I will tell you this is the best work by Balakumaran sir, even though I have read only few of his other books. Even he will agree with me in this.

In the preface of the last part Balakumaran sir tells he was crying for thirty minutes while writing about the demise of Sri RajaRajaChozan and while I was reading the second part my aunt said that my uncle cried at midnight 2:00 am while he was reading that part. I thought reading a book can never make you cry, but I was totally wrong, I cried not stop while reading that part where Sri RajaRajaChozan died. I was very much attached to him and much-loved him. And, I can still remember that day, where I laughed and asked myself "why are you crying now, it had happened so many years ago?" I have read many books after that and none of them made me cry like this one did.

Even if you don't read this book, everyone should visit the temple at-least once. I have visited once, hope I will visit again and again. It is standing tall for the past 1000 years and it will stand taller for even more than 1000 years to come.

Once I finished reading I have decided myself that I will name my son "Arul Mozhi Varman",  Sri RajaRajaChozan's real name. He still lives in my heart. Thanks to Balakumaran sir for this great book and my uncle for getting this book. சோழம். சோழம்.

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