Friday, 26 July 2013


My thoughts on Maryan :

The most recent movie which I loved. I have seen it twice in three days. This must be the only movie I saw just because of lead actors performance. And, I promise you I'm not a Dhanush fan. What works in this movie for me is Dhanush, Dhanush, Dhanush and beautifully complimented by 'Panimalr' Parvathi and fantastic songs and background score by our 'Isai Puyal' A.R.Rahman. So many have complained about the pace of the movie. But actually it doesn't bother me at all. Perhaps the movie was so intense that made me glued into it. I think after a long time both lead actors have performed wonderfully. If I liked a movie, usually I would watch it again at-least after one or two weeks. This is the only movie I have seen twice within three days. The second time I get to watch the movie in Auro 3D sound at Mayajaal. Mind blown. I wish each and every ARR movie is made in Auro 3D.

Maryan may not have a strong story or screenplay, but it has fantastic performances from everyone and brilliant music. Dhanush's performance was talked highly in "3", "Raanhjnaa" too. But I hated the movie "3" so I didn't notice him much and I saw the dubbed version of "Raanjhna" so which din't impress me very much even though I loved that movie. But he completely rocked in this movie. The scene where Dhanush calls Parvathi, and his reaction when the terrorists kills that Hindi speaking guy and his most famous dialog from the movie "Thambi enna ippave konnuru" are samples for Dhanush's brilliant performance

Parvathy on the other hand, when she looks into Dhanush during the church prayer, when she says: "Unna parthutenla, ne uyiroda irukala athu pothum," etc. And, she looks pretty too.

Without ARR I don't think this movie would have got any recognition. ARR was just brilliant. Using "Enga pona Raasa" and "Sonapareeya" in BGMs lifts the movie. And, to top it all, he himself sings the final song "Nenge Ezhu" which was beautifully captured in the desert.

The weak-link in this movie are those villains, they looked no match to Dhanush or any one. And, they were shouting and shooting like mad people which irritates everyone.

Dhanush + Parvathy + Rahman = Maryan = Awesome.

My rating for this movie will be 3.0/5.0. One for Dhanush, one for Parvathy and one for Rahman.

Note : This is the first time I tried to blog something like this.

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